Once a week Sunday at 9 am in your time zone,
Join with others around the world to hold a vision of World Peace for humanity.

Join with millions from around the world to hold a vision of World Peace for humanity.
We will call upon the Spirit of Peace to transform your life with peace, and radiate peace to all life.

Receive Orin and DaBen's transmissions of light and peace especially for you.

Take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate all that you have in your life. Thank each of your friends and loved ones from your heart for their friendship and the contributions they have made to your life. Appreciate how much you have contributed to other people's lives.
You have grown wiser and stronger these last years as you handled the challenges that came your way. Reflect on all the light and love, strength and courage you have demonstrated and how that has allowed you to express your true Self more clearly in every aspect of your life.
Picture the year ahead, and ask yourself, "What are my most important purposes for the coming year?"  Get quiet for a moment and make contact with your higher, wiser Divine Self. Ask to become aware of your purpose as seen through the eyes of this innermost Self. Energize your goals and purposes by thinking about them and adding more detail to them as you do. All outer changes start by inner changes.  Be willing to be successful!
Orin and DaBen will transmit light and peace during the meditation times to anyone who asks for our transmission and is open to receive it. Know that you have all that you need within you to create the life you want.
We invite you to explore and create your higher purpose for the upcoming year by listening to Orin's free meditations on purpose (links below). 

2023: A Year to Focus on Creating Your Higher Purpose 

Listen to Orin's Four Short Living Your Life Purpose free audio meditations, click on the links provided.
product imageproduct imageproduct imageproduct image Listen and increase your ability to be in the flow, know your purpose, and experience life happening more magically as you Aligning with Your Soul, Divine Self, Divine Will, and Star Energy. Meditations are 6-9 minutes long, click on the links to listen or to read a transcript.

product image Orin's Opening to a Higher Path Free Audio Meditation
Step onto your higher path and experience more love, courage, and inner strength as you open to fresh opportunities and new ways of thinking and being.  Transcript and Information 

More Ways to Celebrate Peace Every Day

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Experience deep inner peace as you listen to Orin's free Guided Meditation for
As you experience peace, you offer peace to others and contribute to World Peace. Click on link for audio and written transcript.


Use Our Written Peace Meditation to Call Upon the Spirit of Peace and
Hold a Positive Vision for Humanity

The Worldwide Peace written meditation is also available in Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Macedonian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish

Celebration of Peace Written Meditation   Calling the Spirit of Peace
by Orin and DaBen
  1. Start by adjusting your posture so your body is comfortable and ready to enter into a state of peaceful meditation.  Breathe in, imagining you are drawing in light as you do.  Fill yourself with light with each breath in.  Send light to every part of your body.
  2. Call your soul to you and imagine it surrounding you with light.  Your soul always responds to your call to it. The radiant light and loving presence of your soul joins its consciousness with yours, whether or not you are aware of it.  Let your heart center expand with love; your mind grow clearer, and your emotions become calmer and more peaceful.
  3. Picture yourself as a radiant sun.  You are filled with light, becoming a transparent vessel of limitless light.
  4. Sense the souls of millions of light workers who are meditating with you.  Observe your connection to these souls.  Notice that all of you are creating a beautiful light that surrounds the world.  The world is becoming radiant with the light of all of you joined together as souls.
  5. Notice that the light of the Enlightened Ones, Masters, Guides, Angels, and Teachers on the other side are now linking together to form an interweaving pattern of light that surrounds the world and all light workers. 
  6. Pay attention to the light that flows from these Enlightened Ones to all the light workers, including yourself.  Fill yourself with the light, strength, courage, compassion, and joy that is being transmitted to you.
  7. There is a being whose presence has been coming closer to the earth for years, called by all the souls who are seeking peace.  This is the Spirit of Peace, a very great being.  In our meditation together we will call upon the Spirit of Peace, the great Angel of Peace, to come and bless us with peace.  
  8. At midnight, or whenever you can, join with everyone in meditation and call upon the Spirit of Peace, asking this Great Angel to touch the hearts of all humanity with peace.  This Spirit is a very real presence whose touch can create great changes.  Sound an inner or an outer "aum" (OM) with the certainty that you will be heard and responded to by the Spirit of Peace.
  9. Experience the Spirit of Peace, this great Angel, focusing its awareness upon humanity, having heard the call.  Feel the response of this Angel as this Angel touches the hearts of all people. Open to receive this energy into your heart center.  Take a deep breath in and let the energy this Angel sends come into every level of your being. 
  10. Let this great Angel of Peace touch your life.  Reflect on how you could experience and create more peace in your own life, and thus contribute peace to the world. 
  11.  Say to yourself, " Let the Spirit of Peace express itself through me. I now bring peace and harmony into my relationships.  I spread goodwill and kindness wherever I go.  I watch my thoughts; I release judgment and criticism.  I say loving things to others.  I speak words that spread love and light.  I radiate peace. I deserve to live in peace and harmony at all times."
  12. Picture yourself as a radiant sun.  Allow your desire for peace in your own life and for humanity to direct the radiant light that you are outward. Imagine you are becoming a radiating center of peace and goodwill to others. 

Picture joining thousands around the world as you radiate peace to:

  • Your friends and family
  • To all those who are responsive to your transmission
  • To all light workers on the planet
  • To all world leaders, so that they may guide their nations into peace
  • To all humanity
  • To the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms

Have no attachment to any results, for there may be none you can measure. You have just made a valuable and important contribution to all life.

Importance of Holding a Positive Vision for Humanity

Never before have so many people joined in prayer and focused their collective will on love, unity, and a better world for all. Even though you may not see the results of your inner work and prayers, they are making a difference. You are preparing the way for a better world for yourself, your children, and future generations.

When world events or crises occur, use your imagination to picture the eventual positive outcome for everyone involved. Rather than focus on how bad things are, hold a vision of the possibilities of transformation and opportunities for growth that exist in every area of life. Refuse to live in fear or to energize negative scenarios–do not think of them, imagine them, or worry about them. Every time a negative picture comes into your mind, replace it with a positive vision.

Eventually current world situations will resolve into a more stable world and a greater unity among nations. We cannot tell how long this will take, or how easy or difficult the process will be, for you live on a planet of free will. We do see the direction, for the heart centers of humanity are awakening.

You can accelerate and help make this transition to a higher unity more rapid for humanity by becoming aware of any thoughts or beliefs you can shift to be more open, loving, inclusive, and broad in your viewpoint.

Your commitment to expressing love is the greatest gift you can give at this time. Have love and compassion for yourself as well, and treat yourself kindly, for loving others starts with self-love.

Let Us Hold a Positive Vision for Humanity

Pick one or more visions to energize with your positive thoughts:
(And create your own visions as well)
People everywhere make right decisions,
inspired by their higher selves, and carried out skillfully.
People are mentally clear, emotionally calm, and spiritually aware.
Everyone is in touch with their
creativity, strength, courage, and wisdom.
There is an unprecedented level of
cooperation, teamwork, and sharing.
Humanity experiences an outpouring of
love, new ideas, and soul connections.
There is hope, optimism, and positive visions of the future.
People know that the universe is friendly
and always working for them.
People believe in abundance and are able to create it in their lives.
People are supportive of those in need,
and are generous with their assistance and sharing.
Criticism is replaced with understanding, love, and cooperation.
Every light worker becomes a radiating point of
light, hope, inspiration, and courage. 
People are awakening their light bodies everywhere.
Humanity is in alignment with Divine Will.
Humanity has enlightened leadership
by all people in leadership positions.
Separation between peoples, nations, and races dissolve.
People know their oneness with each other and with the
plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms.
Isolation turns into community, aloneness into friendships,
and separateness into inclusiveness.
All people are free to follow and live their higher purpose.
Humanity becomes aware of their higher purpose.
Each person expands their consciousness,
awakens their true vision,
and evolves all the forms in their lives so they may
carry out the true activity of their souls.
People's personalities become vehicles to carry out
their soul's love, light, and will.
All people honor the earth and live in harmony with it and all life upon it.