Discovering Your Light Signature:
Openings and Dimensions of Light
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Series Title: Light Play - Transforming with Light
Type: Audio Course
Journeys By: Duane and DaBen
Contains: 16 DaBen Meditations, Talks by Duane
Music by: Thaddeus
Prerequisites: LB975

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16 DaBen Meditations, talks, transcripts
Product Number: LB712
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Transforming with Light Series Part 2

Graduate Light Body Course
with Duane and DaBen

Discovering Your Light Signature
Openings and Dimensions of Light

This Light Play course is an extension of the Main course, Assimilating Light, LB975.
Because of this, the Main course is a prerequisite.

With the completion of the Assimilating Light course you are now ready to discover your light signature that is you. In this Companion Course, Discovering Your Light Signature, you will learn how to take the vibration of your light signature out to the world.  We will look at such issues as, "How do I hold my light signature strong enough so that people begin to respond to my light signature rather than who they think I am or thought I was?"

You will start shifting your perspective to coming from your light signature in your interactions with the people and energies about you. You will learn how to stay centered in the light and interact with the world this way, and the world will interact with you as the light you are.


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