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Greetings From Orin!
There is not just one thing you are here to do, for each thing you accomplish becomes part of an earlier step and another stage of your evolution. Each experience flows from earlier experiences. Some of you step sideways, trying out new and seemingly unrelated things, to bring in new skills on the journey upward. Some of you find form for your work. Do not judge purpose by the standards of others, or by what society has told you are the best things to do.

You may be here to develop inner peace and radiate that quality outward, making it available to others. You may be here to explore the realm of the intellect or the business world, to assist the thoughtforms on the planet at that level. Compassion is outside of judgment. It is simple acceptance, the ability to love and to value yourself and whatever path of higher purpose unfolds.

Every person has a purpose
and a reason for being on Earth.

There is tension worldwide at almost all times, but there is also great opportunity available for those who focus on the positive and are willing to take responsibility for everything they create. Energy is available to those who are intuitive and healing and on a path of joy. That energy brings you the opportunity to have great abundance and joy now.

Many of you are moving ahead rapidly. You have been on an accelerated path of growth so that you may heal and teach others who are following. Some of you, such as authors and writers, may be years ahead of the mass thoughtforms, as it is necessary for you to be in the flow of the times when you release your work to the world. Not everyone is experiencing the same transition at the same time.

Take time right now to ask, "what is the higher purpose of my day today?"  Or perhaps ask, "What is the higher purpose of the next hour?"  Just asking this questions brings you insights about your purpose and allows you to receive guidance and information from your higher self and soul.

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