Spiritual Will

What is spiritual will? How do you know what actions to take that come from your alignment with this higher, spiritual will?

Following the spiritual will is doing those things you are drawn to do when you are in a space of spiritual clarity. To follow the higher will, to live the higher purpose of your soul, is to decide what to do freshly, not based on past habits and what you have always done in certain circumstances. It does not mean that you need to pick new activities or actions, either. Living in harmony with the higher will happens when decisions about what to do are arrived at cleanly and clearly from tuning in and asking, "What is best for me to do this moment, that will also be best for me in the longer term as well?"

You will choose what to do next not because you "should" do it, but because that is what is next for you to do. Even if there are challenges or perceived difficulties, the activities will have a feeling of a worthy challenge that excites you. Sometimes you may even be afraid, or you may view a task as a lot of work, but it will be something that you are drawn to do. Your urge to do it will overcome those difficulties.

After you choose what action to take, you will know you are in the flow because there will be a sense of enjoyment in doing it, a feeling of its rightness. At the end of the activity there will be a feeling of completeness. It will lead easily into the next activity. You will know you have picked the right activity because in some way it will make what you choose next easier; you will be more prepared for the next activity. Your activities will begin to blend one into the other, each creating the space for the next one to occur.

There is a degree of discipline required, but it is not the type of discipline where you are forcing yourself to do something because you "should" do it. It is the kind of discipline that moves obstacles so you can do those things you are drawn to do. Discipline then becomes a tool to get old habits, excuses, and resistances out of the way. Mental discipline is sometimes required to let go of doubts such as "The activity I would like to do is so wonderful, I should do it later after I finish all the chores I am obligated to do." Or, excuses such as "It is not quite right now, doing it would be too much effort," or "I'm too tired now."

There is a time to take action,
and a time to be quiet.

Once you have overcome any obstacles to doing what you see is next to do, and you have carried out the indicated actions, you may reach a point where there is seemingly nothing obvious to do next. So often when this happens many of you fill up those spaces with action and more activity. To be in the flow of spiritual will is to use these times when no action is indicated as a time to get quiet and tune in. Get quiet and simply observe your energy. Come fully into the present, noticing the smells, sights, and sounds around you. Observe your emotional energy and mental state. Sense the subtle energies about you, and open your mind to the higher realms and any messages that might be there for you. Think about what you have been able to set in place with the actions you have taken.

There is a cycle to taking action, just like there is a cycle to breathing. There are times that you are quite active, as you are when you take a breath. You can choose to pause at the top of each breath before you exhale. Then there is exhaling, an activity requiring less effort than inhaling. You can also pause at the bottom of each breath. To align with spiritual will, all activities need to allow for a pause, a time of quiet, before starting the next activity.

Activities have their own rhythm as well, so that a certain activity like becoming physically fit will have activity one day and then a pause before you choose to exercise the next day. You will have many activities occurring simultaneously that each have their own rhythms. Part of flowing with your spiritual will is to find ways to bring all your activities together in the most flowing way, where each enhances the other.  As you bring together all your activities into a harmonious working together, you begin to see more of the larger pattern and picture of your life.

Spiritual will is
finding and following your flow.

You might think of aligning with spiritual will as finding and following your flow. It is following your flow in such a way that you are a part of that flow and have a full participation in it, not just letting it carry you where it will. Combine your will with the higher will, for it is a co-creative venture.

To most use the energies that are present now is to refine your ability to be aware of your own flow and be within the flow. It requires developing your sensitivity to the subtle energies so you can be more aware of the higher flow, stay in it for longer periods of time, and coast in it more easily. It is building your subtle energy bodies that will most allow you to align with the higher will. It is in learning physical ease, emotional flow, and mental fluidity, as well as developing a sensitivity to the higher, subtle energies that will allow you to chose the flow that you live in. The flow of the spiritual will is much like a physical current. As you develop your own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy bodies and awaken your light body, you can be more efficient in taking advantage of the flow.

If your energy bodies are less developed, it is like being in a boxy, square-cornered boat. The boat may float and keep you above the water, but it is not very responsive to the current and can create a lot of resistance. The drag can push you in ways that are not very effective, and can even turn you, taking you in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, if you are a sleek vehicle with a good rudder, well trimmed, made exactly for this type of current and so on, you find yourself being carried very smoothly and swiftly in the current, always heading toward the right direction. As you align with the spiritual will and do all the other things that go along with this alignment such as mental, emotional, and physical discipline, then you are refining your vehicle. You are quite naturally creating a better boat in which to navigate the flow.

As you follow the spiritual will all the pieces begin to fit together into a beautiful, clear, larger picture and purpose.~DaBen

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