It’s as if scales have fallen of my eyes     July 16, 2018
By J. S.  (Canada)
What a wondrous journey we are on and continue to be on! I know you’ve read this before but I can’t get enough of the last seminar we did.... the journeys keep drawing me back as soon as I have finished with them. There is so much to experience, the spaces are so intriguing,fascinating, and continue to change. Thinking back to the past three seminars we have done it occurred to me it had to be this way. The Dynamic, Perfect Harmony Seminar was necessary in that it prepared us for what was to follow. That seminar was so very beautiful .... the flow, the expansive magnificent spaces, the softness of the energies and the total ease, with which it carried us.

The changes I have experienced are profound. There is a greater depth and richness in life. I feel guided in the most simple of things, there is an increased awareness, greater understanding, and so much more insight. When there are questions the answers are given. When there is something I think I need I find I already have it. There is an increased ease in allowing and acceptance to be myself. There is a flow to the activities in the day and moments when I feel carried on wings of light. It’s as if scales have fallen of my eyes because there are times when I see, understand and experience everything in a new light and greater depth. It is so amazing, so playful and so flowing. I feel such deep gratitude and excitement for what we are doing. These seminars continue to build on themselves. One thinks” Oh this is so wonderful” only to realize that it keeps getting better!

With love and deep gratitude

Shifts are happening with grace and ease     May 15, 2018
By R. A.  (FL)
I am savoring the shifts in consciousness. This is what I feel like we're here for. It's not just holding space; it's becoming space for the love and light and becoming the new expression of the love and light and being able to go beyond. These shifts are happening for me with grace and ease, more so than ever before.

In my Divine Will Study Group meditations I have been holding spiritual focus for increasing Divine love, and earth plane focus for continuing to make a personal transition and find a supportive new home... quickly. I'm discovering that holding and becoming space for Divine love in the Becoming Luminous Light seminar has a wonderful continuity with these areas of focus I chose for studies of Divine Will.