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Orin believes that listening to guided meditations, where you work with your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and Higher Self, is one of the fastest, most effective ways to change your reality. He feels listening to guided meditations, when your mind is in a relaxed, open state, is a powerful and effective way to create lasting changes and to assist you to put into action the principles taught in the book.

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Online Articles for Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity
Read an excerpt from the Creating Money book.
Changing Beliefs of Scarcity into Abundance

Manifesting from Higher Consciousness
Creating Money Flow
Developing a Manifesting Consciousness
Read about qualities that attract money and qualities
that repel money.
Tips for Effective Manifesting
Affirmations for Creating Abundance

Online Articles for Divine Manifesting with Divine Will, if you want to explore more advanced manifesting
Orin: The Power of Manifesting with Divine Will
Exercise: Manifesting a goal with the Seven Qualities of Divine Will
Divine Manifesting, What is It?
Exercise: Divine Manifesting with the Seven Divine Wills to transform your life and consciousness.

If you are experiencing a financial crisis
Although it can be hard to believe, crises are usually turning points in your life that evoke your soul, and release new and potent energy. Crises usually put you on a higher path, and calls upon your inner power to make needed changes in direction. If you need extra energy or help from the guides.

View all Orin and DaBen Creating Money and Abundance Products

product imageOrin and DaBen's Creating Money Book
Orin's Creating Money Meditations 8 meditations.  Link with your higher self and reprogram your subconsciousness for abundance, based on principles in the Creating Money book.
Orin's Magnetizing Abundance/ Affirmations audio short course
For Self Employed People audio meditation to increase your business
Becoming a World Server audio album

Divine Manifesting with the Seven Divine WillsOrin's Divine Manifesting with Divine Will Audio Products
Transforming Your Life with Divine Will (MM050)
Living a Soul Life with Divine Will (MM060)
Part 1: Manifesting as Your Divine Self (MM070)
Part 2: Becoming a Master of Manifesting (DW917)

Additional Information on Orin and DaBen's Creating Money and Abundance Books and Audio Products

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance bookproduct image
This book is a step-by-step guide to the art of manifesting using advanced energy techniques, magnetism, and the spiritual laws of abundance. It contains easy to use spiritual processes to magnetize abundance in every area of your life. You can learn how to magnetize and draw to you small and large objects, sums of money, clients for your business, and contacts such as publishers, agents, an employer or employee. Discover and create your life's work, transform limiting beliefs, create miracles, and draw to you what you want.

product imageOrin and DaBen's Creating Money AUDIO BOOK, read by Sanaya Roman.  More than just an audio book, it contains over 11 hours of audio.  There are 23 chapters and 23 exercises, and the affirmations from the book. Expand your abundance potential as you listen, either in meditation, or while driving or doing other activities

product imageCreating Money: Attracting Abundance audio course
These are the guided journeys Orin made to transform your consciousness from lack and limitation to abundance.If you are dealing with issues of lack or financial survival, use the Creating Money audio guided meditations by Orin to reprogram your subconscious for abundance and to let go of beliefs that are creating lack.
Note: Purchasing these 8 meditations together rather than separately as singles saves you money, however the 8 journeys in this album can be purchased separately.

Creating Money Audio Affirmations/ Guided Meditation
Affirmations are positive statements you can say to yourself to create the reality you want. Orin's audio short course Creating Money Affirmations, contains the abundance affirmations from the Creating Money book as well as a guided meditation to magnetize what you want. Affirmations can be played while driving or working around the house or garden to transform your abundance consciousness. The guided meditation to magnetize what you want.

product imageFor Self Employed People
For Self Employed People With this meditation, by Orin you will learn how to magnetize business, clients, sales, and money. You will be able to see the higher purpose of your business, and you will get an overview of where you are going. Link with your higher self and the higher forces of the universe to create a prosperous, successful business.

product imageBecoming a World Server
You have a special purpose, something you came to do that is your contribution to humanity called your world service. If you are self-employed, use this to call to you clients, business, and a greater opportunity to serve. If you are a teacher or healer, use this to call your students to you. If you don't yet know what your service is, use these processes to discover your path and purpose. Get your work out to the world, clear blockages, and join with higher beings to energize your work. Audio course by Orin with 8 guided meditations.