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We have received so many wonderful stories of how people's lives have changed since using Orin's Divine Manifesting with the Seven Divine Wills Parts 1 and 2 courses that we wanted to share them with you, to assist you in deciding if this is your next step. We appreciate hearing from those who have taken this course, and look forward to hearing about your experiences as well.

Graduate: Sanaya, I want to express the profoundest gratitude for the changes that are occurring (and have been occurring) in my life since beginning to listen to your guided meditations, but in particular to Orin's Divine Manifesting course.

The changes in me are very real and very obvious to my husband and to myself. I have much higher standards now than before, more commitment to my goals, more desire to work for the benefit of others and a whole host of other changes that are wonderful to experience.

Wonderful ideas continue to come to me for ways that I can contribute to a better world (using the skills I have). I am getting very busy attempting to bring them to fruition! But it is such fun, and I feel so happy about so many aspects of my life now. I feel that I finally have the tools to do what I have always been told I have the power to do create my own joyous, abundant reality consciously. Thank you so much for your work.

Graduate: I wanted to let you know one particular meditation that has been SO very powerful for me, in Divine Manifesting Part 2, the Purification-Refining Your Aura meditation. I've listened to it while feeling sad/frustrated/down and a complete change in my mood and outlook and a feeling of being energized returned afterward. I feel like I can once again objectively listen to my intuition instead of being confused and overwhelmed by my emotions.

I feel as though I am coming closer to showing up in the world with my world service. My vision is to create art that is conscious, helps to transform the viewer and holds a high vibration and also to support others in their creativity and in living their lives more creatively. With appreciation for all you offer.

Graduate: I have been working with your audio journeys for a few years, and they have been wonderful for me. Today I went through Orin's 'Divine Manifesting with the Sacred Transmuting Flame,' part of your Divine Manifesting series. I wanted you to know how marvelous that journey is, and I want to thank you so much for all the work you are doing. My life has been completely changed by your work.

Graduate: I've been studying Manifesting as Your Divine Self and Becoming a Master of Manifesting for nearly a year, off & on. Recently, I've been listening more and it seems like I can take more of it in. I let my iPod play the meditations while I'm sleeping I love using the sacred flame. The Divine Manifesting CDs are my favorite and seem like they will keep me interested for quite some time.

Graduate: I am currently working on the Divine Manifesting Part 2 course. I already did the Creating Money, Advanced Magnetizing & Divine Manifesting Part 1 courses. I thank you for forever transforming my life and helping me let go of an unhappy life.

Graduate: Special thanks for the Divine Manifesting course, every time I listen to it I experience a major shift in consciousness. I am looking forward to the next step in Orin's teachings.

Graduate: I've taken Orin's Divine Manifesting course (I've completed it 6-7 times). The energies in it have been the highest I've ever experienced All of your books, courses and products are wonderful and have helped me tremendously, particularly in growing through joy. I feel very fortunate.

Graduate: Following the initial glow and sense of expansion with Orin's Divine Manifesting course, I've been going through a sudden dissolving of some deep personality aspects I was not even aware of. This was not a surprise as I've been asking to manifest complete clearance of my energies.

The wonder has been that I was also led to work with Orin's "Vision: Sensing Subtle Energies" course. From the moment I became infused with the new vision, events took place so quickly and unexpectedly revealing what the personality was holding on. All through the many years I've been working with Orin's guidance I was never left in doubt as to the exactness of care I have received. And for this, once again, a deep wave of gratitude goes to Orin for anchoring these teachings and making them available to us all.

Graduate: This Divine Manifesting seminar has totally changed my life and I know without a doubt put me on track with my Divine Self. It's been a true blessing. I am increasing my consciousness of my Divine Self on a daily basis. Fears no longer last and I have become aware of fears I didn't realize I had, releasing them in the light of the Divine Self and with the continuous support of the Great Ones. I am able to release deep levels that I think have been blocking me but I wasn't aware of them before.

Graduate: Orin's meditations with the process of Manifesting with the Divine Self are so powerful and comprehensive! There is so much to refine and learn here. Thank you so much, as the process is a tremendous help and comes from the core, such a powerful way to do this work. More and more keeps unfolding. There is so much richness, and depth, as well as, new experiences.

Graduate: I wanted to let you know I've been totally amazed at what I'm getting from the Divine Manifesting course. It fits exactly what I've been wanting lately, that is clearing out what no longer fits and welcoming in what does :) I feel much more in the flow.

Graduate: I want to tell you how jubilant I feel today as the consciousness changes resulting from just a few sessions of listening to the Divine Manifesting talks and meditations are occurring (along with a little help from my guides). Last week I was in a very depressed state as an old energy pattern arose to be dealt with (again).

For a while it looked as though I was going to do what I had always done - but coincidentally your newsletter arrived in the mail and the Divine Manifesting course leapt out from the pages at me. I knew I had to do it. I can't really put in words the gratitude I feel to you and Orin for that course and the wonderful changes that are occurring in such a short space of time. I can now clearly see exactly how I can manifest whatever I want, for the first time. I never felt that manifesting courses worked for me, but you explain exactly how the process works and now I understand, and feel liberated.

Graduate: this is a second email to you to let you know just what is happening with my spiritual progress thanks to your Divine Manifesting courses. I saw the light (joke)!!! I NOW truly understand that not only can I create the reality I want but that everything in my life is created by me - including the frictions, etc that I am so keen to blame others for. This has been a very VERY long time in coming - this realization and has changed my life.

Graduate: The Divine Manifesting courses are incredible!! I have been experiencing a renewal of deep commitment to my spiritual path now.

Graduate: I have been working with the Divine Manifesting meditations for two years now, listening to at least one journey a day for the past 8 months. They are great. There is such depth to these meditations. Every time I listen it is truly a new experience.

Graduate: I meditate almost every morning with one of the Divine Manifesting meditations, and the they keep me calm, centered, and balanced. I'm living more in trust and knowing that I can create anything I want.

Graduate: I have finished the Divine Manifesting Parts I & II twice now, and I can tell it's affecting my life! I had many insights about my life. I am a musician. I think there are amazing results from Orin's meditations... and it keeps coming! Suddenly I got a job and people start inviting me to play in places.

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