product imageOrin's Aligning with Star Energy Guided Meditation

Music:  Thaddeus TH051 Spiritual Sun Vortex
Length 24:45 minutes  Read transcript below.

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Orin has provided this free guided meditation for you to use to link with some of the highest energies in the Universe, the stars of the Great Bear for Divine Will, Sirius for Divine Love, and Pleiades to deepen your experience of divine Creative Intelligence.  With this alignment comes the vision, creativity, wisdom, intuition, mental illumination, and all that is needed to bring about your highest purpose.

As you hold any area of your life in your awareness and align with these higher energies, you can better know and express your ideals and create the perfect forms, relationships, and activities that reflect your higher purpose. You can have more harmonious relationships, successful projects, better health and well-being, your ideal job, career path, and schooling.  You can experience the divine perfection that is possible in every area of your life.

Listen to Orin's journey as often as you would like, each time bringing some new area of your life into this greater alignment, using this audio journey or written transcript for any problem or challenge you are facing, or to grow spiritually and open to all the opportunities that await you as you align with star energy. As you listen to Orin's guided meditation you are planting seeds that will unfold for months to come as better circumstances, new opportunities, and a more fulfilling life. You can read more information on Star Energy here. 

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Transcript of Orin's Meditation,  Aligning with Star Energy

Greetings from Orin. Begin this journey by relaxing your body, putting yourself in a comfortable position. Your body is relaxed and you are feeling calm and serene. You are letting go of your concerns and focusing inward, for this is your special time to connect with the highest part of your being, to align with the higher energies that are pouring into the Earth plane, so that you can focus upon and create your higher purpose in everything that you do.

As this happens, doors will open. You will be in the right place at the right time, and you will experience a sense of flow, of effortlessness, and of working with the Universe, in harmony with all life around you.

Your mind is growing clear and alert. You can hear the sounds around you, and you can let them go, focusing on your inner being right now.

To align with star energy, start by connecting with your soul. Your soul is always with you. Some experience their soul as a deepening of love and compassion, as a feeling of peace. Some experience their soul as opening up to more inner light. It is as if you are connecting with the highest and best within you--a part of you that is always there, and that you express many times throughout the day, in moments when you have insights and understanding, when you offer love to others, and when you rise above current conditions, and know yourself to be greater than what you have experienced in the past.

It is not necessary to have any particular experience for your soul to be with you as you call upon it. Do this right now. Connect with your soul, the highest and best within you, opening to the greater light and love that is a part of you and always available to you whenever you call upon it.

There are many Masters and Beings of Light offering their love and guidance to humanity. Imagine that you are aligning with the light, and the love, and the plan and the purpose that is being held and transmitted to humanity and to you by these many elevated beings.

You might even imagine them appearing all around you as if you are standing in the center of a circle, surrounded by many Beings of Light. These beings have a very high consciousness--the consciousness of perfection, of beauty, and light.

Feel yourself receiving and coming into harmony with this energy as something becomes more in harmony within you and in your relationship to yourself and to all life. There is such peace here and such joy. You are coming into resonance with these Masters and Beings of Light.

Imagine that you are opening up even more, going higher and higher into the light. You are moving up into the realm of the Enlightened Ones, the World Teachers on the inner, the highest of Beings. Beings who are focusing divine love, Divine Will and divine creative intelligence upon humanity. You absorb their radiations. They are receiving this energy from very high sources of light.

Three of those sources are the constellations of the Great Bear and the Big Dipper, which holds the energy of Divine Will. Another is the star, Sirius, which holds the energy of divine love, and radiates that to humanity and to all life. They are also aligning with the energy of the Pleiades, the energy of divine creative intelligence that guides the creation of forms, and civilizations, and structures in alignment with divine purpose and Will.

You might imagine these three star energies, the two constellations and the star, Sirius, forming a triangle of light, radiating very high energies to the Earth plane.

You might picture that you are in the center of these three powerful forces of light and energy.

First, focus upon Divine Will being radiated through the Great Bear and the stars of the Big Dipper. This is the energy of purpose, the energy of the plan for your life and for humanity, and all life on the Earth plane.

Ask for and open to receive the energy of your purpose, your highest purpose right now, an energy that will carry you forward for many months to come. Feeling that alignment with divine purpose simply through your intention to make this connection, to accept this energy.

Imagine with this comes the vision, and the creativity, and the wisdom and the intelligence to bring it about; all a part of divine purpose that you are opening to right now.

Along with divine purpose, Divine Will is bringing you the energy to hear and know your purpose through awakening your intuition. It is bringing you mental illumination, so you can choose those actions that lead you to freedom and enlightenment.

You are opening to the energy that allows you to express your ideals and create the perfect forms to express your purpose in your relationships, in all the projects that you undertake, in your body, and into your life. Receiving the energy of Divine Will right now, aligning with the divine purpose of your life and all that you need to bring it about.

Now you are aware of the pure radiant love coming from Sirius, the love that is divine, that unifies all life, that brings about the purpose, that is magnetic. This is the energy coming from Sirius that will open your heart and provide a path to the higher initiations. Open to this now; receive this energy now.

Now open to the energy of the Pleiades that is helping to guide humanity into the ability to manifest the appropriate forms, structures, and civilization that will bring about those forms, structures, and civilization in alignment with the highest Will and divine love. Feel all of this energy flowing into you, lifting you to a new level, expanding your consciousness in every way, and helping you to open to and express your highest potential for this lifetime.

As you open to this energy, you become a transmitter of it to whatever you focus on. With this energy pouring into you, that of Divine Will, divine love, and divine creative intelligence, of the ability to create form in alignment with divine purpose, think of an area of your life you would like to transmit this energy to. It might be a relationship, your career, your path, your health and well-being, a project, the day ahead or even the year ahead. Let that come to mind right now.

Feel this energy pouring into you. And simply by thinking of this area as you connect with this energy, you are transmitting it to this area, so that it will represent your higher purpose. You are transmitting higher purpose, Divine Will, and the star energies that you are in contact with right now, to this area. Feel the support you have from all the Masters and Beings of Light as you do this.

Pick another area you would like to transmit to bring it into alignment with your highest purpose and the divine plan. Feel the support you have from all the Masters and Beings of Light as you do this.

Think of another part of your life to transmit this energy of Divine Will and purpose, of love and vision, of wisdom and creative intelligence to.

As you think of it, align with the star energies as you now know how to do. While you align with the star energies and think of this area, you are transmitting these energies to that area of your life. Feel the support you have from all the Masters and Beings of Light as you do this.

Now in full contact with the star energies, feeling them pour into you, you are in touch with Divine Will, receiving it. You are opening to divine love. You are receptive to divine creative intelligence, and to creating those forms in your life, those relationships that match this energy. You are as open as you have ever been to the star energy, you are aligned! You feel the presence of all the Masters and guides and the Enlightened Ones. You are joining together with everyone who is in contact with this energy, forming one enormous group light.

Beginning to transmit this to humanity, holding humanity and all life on Earth in your awareness.

Transmitting to humanity the divine plan and purpose, divine love and divine creative intelligence. (You are) assisting others in responding to this high energy to bring about divine purpose on the Earth plane, as more and more people awaken to their purpose and the divine plan for humanity begins to manifest on Earth in more of its beauty, and completeness, and peace and harmony. Do this now. Transmit this energy to all of humanity and to all kingdoms of nature.

All right, you have done much wonderful work. I and all of the Beings of Light thank you for your willingness to grow and expand and to become a light for everyone around you and for all of humanity.

And I bid you good day for now.

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