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What is Divine Manifesting?
Divine Manifesting Happens When You Contact Your Divine Self
You are always manifesting, in every moment, with every choice and decision you make, with every reaction, thought, and feeling, and with every desire you set about fulfilling. With Divine Manifesting, your Divine Self is expressing Itself through all the forms and circumstances in your life. You create based on the vision and inspiration of your Divine Self.  What you have in your life right now has been created from the state of consciousness you live in.  As you move into a higher state of consciousness, what you have in your life will reflect this. 

With Divine Manifesting, you can express and experience the beauty, joy, aliveness, freedom, and light of your Divine Self in every area of your life. There is nothing your Divine Self cannot change or create. As you contact It and surrender to It you can become a master of manifesting. For information on the Divine Self, and to start now making this connection, visit: Contacting Your Divine Self.

You Can Become Magnetic to All You Need
To become a master of manifesting, you need to find the inner space from which all Divine Manifesting work is done–a center of illumination and stillness, of contact with the highest of worlds, and the peace and stillness of Consciousness Itself. From this space, your Divine Self pours its light into your heart center, which becomes like a magnet that organizes and draws to you opportunities, opens the way, and makes you magnetically attractive to favorable conditions, forms, circumstances, and results. Your Divine Self assists you in drawing in, focusing, and distributing spiritual energies that transform your personality and your life.

You do not need to tolerate forms and circumstances that do not serve you! You do not need to feel trapped, to live a daily life you do not enjoy, to sacrifice peace and happiness, or to accept less than you really want and deserve. Divine Manifesting is not about compromising; it is about creating a life you love, with satisfying relationships, pleasurable activities, and joyful work. It involves drawing beneficial forms and circumstances into your life, creating a life of joy, love, harmony, peace, inspiration, wholeness, and freedom.

The light pouring through your heart center from your Divine Self, contacted in the stillness, can repel all hindering, imprisoning energies and forms. It brings order, organization, and Its rhythm into your life. It repels all that is chaotic, insubstantial, or comes from lesser desires, attachments, tendencies, and the pull of the material world and mass consciousness. It reveals new aspects of beauty, and allows you to move forward into the light and out of stuck places.

You Can Experience Blessings in Every Moment
With Divine Manifesting, you find the opportunity for joy, aliveness, beauty, and blessings that each moment offers. You surrender your expectations, let go of pushing and trying to make things happen, and open to all that is being offered to you in every moment.

With Divine Manifesting, you create with precision the forms and structures in your life that are beautiful, stable, reflect Divine Will, and that perfectly serve their purpose. There is an effortless flow of drawing in, creating, bringing to fruition, and then letting go without attachment of what you have created, opening to the next new forms.

Your Divine Self Sends You All You Need in Every Moment
Trust that whatever you need will be provided when you need it. Know your Divine Self is always reaching out to you with Its many gifts of consciousness and providing you with everything you need in every moment–all the guidance, understanding, peace, grace, and the power to clear all distracting energies.

Begin Now to do Those Things That Call to Your Heart
When you manifest as your Divine Self, you live in harmony with the universe. You make choices in every moment that put you on an upward spiral, that add to your energy and sense of aliveness. You have an environment that supports you. You do those things that call to your heart, live the dreams within you, and know with certainty that you can create the life you want. You have the strength, courage, and trust in your inner vision to sustain it and bring it about. 

Start now to become a master of manifesting through calling upon and opening to all your Divine Self has for you. It is this Self that is the authority by which all energy is set into motion and directed to all good results.

Putting It Into Practice

Exercise: Divine Manifesting with the 7 Divine Wills
Greetings from Orin!
What follows is a journey to assist you in connecting with all 7 qualities of Divine Will for Divine Manifesting. This exercise will introduce you to the 7 Great Ones who radiate Divine Will in the three audio albums in Orin's Divine Will series.

These 7 Great Ones are radiant beings of light who embody and transmit Divine Will and many other energies to all life, offering a path to enlightenment, to Self-Realization. They work with many masters, beings of light, and the angelic kingdom, so as you call upon them, you are also calling upon the assistance of all the beings who work with them.

You can start right now to experience Divine Manifesting so that all the forms, relationships, and circumstances in your life bring you joy, peace, love, abundance, and all good things.

Find a comfortable position, relax, and take a deep breath in. Feel your soul's light all around you. In this light, picture coming into view a Great One who transmits Divine Power and Will. This energy helps release all energies that veil the light of your Divine Self. It initiates expansions of consciousness that bring about new, higher forms, relationships, and circumstances.

This Great One is opening you up to experience the power within you, the power of your soul and Divine Self to release all obstacles, imprisoning forms, thoughts, beliefs, and anything that hides your inner light and power.

Open to receive this new consciousness that leads to initiation and the ability to live in more light. You are opening to new qualities of fearlessness, strength, and courage. Sense the powerful light of your Divine Self shining through you like a pillar of light within the center of your being, a sun in your heart.

Imagine coming into view is a Great One who transmits Divine Love. This is energy that allows you to know your unity with all life, to be patient, compassionate, kind, and forgiving of yourself and others.

The energy from this Being assists you in having the spiritual vision of your Divine Self, so you can see in the light of Oneness. You can view the bigger picture of whatever you look at. This love makes you magnetic to all you need to fulfill your purpose.

Open now and receive energy from this Great One so you can better experience compassion, love, patience, and to know your oneness with all life. Your spiritual vision is expanding. You are becoming more magnetic as you open to this energy, drawing everything you need to you.

With your inner eyes, picture a Great One who embodies Creative Intelligence and divine purpose coming into your awareness.  This Great One assists you in accessing the all-knowing wisdom of your Divine Self. You can receive answers and creative solutions to accomplish your goals and purposes in alignment with the divine plan of your life, in the most efficient and effective way.

Receive transmissions from this Great One, and open to your unlimited potential and to new possibilities for your life. Let a new idea, decision, plan, or an action to take, come into your mind as you receive these transmissions.

With your inner eyes, sense a Great One who radiates Harmony. This is the harmony that brings to an end battles, conflict, and limitations. Receive this energy of harmony that allows you to better hear your intuition, the still, small, quiet voice of your Divine Self.

Observe as a Great One comes into view who links your mind with your higher mind and the Universal Mind so you can have illumined thoughts that guide you to right action and to liberation from all imprisoning forms and circumstances. Connect with this Great One and imagine standing in the light of truth and the Real with your mind linked with the Universal Mind. Feel all illusions and misperceptions dissolving in this light. You can receive insights and revelations. Think about an area of your life in this light and notice how your thoughts about it change.

Imagine coming into view a Great One who embodies the Will to cause, the light of divine ideas that are the "cause" of all that you do, coming to you as your ideals and motivation.  Open to receive transmissions from this Great One that aids you in releasing doubts, fears, lesser desires, and attachments that pull you away from your Divine Self, so you can receive all the rewards that this connection brings. Any energies that veil the light of your Divine Self are dissipating, as if a fog is lifting all around you, revealing the greatest light within you that you have ever been aware of. Open to know and manifest the ideals of your Divine Self, for these always bring you joy, freedom, and love. Feel the radiance of your consciousness moving out like a sun, lighting and clearing the way.

With your inner eyes, picture a Great One who embodies the Will to Express (divinity in form), the manifesting Will, coming into your awareness. This Being makes it possible to more perfectly create the divine blueprint in all that you manifest. To assist you in manifesting, this Being offers you the gift of the Transmuting Flame to clear your body, emotions, and mind of anything that creates negative conditions for you. Let this Flame burn through all obstacles to your evolution, freeing you from lifetimes of accumulated debris and lesser energies, freeing you to go forward.

What is left is the pure divine blueprint that is ready to manifest and appear in every area of your life. Trust that your Divine Self will bring you the perfect forms, in the right time, and in the best possible way. In the light of this Great One, open to the strength, perseverance, self-reliance, steadfastness, care in details, and precision in creating form that your Divine Self offers you.

Sense all 7 Great Ones as if you are in the center of a 7 pointed star. Your inner light is brilliant, expanded, and radiant. Become aware of the courage, confidence, and strength you have within you to move forward, to release all obstacles and limitations. Sense your unity with all life and the love that draws to you all you need. Feel the purpose and wisdom of your Divine Self flowing through you, guiding you in this and every moment. Experience the peace of your Divine Self, the inner stillness.

Let an area to work on come to mind. Bring this area into the light of your Divine Self and all the 7 Great Ones you are now aware of. Imagine that everything about this area is coming into resonance with this space. This is all that is required to bring any area into resonance with your Divine Self and to better bring about the divine blueprint of anything you think about.

You have begun the process of Divine Manifesting. Every time you attune with the Great Ones you expand your consciousness and are able to claim more of the joy, love, harmony, wisdom, spiritual power, vision, abundance, and all of the qualities of your Divine Self as yours. You can relax, knowing that you are receiving all that you need in every moment.
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The Seventh Ray, the Will to Express, the Manifesting Divine Will

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