Comments on Prophecies

Greetings from Orin and DaBen:
Let us talk about some of the prophecies that have been foretold about the coming times. It is true that the energies of light coming to the earth plane are growing more intense, that the earth is changing in its magnetics, and that you are living in a time of increased earth activity. We do not see cataclysmic earth changes on a global scale, but a continuance of the kinds of weather patterns, volcanoes, and earthquakes that you have already been experiencing. The shift in consciousness humanity has made, the global peace meditations, and your love have transformed earth changes to the milder events you are now experiencing rather that mass cataclysmic events. There will be an increase in the earth's activity and continued dramatic weather patterns in some locations for the next ten or twenty years. This will be followed by a quieter period of earth activity. Earth changes that do come to certain areas come to awaken people, and sometimes to assist large groups of souls in leaving the planet together.

The pole shift will hardly be noticed on the physical plane when it comes, but it will open doorways into higher dimensions. It may feel as if you are able to stay in higher states of love and flow more easily and often, for it will point humanity toward spirit, away from a consciousness based in matter. It will gradually lessen the pull of the material world, and strengthen the pull of the spiritual world. With this new direction, many more people will turn toward the light.

The energies coming from and to the earth are accelerating your evolution. Star energies, such as those coming from Sirius, the Great Bear, the Pole Star and the Pleiades, are sending energies that are activating your cellular structure and inner light patterns to awaken your light body.

Many prophecies were made more than a thousand years ago. Even recent prophecies did not anticipate the recent and rapid spiritual awakening of humanity that is happening. The Enlightened Ones, Masters, and beings of light have been transmitting to humanity to accelerate the awakening. The results have been astonishing and beyond what was anticipated. Many of you are routinely reaching levels of awareness that in the past were only achieved by a few highly evolved people. The growing vibration of love is modifying the way earth changes will come about.

We see the coming times as opportunities for moving into your soul's vibration and knowing more of its courage, power, love, will, and light. The veil between the dimensions is becoming thinner, and it will be easier to remember who you are and why you are here. There will be more group work, connection, and oneness.

You can be in alignment with these energies by looking at your life. What have you been putting up with that you would like to change? Start by releasing your attachment to having things remain the same. Embrace the new!  Bring higher patterns, new habits, relationships, and positive changes into your life. Decide to stop giving away your power, being a victim, or feeling you have to accept some situation in your life because you have no choice. Connect with your soul and draw in its strength and courage to make changes you have been wanting to make. Decide to make your life work and take the actions required to do so. Then, as the energies become more intense, you will find them lifting you even higher and expanding your life in new and wonderful ways.

The articles, audio courses, books, and seminars we are creating at this time are to assist you in preparing for, harmonizing with, and utilizing the energies that are flowing in now with this new Millennium.

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