Meditation for the Festival of Wesak

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Celebrating the Wesak Festival of Light: Times and General Information

If you would like to view various videos depicting the Wesak legend, search online for Wesak. There are some nice videos on YouTube and on other sites depicting the festival of Wesak.

Join with us and all light servers to be present at this time to receive energy from Buddha bestowed on humanity during the full moon of May. Take these steps (and explore on your own as well):

  1. Relax your body, calm your emotions, and clear your mind. Let yourself grow more peaceful.
  2. Call your soul to you and imagine blending with it.  It does not matter if you can see or sense your soul in any way for it to be present and working with you.
  3. Imagine that with your inner eyes you can sense or see the souls of everyone who is joining together for this meditation. Some say this happens in a beautiful valley in the Himalayas.
  4. Sense more and more light workers joining this group.  Greet these souls with love, and picture the beautiful light and field of magnetic love that all of you are creating together.
  5. Picture being joined by the World Teacher of Love, Beings of Light such as the masters of compassion, wisdom, and love. Everyone has a sincere, focused intent of working together as a group to receive and transmit the powerful spiritual energy that is being given during this time by the Buddha.
  6. Right at the time of the full moon, or whenever you can join in during this 5 day span, imagine that Buddha descends from a high place for a few minutes. There is a great, awaiting silence. Everyone is focused on receiving this blessing.
  7. Then, in a moment of great love and light, the blessing is bestowed.  Open to receive this amazing, beautiful blessing as it flows through the group. This is energy that is needed for the evolution of humanity for the coming year, to bring all life into greater harmony, and to help unfold the divine plan for humanity and all life.
  8. Receive this energy and feel yourself surrounded by light and love. This new level of light and love comes first into your soul, and then into your personality.
  9. Finish by sounding an "om." Imagine joining millions around the world to send the energy you have received to:
  • Your friends and family
  • To all those who are responsive to your transmission
  • To all light workers on the planet
  • To all of humanity
  • To plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms

Have no attachment to any results, for there may be none you can measure. You have just made a valuable and important contribution to all life.