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Living with Joy, Happiness, and Inner Child


AUDIO BOOK For Living with Joy Revised Anniversary Edition

product imageLiving with Joy 25th Anniversary Edition Audio Book
Read by Sanaya Roman
Unabridged MP3 Download version of the book.  


product imageExpand your potential for joy!

Orin and Sanaya's  Living With Joy Book Anniversary Edition
Available in eBook and Printed book formats, also available as an Audio Book
Revised and updated, book now includes:

  • New Channeled information
  • Over 300 new Joy Affirmations
  • 18 new Daily Joy Practices for an uplifting day
  • Stories from our Readers
  • New introduction by Sanaya and by Orin
  • Expanded and updated chapters

In this book, Orin guides you to grow through joy rather than through pain or struggle.The spiritual truths and transformative meditations and exercises in this book will assist you in opening to your greater potential. Sanaya and Orin invite you to choose joy, release struggle, and open to the power of your innermost being.

Orin's Living With Joy book,Living With Joy audio course (L201) and Taking a Quantum Leap audio course (L202) will assist you if you want to grow through joy rather than through pain and struggle.  Orin has many single guided meditations to assist you in creating a joyful life. 


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Audio Book: Living with Joy Anniversary Edition LWJE
Type: Audio Course     By: Read by Sanaya Roman     Download
Read by Sanaya Roman, this is the unabridged audio version of Orin's Living With Joy, Anniversary Edition book. Included are all the chapters from the book, Playsheets, Daily Joy Practices, and Affirmations.   More...

Balance, Stability, and Constancy L105
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Work with a part of your personality that keeps you out of balance for profound changes in your ability to stay centered in your soul's light, no matter what kind of energy you are around. Learn to recognize when you have taken on energy from other people, and to release it, so you can come from a calm, centered place within you as you act, speak, and go about your day.

Becoming a Positive Person SI103
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Become positive, optimistic, and fun to be around. You will be guided to believe in yourself, trust the universe, picture positive outcomes, and create a higher reality. Orin works with you at the aura level to release negativity and bring in higher, more positive thoughts.

Becoming Self-Confident RE008
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Learn to feel confident, powerful, and good about yourself. Believe in your abilities and see yourself as self-assured, capable, and able to accomplish what you came here to do. Broadcast your new self-image to the world, so that others can relate to you as a confident and secure person, changing what you experience and allowing you to add more light to the world.

Being Happy SI100
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Expand your capacity for happiness and joy. Create a life in which you can smile, laugh, and enjoy life. Feel happy, radiant, and alive. Create an environment that supports your happiness. Release negativity, worry, and painful emotions; change your thoughts to positive ones; and feel, be, and radiate inner happiness.

Creating Your Perfect Day: Wake-Up Meditation SI101
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
This is a wonderful journey to play as you wake up. Feel good all day; stay relaxed, focused, and calm. Do things that are loving to yourself, listen to your wisdom, eat well, accomplish your higher purpose, and flow with the universe.

Flowing With the Universe SI025
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Learn to navigate and find the higher flow, creating what you want in an easy, joyful way. You will be guided to flow with the current and learn when to act and when to surrender and let things unfold.

Getting Rid of Worry SI027
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Worry can make it hard to feel good. If you worry too much, this journey will assist you in finding peace of mind and letting go of worry, tension and fear. You can feel relaxed, peaceful, and confident about the future.

Living With Joy Meditation/Affirmations L100
Type: Audio Short Course     By: Orin     Download
Contains 1 guided meditation as well as 1 program of affirmations by Orin to live with joy; to experience more self love, clarity, freedom, and inner peace; and to open to receive your higher good. Explore your higher purpose, live your life purpose, and take a quantum leap. Listen to affirmations while you drive, work around the house, garden, and more. Based on Orin's book, Living with Joy.   More...

Magical Child: Loving Your Inner Child SI007
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Listen to, heal, and honor your magical child. Discover the joy and playfulness that is yours as you free the magical child within you. Experience the spaciousness of being more present in the moment. If you are having trouble getting your needs met, feel tired or stressed, or want to increase your sense of aliveness, creativity, and freedom, this can help bring joy into your life.

Opening to Receive L106
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Create an environment that is nurturing, loving, and supportive of who you are. Allow things to come easily to you, open your heart, and believe you deserve to have what you want. Learn to receive light, love, and abundance. Expand your ability to receive and feelings of deserving, to increase your abundance in every area of your life.

Orin's Living With Joy Course L201
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
Grow through joy and release struggle and limitations. Change negatives into positives, increase self-esteem, open to receive, listen to your heart's wisdom, and experience more abundance, joy, peace, and love. Learn to love yourself and radiate unconditional love. Based on Orin's book, Living with Joy.   More...

Orin's Living with Joy: Taking a Quantum Leap L202
Type: Audio Course     By: Orin     Download, PDF
Build an inner center of peace and regeneration to come to throughout the day to deepen your sense of aliveness and serenity. Take a quantum leap into greater peace, balance, stability, clarity, and freedom. Open to embrace the new and live in higher purpose. Based on Orin's book, Living with Joy.   More...

Self-Love L102
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
Learn to love and nurture yourself, to release things that are not loving to you, and to create new, positive beliefs. Think of, discover, and put into practice many new ways to be loving to yourself.

The Universe is Perfect: Stop Efforting SG004
Type: Audio Single Meditation     By: Orin     Download
You can know from within that everything around you is working perfectly and that you live in a safe, abundant, and loving universe. Relax and let your path unfold effortlessly, trusting and surrendering to your higher good.

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Living With Joy book: Learn how to love and nurture yourself, set boundaries, radiate love, feel inner peace, open to receive, take a quantum leap, and live in higher purpose. Sound a note of joy as you move through the day.  Go here to read an Introduction and Excerpt from the anniversary edition of Orin's Living With Joy book.

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