Receiving and Radiating Divine Love
Audio Meditation by Orin

product image   Orin's Receiving and Radiating Divine Love Audio Meditation
Music: Thaddeus TH065 Lord of Love
Length 28:05 minutes  Transcript below  

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About Orin's Receiving and Radiating Divine Love Meditation:
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In this guided meditation Orin guides you step by step to receive and radiate divine love as you link with your soul, receive healing from the angels of love, join with the world teachers of love, and open to the one divine Life, the divine Self within you. Through these connections you will have many opportunities as you listen to receive divine love and to radiate pure, unconditional love to your thoughts and feelings about yourself, to your life situations, and to all your relationships to lift and evolve them. You will radiate love to humanity, the animal and plant kingdom, and to the earth itself to assist all life in coming into greater balance and harmony.

Radiating love to humanity can help bring about more unity, peace, and oneness. It can assist all who are open and receptive to divine love in expanding their capacity to love, be inclusive, tolerant, and express goodwill to one another.  It can help create more openness to love in people whose hearts are closed.

As you receive, express, and radiate divine love, your experience of people and the world around you becomes more peaceful, loving, and harmonious. Your relationships become more fulfilling and empowering. Your vision of people shows you your unity and oneness with them rather than your differences. You become more magnetic to all that is good and beautiful. Your consciousness of love offers all who come in contact with you an opportunity to experience more love and you become a force of good in the world, helping to transform it.

Orin is aware of all of you who will be participating, and you are included in his transmissions as you listen to this journey. You can listen to this journey and receive divine love as often as you would like, for there is no end to the opening and expansion that divine love brings. You can pause the meditation at any point if you want more time to think about and work with any thoughts or feelings that arise, as we expect you will have many new insights and visions about your life as you listen. In addition, you may find yourself having many more moments than usual of feeling and expressing love afterward.

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Transcript of Orin's Audio Meditation, Receiving and Radiating Divine Love

Greetings from Orin.

As you prepare to listen to this journey and receive and radiate love, start by setting your intention. What do you want to get out of this journey? How will having more love contribute to everyone around you, and to the world?

Take a deep breath, and allow yourself to grow more centered and aware of the present moment. With each breath in, allow yourself to grow more peaceful. Your thoughts are growing quieter. As you go within, imagine that you are becoming more aware of your soul, in whatever way you sense or feel it.

Your soul is pure love. It loves you unconditionally and always responds when you call upon it. Open to your soul’s love that lies within you that you express as tolerance and compassion, kindness and goodwill.

Fill up with your soul’s love right now, having the intention to experience and express more of the love that lies within you. As you receive your soul’s love, ask to experience more loving thoughts about yourself.

Ask for any thoughts that are not loving to yourself to be dissolved.

Ponder on how your thoughts would be different if they reflected more self-love. Notice if there are any thoughts that you would like to release, and observe if any new, more loving thoughts about yourself come into your mind as you open to receive your soul’s love.

Allow love to infuse your emotions so that you have more moments of feeling loved and loving. Love will arise within you—moments of connectedness, of appreciation for all that you have, of gratitude for others and for yourself, and for the divine within you that inspires and sustains and maintains you. Draw love into your emotions right now.

Picture that you are connecting with the angelic kingdom, the angels of love. Receive from them healing love, perhaps allowing them to touch your heart, improving your circulation and healing any pain in your heart that is ready to be released.

With your soul’s love pouring through you, let soul love radiate out to everyone you know.

As your heart center grows more magnetic and radiant with your soul’s love, sense an ever-widening circle of souls who are drawn to the love that is pouring through you. You are drawing more and more souls to you, souls who are in harmony with you and who can benefit from and respond to the love you radiate.

In the radiant light of your own soul, and all the souls with whom you are connected, a new field of inner vision is opening up. You are now better able to see, sense, or feel in some way the radiance of the world teachers of love who embody and radiate divine love to humanity and to all life. Some of these teachers are in a physical body, and others work from the higher realms beyond the physical to transmit love. Some are very, very high with a vast radiance of love that touches all of humanity. 

In the light of the world teachers of love, sense your own soul right now. And if you choose, blend your soul with the souls of these very high beings, the radiant ones who are broadcasting and radiating divine love to all life.

Sense how radiant you are right now, how vastly expanded your consciousness has become as you join with the souls of the world teachers of love.

All the world teachers of love who are holding the vibration of love, of unity, of oneness—open to this vibration, this feeling of love; a love that unites and brings together, a love that creates harmony and peace. Receive now whatever qualities of love that you need to be able to express and experience more divine love in your life.

You may ask for and receive whatever healing you need, whatever expansion or growth that will increase your ability to receive and radiate love.

Now expand even more to sense the Presence, the All-That-Is, the one divine Life I also refer to as the divine Self that is the center and core of your being. Open to the divine spark of life within you that is the same spark within all life. Let this experience lead you into oneness, where you know you are one with Life itself, no longer separate or alone.

In this state of consciousness, in touch with your divine Self, you might sense a core or pillar of light becoming visible within the center of your being. Some see this as a column of light running up and down along the spine. Some see it as a divine spark or a radiant sun within the center of their being. Others simply sense or feel this inner light in some way. Whatever way you visualize, sense, or feel this innermost Self is perfect for you. Let yourself experience this central pillar of light right now.

With your inner eyes, sense the divine Self of others, the central pillars of divine light of all who are a similar path to you, who are in harmony and resonance with you. Include everyone you know and those you will know in the future. Sense their central pillars of light, the divine within them shining through.

Picture everyone combining their central pillars of light, forming one enormous, radiant column of light. If you choose, imagine joining with and combining your central pillar of light with the group column of light. Doing this allows you to greatly expand your ability to receive and radiate divine love.

Become aware of the Great Ones who radiate divine love to all life on the earth plane. They receive divine love from even higher cosmic sources, embody it, and send out a broadcast of the purest love. It is a transmission that brings joy and hope. Their radiance of divine love brings humanity and all life a love that heals and regenerates, restores and rejuvenates, purifies and cleanses, creates wholeness and unity.

Symbolically step into this field of divine love. Absorb it. Draw it in and receive it. Let it restore and rejuvenate you. Allow it to wash away all that is not love allowing you to better express all the love within you.

Continue to fill up with divine love and think of your life from this space. In what new ways could you express divine love to your loved ones, friends, and people who are important to you? Let a person or people come to mind, as you are in this field of divine love. Allow divine love to pour out from you to all who come to mind. Sense how doing this will transform your relationship in some way. What ideas come to mind about new ways you could express divine love in each relationship?

Ask for and receive the ability to express divine love in every interaction you have with others, to feel your unity and oneness with them. Perhaps this will happen as you become aware of yourself and others as souls, or sense your central pillar of light and other people’s central pillar of light, acknowledging that both of you share the same divine spark of Life itself. Picture this happening as you go about your day, feeling your oneness with others, expressing goodwill and kindness to everyone with whom you interact.

The Great Ones have become aware of the group light created by everyone who has joined their inner light together. Imagine that everyone you have connected with is now receiving a special transmission of love from the Great Ones so that they may embody and radiate this pure divine love to all who are receptive to this transmission of love.

Receive this transmission of love from the Great Ones made just for you and everyone who is participating. Sense yourself opening and opening and opening. You are becoming radiant with divine love. All that is not love within you is being released, so that you can now be a clear transparent vessel, filled with divine love that pours out of you, that overflows and touches all who can use and receive this love.

Divine love is now radiating through you, lifting, restoring, connecting and empowering all life that needs divine love, that has been asking for it, and is open to receive it.

Feel the power of this group, the love and transformation that is possible when a group comes together to work in this way. Everyone is holding a positive vision of the great potential that lies within humanity to create a positive, peaceful, and loving world. Add to this your vision of a positive future for humanity.

Join with this group to radiate divine love to the animal kingdom, to all the animals on earth, picturing them living surrounded with love and perfectly fulfilling their purpose.

Radiate divine love to the plant kingdom. Picture all plants healthy and thriving and perfectly fulfilling their purpose. 

Radiate divine love to the earth itself.

Let the feeling of divine love reverberate through your being. Over the next days and weeks you will find many creative new ways to express love. Throughout the day you will have many high points that you recognize as more love, a greater love expressing itself through you. For every time you open to more love your consciousness and the world around you changes for the better. Relationships become more fulfilling, there is a greater sense of well-being, you feel more connected, there is greater flow. 

You will observe and know and acknowledge that there is much more love within you than you ever imagined, a greater capacity within you to love than you have ever been aware of, both on a personal and planetary level. 

And with that I bid you good day, for now.

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