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The most efficient way to contact us is to fill out our Guest Book or phone us.  If you have addressed your comments to Sanaya and Duane, please note that they are unable to personally answer you, however they do read your guest book messages and appreciate your comments.

Customer Service Ordering Questions answers questions about ordering online, other ways to order, credit cards accepted, international orders, customs, and so on.

Common Order Questions - Click on the links below for more information or to report a problem. 

  • Problems with a Download Order All electronic orders are in your Member Area and the audio can be streamed or downloaded. There is nothing that we send to you.
  • Where Is My Order?  If you have not yet received your order and think that it is overdue. 
  • Problems with a CD Order or if you have received defective, missing, or duplicate items; or need to make a returns or exchange.

Listening/Audio Problems
If you are having trouble listening to the music, Orin's Guided meditations or other website problems, report it by using the following link to report a web problem.

Finding Your Answers from Within
If you do not find answers to your questions at links provided, we have found that once you pose a question, you will find answers coming from within. To assist you in this process you can work with our free web information, free audio journey, and process provided to receive answers from within about your questions.

Requesting Extra Energy
If you are requesting guidance for challenges you are facing, or extra energy from Orin and DaBen or from your own guide, read and follow the process suggested in Requesting extra energy or a focus of light to be held for you.