Opening to a Higher Path by Orin

product image    Orin's Opening to a Higher Path Guided Meditation

Music:  Thaddeus TH067 Liberation
Length 24:46 minutes   Read transcript below.

A wonderful, uplifting meditation to realize more of the infinite possibilities for your life. Link with your Divine Self to step onto your higher path, realize who you truly are, and experience more love, courage, and inner strength as you open to fresh opportunities and new ways of thinking and being. As you align with your higher path, you will naturally experience an abundance of all that you need.

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About Orin's Audio Meditation, Opening to a Higher Path:
It is time... you have been hearing the whispers... you are ready to open to an even higher path than the one you have been on. You may be ready to play a bigger role in the world, and to deepen your contact with your true, innermost Self. Orin has provided a free guided meditation for you to listen and open to your Divine Self and your higher path.  Orin's guided meditation was created for a live seminar group. He was aware of all of you who would be participating, and you are included in his transmissions as you listen to this journey.

Listen as often as you would like, each time stepping even more firmly onto your higher path. As you listen you are planting seeds that will unfold for months to come as new opportunities, understandings, and ways of being.

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Transcript of Orin's Meditation, Opening to a Higher Path

Greetings from Orin. Take a deep breath in, smoothly and easily; and as you breathe out imagine you are sending light out to the world. As you breathe in, imagine you are going higher and higher into the light, drawing light into yourself from the higher dimensions of light.

Feel yourself growing calmer, more peaceful.  And in some way, all of your energy is coming together into a feeling of completeness and wholeness, as if you have access to more parts of your being right now in this moment. It is as if a door is being opened, wide open, for you to access more parts of your being, for you to become more aware of your true identity as a soul, as a divine consciousness with a purpose.

Sense in some way your innermost self becoming more visible to you right now. Perhaps you sense it as a light within you that is growing brighter, or an increasing sense of peace.

Perhaps you notice a change in your breathing, some new letting go, some new opening. Something within you is waking up. More light, more love, more wisdom and understanding is coming to the surface to be expressed by you through your words, your thoughts, your beliefs, and emotions.

You might imagine that all around you are many guides and teachers on the inner. Your own guide is with you. A way is being opened for you, a way to be more of who you are deep within, to know your true identity, to walk into a new light, a greater opportunity to make a difference in the world.

No matter how many times you have opened to new light, there is even more light, more opportunity, more consciousness that awaits you. So if you are ready to go to your next level of expansion, to express who you are, your innermost self, set this as your intention right now.

With this intention the beings of light, the great masters of love and wisdom, your guide, and many others are joining with you to open a way, a new path for you. You might even imagine it in front of you right now. A great light is opening for you a higher path.

At the end of this path through a field of golden, radiant light, a door begins to open. That which is closed begins to open up. The beginning of an even higher path becomes visible to you beyond anything you have yet accepted.

There is a path between you and this gate, this door, and it is firm and clear when you walk upon it. All hindrances fall away. The radiant light that you are, and that you are walking into symbolically, is beginning to dissolve the lesser energies, the temptations, the pull of the material world, so that you can embrace this higher path.

You might notice if anything comes up as you walk to this door that is slowly opening, this gate that is slowly opening wide for you, this beginning of a new path; anything that comes up, any thoughts, any energies, any attachments.

The light that you are holding, that is with you, the support from all the guides and inner teachers is with you, helping you to leave behind the lesser energies, choices, and understandings, and to walk into a new light right now, in this moment, if you choose.

Imagine that you have walked through the open door and you are standing in a vast new arena, much more infinite than any you have ever played in before; infinite energies, and consciousness, and light, and beauty, and music, and art, and colors; whatever you are drawn to notice. A much vaster universe is in front of you than any you have walked into-symbolically-before.

Sense how radiant you are. The veils are falling away. The limiting beliefs and thoughts have been left behind. A new way of thinking is emerging.

You are standing in the most welcoming, radiant light you can imagine, a conscious light infusing you with strength and courage, bringing out within you what you already are and are ready right now to claim.

You can even imagine throwing your arms wide open, embracing the light that is here, feeling your heart awaken to a new level of understanding.

You see the path ahead that leads into increasing levels of light. You are being welcomed by the guides and inner teachers to this new place in consciousness of more harmony and peace, more love and understanding. Allow the cells in your body to be nourished by this light.

You are waking up, expanding in each moment into the realization of who you truly are. You have infinite capacity to express all the qualities of your Divine Self.

This is a more spiritual world that you have walked into; one you are ready for. You are ready for a shift in consciousness, and to sustain this shift as you go about your day, to remember even more who you are, the light that you are, the love that you have in your heart.

Feel the light of all the beings here, all the souls, the divine harmonies, the beautiful patterns of Will and purpose as they emerge, come into form, and fall away.

And such a sense of love here. The underlying energy is that of love, of goodness, of purity, and beauty. Let this arise within you as even more consciousness of these divine qualities as part of who you are.

Now that you have looked forward and received this light, you are being asked if you would turn around and look at what you just left, at the level of light that you are moving out of, and those who are still living in this level of light, and those who are living in an even lesser light.

Look back with love and compassion in your heart at those who are following one step or more behind you.

You join with others who are holding this light, and you are holding the light, the way. You are the light for others. The most important thing you can do is move forward into the light yourself.

Sense as you are growing more radiant how many more people you can radiate to, you can come into resonance with, you can assist on the inner with your balance, with your peace, with your radiance, and the love that you are a part of.

With the support, and the guidance, and the energy of all the guides, and beings of light, and souls you are with in this higher light, look over humanity with love, and forgiveness, and compassion.

In a moment all of us are going to join together to transmit this light to humanity. But first you are being offered a gift of consciousness, a welcome into this new level of light, a gift from your Divine Self that will make it easier to live in this level of light and to sustain in.

When you are ready say inwardly, "I am ready to receive more consciousness, more light, to live as my true self and to know my true identity throughout all states of consciousness." And then just be open and notice how this gift is given to you.

Now as you accept this gift, feel yourself the most radiant and light-filled, and in touch with your true identity that you have ever been.  Know that this will only grow stronger.

And sensing humanity, first let us start with an Om to all of those who are one step behind and in resonance with the energy we are generating; who are most ready to receive it and who will take it to others, and who will use it to move forward on their path. Let us start with an Om now to embrace these people.  And you can begin when you are ready.  Om. (silently, to yourself).

Feel the resonance of that Om as it spread throughout all those who were ready to receive it. It is beginning to spread further and further out, to those who are living in an even lesser light. Spreading out into the future and back into the past.

Think of humanity right now, and an area you would like to transmit light to, and consciousness to. Just think of it briefly, and then let it go. And imagine that all of us here, the beings of light, the guides, the teachers, the world teachers, are joining with you to create an enormous group light, an enormous group energy that will go out to everywhere you are asking and thinking of, with all the power of the group with it. So think of that area, just briefly.  Now with an Om, let it send it out to transform humanity, to offer humanity a higher path.  Om. (silently, to yourself).

And one more Om for the animal kingdom, for it is part of humanity’s purpose to lift up the animal kingdom, so let us send light, consciousness, and love, joining our light together now with an Om.

You have done more than you know. The work you are doing is acknowledged and appreciated by those who are on the inner, guiding humanity. Much energy will come back to you. Enjoy the new path that you are opening to, the greater peace and harmony, joy and abundance, that awaits you as you claim your true identity and know who yo are. And with that, I bid you good day for now.

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