It's quite marvelous     June 3, 2013
By J. S.  (Canada)
What a wondrous seminar that was! I've been doing these remotely and I found the energies especially strong and powerful this time. The energy in the Ovoid Body feels very different, there is so much there to experience and observe. Throughout the seminar I felt such anticipation and excitement with the work we are doing, it's truly wondrous. The energies feel so flowing, soft, smooth and expansive that it is effortless. I feel as if I have a new set of eyes and sense things differently when I'm on the inner planes. This is carrying through into my outer life as there are moments when the colors appear brighter and other things seem to have taken on characteristics that I've not noticed before. It's quite marvelous.

What we have been doing in the past few years has been very liberating and this seems to be carrying through into this work.

highly transformative     April 23, 2013
By S. K.  (Greece)
This was a wonderful experience...developing new senses, and learning to bring that highly transformative,vibratory light to my daily experience can be compared only with the happiness I felt there! With gratitude.