Light Body Teacher's List

Welcome to our list of Awakening Your Light Body teachers. We do not certify teachers, however the teachers listed have fulfilled the requirements for teaching and are or have taught light body classes.  We are not able to provide information about any teacher who is not on this list. 
USA Teachers are required to use DaBen and Orin's six (6) part Awakening Your Light Body audio courses as the study materials for their live classes. 
International Teachers will play nine DaBen audio guided meditations during their live classes so you can experience the centers and light body spaces as transmitted by DaBen.

The names of Awakening Your Light Body teachers, Radiance: Self-Exciting and Frequencies teachers, and teachers of other light body graduate courses are provided as a service for your convenience. Light Body Teachers are teaching the light body information based on their understanding of it as developed by DaBen and Orin. LuminEssence Productions does not authorize or certify teachers, and assumes no liability for their teaching.  All teachers are independent of LuminEssence.  User assumes full responsibility for all interactions with Light Body Teachers.

Please select the Country you would like to locate a teacher in, then select the course from the list below that you would like a teacher for. Note that not all Light Body courses are able to be taught by a teacher:

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LB110Awakening Your Light Body Six Volume Course
LB111Basic Awakening Your Light Body: Part 1 Building Your Power Base
LB112Basic Awakening Your Light Body: Part 2 Opening Your Heart Center
LB113Basic Awakening Your Light Body: Part 3 Activating Your Higher Energy Centers
LB114Basic Awakening Your Light Body: Part 4 Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies
LB115Basic Awakening Your Light Body: Part 5 Awakening Your Light Body
LB116Basic Awakening Your Light Body: Part 6 Becoming Radiant
LB121Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 1 Frequencies of Vision
LB122Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 2 Frequencies of Precision
LB123Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 3 Frequencies of Intensity
LB124Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 4 Frequencies of Clarity
LB125Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 5 Frequencies of Harmony
LB126Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 6 Frequencies of Brilliance
LB131Radiance Self-Exciting: Building Your Light Body
LB221Radiance Filling in the Frequencies: Part 7 Frequencies of Transparency
LB854DaBen's Light Body Consciousness Teacher's Course
LB911Ceremonies of Light: Part 1 Awakening to Solar Light
LB912Ceremonies of the Heart: Part 2 Awakening the Jewel in the Lotus
LB913Ceremonies of Initiation: Part 3: Awakening the Thousand Petalled Lotus
LB914Peace: Part 1 Living Your Life Purpose
LB915Higher Will: Part 2 Manifesting With Ease
LB916Joy: Part 3 Expressing Beauty and Perfection of Being
LB917DaBen's Clairvoyant Vision: Part 1 Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies
LB918DaBen's Vision: Part 2 Creating Your Highest Future
LB921Radiance Building Consciousness: Part 1: Expanding Your Consciousness
LB922Radiance Building Consciousness: Part 2 Continuity of Consciousness
LB923Radiance Building Consciousness: Part 3 Radiating Consciousness
LB931DaBen's Awakening Your Light Body Expanded
LB932DaBen's Radiance Self-Exciting Expanded
LB933DaBen's Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies Expanded
LB941DaBen's Light Body Consciousness Course: Level 1 Perceiving Energy, Developing Dimensions
LB942DaBen's Light Body Consciousness Course: Level 2 Discovering Equilibrium, Becoming Discernment
LB943DaBen's Light Body Consciousness Course: Level 3 Creating Focus, Mastering Flows
LB944DaBen's Light Body Consciousness Course: Level 4 Precipitating Shift, Manifesting Consciousness
LB945DaBen's Light Body Consciousness Course: Level 5 Being, Beyond Experience-Choosing to Express
LB946DaBen Transitions into Balance: Essence of Being, New Way of Thinking
LB947DaBen's Light Body Consciousness: Exploring Connections with Light Body Consciousness
LB948DaBen's Light Body Consciousness: Manifesting From Light Body Consciousness

Teacher NameContact InformationGraduated Courses Completed
Margaret A HarrellRaleigh, NC
919 782 9257
LB111 LB112 LB113 LB114 LB115 LB116 LB121 LB122 LB123 LB124 LB125 LB126 LB131 LB221 LB851 LB852 LB854 LB914 LB915 LB916 LB917 LB918 LB921 LB922 LB923 LB924 LB925 LB926 LB927 LB928 LB931 LB932 LB933 LB941 LB942 LB943 LB944 LB945 LB946 LB947 LB948 LB951 LB952 LB953 LB954 LB955 LB956 LB961 LB962 LB963 LB964 LB965 LB966

Click on the product number below for information about the course as taught by DaBen and Orin. Note that not all Light Body courses are able to be taught by a teacher:

Graduate Light Body Course Codes
Level 1 Basic:
Awakening Your Light Body LB110 (LB111-LB116)

Level 2 Self-Exciting and Frequencies
Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies LB128 (LB121-LB221)
Radiance: Self-Exciting LB131 
Peace: Living Your Life Purpose LB914
Higher Will: Manifesting With Ease LB915
Joy: Expressing Beauty and Perfection of Being LB916
Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies LB917
Vision: Creating Your Highest Future LB918
Intuition: Opening to Your Natural Knowingness LB924
Illumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind LB925
Inspiration: Being Your Authentic Self LB926
Divine Manifesting  LB928
Radiance: Transmitting Light (Light Body Teacher's Training)  LB851
Radiance: Transmitting Self-Exciting  (Self-Exciting Teacher's Training) LB852

Level 3 Light Body Consciousness
Expanding Your Consciousness LB921 
Continuity of Consciousness LB922 
Radiating Consciousness LB923 
Awakening Your Light Body Expanded LB931
Radiance: Filling in the Frequencies Expanded LB933
Radiance: Self-Exciting Expanded LB932
Light Body Consciousness Level 1 LB941
Light Body Consciousness Level 2 LB942
Light Body Consciousness Level 3 LB943
Light Body Consciousness Level 4 LB944
Light Body Consciousness Level 5 LB945
Light Body Consciousness New Way of Thinking LB946
Light Body Consciousness Exploring Connections LB947
Light Body Consciousness Manifesting LB948

Level 4 Infinite Being, Upper Light Body
Exploring "You" As a Focus of Consciousness LB951
Discovering Other Beings and Consciousnesses LB952
Channeling Your Guide, Discovering Connections LB953
Channeling to "Converse" With Other Sentient Beings LB954
Channeling to Connect with Vast Consciousnesses LB955
Basking in the Love, Joy, and Peace of Your Creations LB956

Level 5 Luminous Light Courses
Discovering Your Luminous Body LB961
Building Your Luminous Body LB962
Redefining Connections from Your Luminous Body LB963
Expanding Your Luminous Body LB964
Refining Your Luminous Body LB965
Expressing As Your Luminous Body on the Earth Plane LB966
Awakening New Potential LB967
Dynamic, Perfect Harmony Within and Without LB968
Exploring the Immense Scope of Your Life LB969
Being Luminous Light: BEING LB971
Becoming Luminous Light LB972
Evolving with Luminous Peace LB973

Living the Light Body, spans levels, has luminous light teaching
A New Way of Being LB701
Creating Empowering Relationships LB702
Expanding Your Role in the World LB703
Living as Your Vast Consciousness  LB704
Becoming a Representative of Vast Consciousnesses LB705
Evolving with Vast Consciousness  LB706

Teacher's Note:  We have artwork available you can use on your flyers.  View the link for more information.

Please read our teacher's announcements for current information. You are responsible for notifying LuminEssence of any changes in your data, including information on completed Light Body courses that are not included in your listing. Please allow up to a week for any changes you give us to appear in your listing.

To remain on our teacher's list, you will need to keep us informed of your class dates, and send us the names and addresses of your students at least once a year. Only those teachers who have sent this information within the last year will remain on our teacher's list, as we will assume you are no longer actively teaching if we have not received this information from you. 

Once you are listed as a Light Body Teacher, please enter your student's names and addresses by logging in to the member's area.  Follow your teacher's link and use the light body student's form and enter your class dates off the Teacher's Link that will appear in the Member's Area.  Read important Teacher's Information.  View International Teacher's Information.  If you are a teacher and would like to be listed on our website, go to the Teacher's Listing On Our Site form.