Will 5: The Will to Act
Achieving Liberation

Practice 1 Creating a Beautiful Mental Aura
Practice 2 Taking Emotions out of Thoughts
Practice 3 The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth
Practice 4 Creating and Sustaining a Liberating Thought

Practice 1
Creating a Beautiful Mental Aura

Sanaya: For this round, in the practices that follow, you will prepare for the work of uniting the 3 minds by bringing the energy of the Will to Act into your rational, concrete mind. You will work with preparing your intellectual, rational mind to build the bridge to your abstract mind.

The purpose of the following practice is to become more observant of the quality of your thoughts, noticing if your thoughts are leading you higher into joy, love, and light, and toward your liberation from the world of form, or if they are holding you back, leading you to pain and suffering, and further binding you to the world of form. You will link your rational mind with the Will to Act to build a more beautiful mental aura, and to have illumined thoughts.

Orin: You played with focusing on the thought of letting the "3 minds unite" during the last practice. As you do this, you are using your mind to create a vision, set an intention, and start the process of linking your concrete mind, your abstract mind, and the Universal Mind. You may or may not have noticed any changes after you held this intention, for the energy shift comes first into your higher mind and may or may not translate into specific insights or thoughts.

With the thought, "the 3 minds unite" you are initiating the process of building a bridge of light between your lower and higher minds and the Universal Mind. You are using your intellect to start building this bridge through stating your intention and visualizing this happening. Doing this creates strands of lighted mental energy that form a channel upward. This bridge is also called the "rainbow bridge," a "bridge of light," the "channel upward," and the "antahkarana." This is the bridge to freedom and liberation from the world of form. It brings with it mastery of form life and opens the door to expanded states of consciousness and to taking higher initiations. The building of the rainbow bridge is a lifelong project; indeed it can be the work of many lifetimes. You have already been creating the bridge between your concrete mind and your abstract, higher mind, or you would not be attracted to working with Divine Will. You have been building a channel upward to the Universal Mind as you worked with the Will to Evolve.

The Will to Act shines forth on the plane of the mind, just as the Will to Harmonize shines forth on the plane of intuition. The plane of the mind is below the plane of intuition. Intuitive thoughts descend into the world of form through the plane of the mind where they are cloaked in mental matter, in thoughts, ideas, and mental images. (They later descend downward through the desire plane, also called the "astral" or emotional plane, cloaking themselves in emotional matter, which we will explore in future cycles as we study the Will to Cause in more depth). Your ability to put the right thoughts and interpretation on your intuition is very important, as well as the emotions that cause you to take right action, which I will have specific information and practices on in the next round of Divine Will study.

You might imagine that the plane of the mind consists of 7 streams of consciousness that must be crossed for liberation from the world of form. I will not deal with these streams in detail, for many of them represent levels of consciousness that the Enlightened Ones work with. To cross these streams of mental matter, you need to be like the spider that sends out its web, and then travels across it. You set your intention, gather your energy, visualize the goal, project your energy across a stream of consciousness, and thus build the rainbow bridge. Your soul cannot build this bridge for you; it must be built by your personality self, infused with your soul's energy, and using your concrete mind. Eventually your concrete mind and your abstract, higher mind are linked, and the next stream of consciousness can be approached and crossed. With each step you are gaining more consciousness and expanding your awareness, moving closer to your future enlightened self.

You can call upon the Great One who transmits the Will to Act to illuminate your concrete, logical mind and your thoughts and to build a more beautiful mental aura, one that is ready to receive higher mind energies and to cross the streams of mental awareness on the plane of the mind. To build the bridge of light to higher mental levels, one of the first steps is to use your mind to express love and wisdom in your daily life.

Your rational, concrete mind is the part of your mind that deals with the world of form, the intellectual mind that thinks in words and pictures, and makes "concrete" the energies of the higher realms by visualizing these energies with thoughts, pictures, images, and symbols. Your concrete mind is the mind that analyzes, thinks clearly, makes decisions, and decides what actions to take. I will call your mind and thoughts your "mental aura."

Your concrete mind produces thoughts that have a vibration, a color, and a pattern. Thoughts of love, compassion, inclusiveness, understanding, wisdom, and mercy are luminous and very beautiful. Loving, caring thoughts go out to others and surround them in a protective light. When a group meditates or prays together, beautiful thought patterns are formed that can move outward and lift up others who are sensitive to this vibration.

Lower thoughts are disharmonious and discordant. For instance, thoughts of anger appear as red streaks in your mental aura, and when sent to others can appear as red lightening bolts. Depressed, fearful, or depreciating thoughts look gray and muddy. Separative, critical, judgmental thoughts look like rigid, unmoving patterns that form a shell or barrier around people that makes it difficult for light to get in or out. Rigid, unbending thoughts appear as crystallized thought, as stuck energy where there is very little flow of thoughts.

The Enlightened Ones can see the level of soul development of the people they view by looking at the beauty of their aura. The auras of people who have loving thoughts are beautiful to behold on the inner planes. You yourself can feel or in some way sense the beauty of people's mental auras. You feel uplifted in some way when you are around people whose thoughts are filled with loving kindness. When people harbor thoughts of anger or fear, others instinctively pull away from being near them. Whether or not you are clairvoyant, you have the ability to sense the quality of people's thoughts by your instinctive attraction to them or desire to withdraw from being around them.

Notice several people this week, both strangers and people you are familiar with, and play with sensing the quality of thoughts they surround themselves with. You do have the ability to sense this, simply by paying attention. You might start by simply noticing how you feel around them, and using your imagination to sense the overall quality and beauty of their aura and thoughts.

Every thought has a particular vibration. Like attracts like. For instance, if you are filled with love, you become magnetic to more loving thoughts. If you are angry or sad, you attract those kinds of thoughts to yourself. If you dwell on any particular type of thought, you magnetize more of the same to yourself.

It is important to surround yourself with loving, beautiful thoughts. If you build high-grade thoughts into your aura, you cannot be affected by denser, coarser thoughts coming from other people. People who send angry, hurtful thoughts cannot affect you if you are thinking high and loving thoughts, for thoughts always seek a like vibration. In fact, negative thoughts sent to you by others will rebound from your aura with the same force with which they were sent out, and seeking the lines of least resistance, will return to the sender. The sender of negative thoughts will then suffer the affects of the thoughts he or she has sent to you. The same applies to you if you send negative thoughts to people.

You can send people loving, positive, encouraging thoughts. These thoughts will go out as messengers of light, surrounding others with energy they can draw upon for their higher good. Parents who pray for or surround their children in light strengthen the ability of their children to attract positive thoughts and events to themselves. You cannot take away people's lessons however, but you can strengthen others to deal with their challenges by your loving thoughts.

Friends and family members who send each other loving, positive, supportive thoughts can create enormous good for one another. However, it is important to let go of any anticipation of how and if these thoughts will be used, and to have no expectation of any particular result. There is never wasted energy in the universe, and your loving thoughts, free from expectations, will always be useful to anyone you send them to, if they choose to use them. Sending loving thoughts to those who have died, perhaps thoughts of gratitude, appreciation, forgiveness, and other kind thoughts will definitely help them lift higher, wherever they are.

It is important to refrain from sending unloving thoughts to people, no matter how they treat you. Unloving thoughts sit in your aura and attract more of the same lower vibration to you. As you send unloving thoughts out, or surround yourself with anxious, fearful, or critical thoughts, you attract more of the same to yourself.

Besides the fact that unloving thoughts rebound to the sender, negative thoughts can also cause harm to the other person. If someone is responsive to lower thoughts, any negative thoughts about him or her will harm and damage this person in some way. For instance, if you send angry or critical thoughts to people who have low self-esteem and think poorly of themselves, (even if their outer appearance is arrogant and self-centered) they will most probably be receptive to your thoughts, which will create a further erosion of their self-esteem. You have harmed another, and the negative thoughts you sent out will come back to you. You will have filled your own mental aura with thoughts that lead you downward, away from your liberation, into more pain and suffering for yourself. You may even find that the person is more inclined to act in the way you dislike, for they are filled with your thoughts and pictures of the behavior you dislike and have now strengthened in them.

It is important to send loving thoughts to others and to hold a positive vision of their potential for loving behavior, no matter how they are acting presently. Remember that everyone is capable of change, and loving thoughts are a powerful agent of change. Any thoughts of love and compassion you send out will come back to you multiplied. Sending kind, understanding thoughts to others creates a beautiful aura around you that makes you invulnerable to lower, coarser thoughts that come from other people.

It is very valuable to observe and note your thoughts, even for a few minutes, or throughout a day. The average person has 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts a day. If you were to rate the quality of your thoughts on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being negative thoughts and 10 being the most loving, wise, and compassionate thoughts, both for yourself and others, what rating would you give yourself right now?

If you would like to improve the quality of your thoughts and increase the beauty of your mental aura, start by observing your thoughts without judgment. Pay attention to loving, peaceful, trusting, optimistic, tolerant, and kind thoughts. Thoughts that fortify your aura, and that are of a high vibration include thoughtfulness, unselfish thoughts of others, appreciation and gratitude; recognition of beauty; kind, forgiving, and understanding thoughts; focused mental work of any kind that serves a greater good, blessings given, and many others. Acknowledge the high and loving thoughts you have that are adding to the beauty of your mental aura. Without emotion or being critical of yourself, note when your thoughts are of a denser nature, such as those that bring up feelings of anxiety, worry, fear, or other negative emotions. For fun, you might stop at various times, and determine on a scale of 1 to 10 the quality of any particular thought or chain of thoughts.

You can build a more luminous, beautiful, and radiant mental aura by working with the Will to Act. Since the experiences you have are created by your thoughts and by how you interpret the events in your life with your mind, as you upgrade your mind and thoughts, you transform your life. As you increase the quality of your thoughts, it will be reflected in new, better circumstances, relationships, and outer events.

It can be challenging to change particular thoughts to a higher vibration on a sustained basis purely through using your personal will, perseverance, and determination, although these are valuable qualities. You can change the thoughts that come into your mind by working with the Will to Act, and by having the intention to bring higher, more refined thoughts into your mind. Working with the Will to Act can open up stuck areas, clear out old thoughts, and make you magnetic to new, higher thoughts.

Call upon the Will to Act, and affirm that you want to build a beautiful, radiant mental aura filled with loving, compassion, and wise thoughts. Sense this Great Life as a radiant being who responds to your call by sending light into your mental body, like rays of sunshine pouring into it.

Symbolically you might picture yourself in the room of your mind. What does it look like? Open up the windows, roll back the curtains, let in fresh air, clear out the cobwebs, and allow in more light! You might play with what the room of your mind looks like and what it needs done to open it up, for symbolic work such as this does create real and lasting change.

Practice becoming aware of your thoughts as the first step toward changing them to a higher vibration. Then, whenever you become aware of thoughts you would like to change, call upon the Will to Act and imagine it flooding those thoughts with light. Additionally, set your intention to build an illumined mental aura and mind by saying to yourself, "The 3 minds unite." Taking this step is a powerful way to transform your mind and thoughts.

Action Affirmation: My thoughts are loving and kind. I send high, loving thoughts to myself and to others. I am building a beautiful mental aura that is magnetic to all good things.
What are some of the thoughts you would like to transform? Perhaps these are thoughts of self-criticism, worry, fear, or others. Note them here:


Observe what happens when you bring in the Will to Act, shower these thoughts with light, and let them transform.

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Practice 2
Taking Emotions out of Thoughts

In this next practice, you will attempt to do something that on the surface seems very simple to do, and yet may be one of the most challenging practices you have yet undertaken.

The thoughts coming from most of humanity arise out of emotions, or have strong emotions attached to them. Thoughts for most of humanity are emotional with a little mental matter you call thought attached to them. Most thoughts that people have are not clear thoughts that have come from their soul and the higher mental realms, but "emotional thoughts" that have arisen from their desires, wishes, and emotions. A great shift will happen when humanity is able to operate on the plane of the mind, where thoughts are those that come from above and that are infused with Divine Purpose, Divine Understanding, and Divine Intelligence. When this happens people will be able to know and live the Divine plan of their lives, and all life will be in harmony with one another.

At first you may think that most of your thoughts do not have an emotional component, and that you are a clear, rational thinker. Try an experiment: for the next several minutes, close your eyes and let come to mind some thoughts that are currently demanding your attention. As you watch each thought arise, notice if there is any emotional feeling or desire connected with them. For instance, you might think, "I need to eat healthier food," or, "I want to exercise today," "I should make this phone call, handle that issue, clean the house, cook, take care of the garden, go to the store," and so on. Or, you may be thinking about past or future events, what you want to do, what you should have done, or something that you or someone else said or did. As each thought comes up, can you sense the emotion that the thought is wrapped in?

If you can recognize an emotion within the thought, go even deeper. What are the emotions that come with the thought or that are creating the thought? Is your thought coming from shame, guilt, obligation, fear, or other negative emotions? Is it coming from excitement, joy, desire for something, or other positive emotions? It makes no difference if the emotion is a positive or negative one. Simply note the emotional component of your thoughts.

Notice how you identify that an emotion is part of a thought. Perhaps there is a reaction in your body as you think it, or a strong feeling you can identify. Next see how accurately you can pinpoint the specific emotion that is involved. Come up with a word for that emotion. Keep trying out specific words until you have accurately identified the emotion. This may take several tries, and several emotions may be involved. Each time you are able to label the emotion precisely, you will notice a shift, a feeling of rightness. Additionally, the thought will become clearer, more focused, and may change in some way. Continue working until you have taken the emotion out of this thought.

Now notice the thought that has emerged as you take out the emotion. It may be the same thought, but it will have a different quality to it. Next, call upon the Will to Act, and let its clear, focused light come into this thought as you hold it in your mind. Watch the quality of this thought become even more beautiful and luminous as it is infused with the clear light of the Will to Act. The Will to Act is assisting you in further separating any emotions from this thought, until it stands alone as a thoughtform, clear, complete in its own right, and infused with higher energy.

As you take the emotion out of this thought and work with the Will to Act, notice what happens. You automatically begin to lift above the emotional plane to the plane of the mind. You are able to think in new ways about whatever circumstance is involved. Fresh thoughts about the situation may come into your mind, new perspectives, and innovative solutions. As you release the emotions, you may also open up a path to receiving clear intuitive guidance. Greater understanding and a more comprehensive picture of the situation may come to you, solutions and answers that you were unable to see before. You might suddenly remember to link with your soul and look at things through your soul's perspective, something that eluded you when the thought was covered with strong emotion. You may find that a different course of action seems called for with your new understanding. You can now see the action that is obvious from your new, higher perspective.

You might try this process to shift a negative judgment you have been holding about yourself. Think of something negative you tell yourself that you would like to change to a more positive thought. Feel the emotion in this existing thought about yourself. Then, call in the Will to Act. Let it shine on this lower, less loving thought. You might notice that this thought has a form and a color. Imagine taking out the color, to see if that creates a change, letting the color represent the emotion that this thought is clothed in.

Next hold this thought up to the light of the Will to Act. This Will is also called the Revealer of Truth. As you take the emotion out of this thought, a higher, more loving truth comes into view. Without the emotion involved, what is the truth? What positive thought is a greater truth than the negative one you have held? What wider view of the world is possible when you take the emotion out of this thought? Ask the Will to Act to assist you in further exploring, sustaining, and expanding the new, more truthful, loving and kind thought about yourself you have just created.

Do not be surprised if you discover that almost all of your thoughts have an emotional element to them. There is nothing wrong with this. However, to operate from the plane of the mind, to create the rainbow bridge to higher consciousness, and to correctly interpret and understand intuitive information, you need to learn to create thoughts that have no emotional overlay or coloring.

This does not mean that your emotions are unimportant, or suggest that you deny, repress, or invalidate your emotions. This practice is about separating your emotions from the thoughts they are attached to, so you can view situations in your life with clarity and see more of the truth and higher picture that is involved.

When you first start working with this practice and asking yourself things such as, "What are thoughts that do not have any emotion attached?" and "How do I recognize and create these kinds of thoughts?" you may go through a period of confusion. It may seem very difficult, unless you are a scientist, or enjoy scientific investigation and research, to identify how to think without emotion.

You do not have to take each and every thought and remove all emotions to make a shift to having unemotional thoughts. As you practice with a few thoughts, your ability to recognize and stop thinking emotionally will spread to other thoughts. At first it will take focus, intention, and an inner willingness to explore this area. Each time you recognize and release the emotions attached to a thought and infuse your thought with higher mind energy, you are building the bridge to your higher mind. Later, as you continue to absorb the energy offered by the Will to Act, the channel to your higher mind and the Universal Mind will grow stronger, and you will not longer have to work as hard to change your thoughts. You will find that you seek out and love the clarity that unemotional thoughts bring you and the doorways they open for new insights and clarity.

You are preparing your mind for great work as you learn how to think without emotion. You are preparing your mind to operate as a partner with your intuition, where you can intuitively grasp your purpose, the Divine plan of the universe and your life, and make them appear in the physical world by the clear, focused thoughts you hold and sustain. You are learning the clarity that is required to think in a way that leads to your freedom and liberation from the world of form. You are learning the first steps of thoughtform building, where you can sense Divine Ideas, put them into concrete thoughts, and begin to manifest them as a part of your purpose. You are preparing to work at a very high level, in the plane of the mind, where you can see and know your path of higher evolution, and know the next steps to take to manifest the Divine blueprint of your life.

Action Affirmation: I have clear, beautiful, luminous thoughts that are infused with Divine Purpose, Divine Understanding, and that reflect Divine Ideas.
What negative thought about yourself did you work on changing? How did it transform into a greater, more loving truth as you removed the emotional component of the thought? Record your new thought about yourself here that you want to energize and sustain:

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Practice 3
The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

You have practiced creating a beautiful mental aura, affirming your intention to create loving, positive thoughts. You have practiced taking the emotion out of a thought. Part of the purpose of doing this is to recognize that your thoughts have both a mental and emotional component. Thoughts that loop around and that do not bring clarity, understanding, or answers are usually those that are entangled in strong emotions. By recognizing and separating the emotion from the thought, you open the way for new, clear thoughts to emerge that bring you answers and more expansive ways of thinking about any situation.

The Will to Act has been a major influence on humanity during the last several hundred years, acting to develop the ability of humanity to THINK. The goal that lies ahead for humanity is to approach all situations with clear thinking so that the higher truth of any situation can be revealed, known and acted upon.

What does it mean to "think?" It means that you use your mind to discover the truth of any situation. You step out of emotional states that cloud your vision. You examine and analyze all situations with a clear mind, freed from the thoughts and opinions of others, from mass consciousness, and from any exaggerated personal response. Your mind is a fine instrument that can be your soul's vehicle of expression on the earth plane. A well-developed, clear mind is critical in implementing, interpreting, and carrying out your intuition.

The Being who embodies the Will to Act is also known as the Revealer of Truth. Your mind, linked with the Will to Act, has the ability to bring the light of truth to any situation through its ability to think, analyze, and scientifically investigate all issues. You can call upon the Will to Act to assist you in looking logically or rationally at all situations.

For this practice, pick a current issue in your life, something that brings up emotions as you think about it. Pick a situation or circumstance that you want to work with to gain clarity and to see in a new light. You can use your developing ability to observe your thoughts, and work with the Will to Act, to find new thoughts about any challenge or existing circumstance you want to shift.

As you think of this situation, call the energy of the Will to Act to you. Let it flow into your mind. Say to yourself, "Let the 3 minds unite." With its beautiful ray of light shining upon your intellectual, rational mind, linking it with your higher mind and the Universal Mind, look at this issue.

Examine the situation you have chosen to work with. Imagine that you are viewing this situation without being influenced by any emotions or prior thoughts. If emotions do come up, let them flow through you without paying too much attention to them or letting them draw you into a downward cycle. Acknowledge that the emotions are there, and let them go.

State the problem or challenge clearly to yourself. You might even imagine yourself as an impartial, outside observer. What is the truth of the situation? How bad is it really? Do not exaggerate the situation in any way, neither making it better or worse than it is. What are the facts? Using your clear, analytical mind, break the situation down into smaller parts. Examine the individual components of this situation. What is the crux of the challenge or problem? If you do not know, what additional knowledge would help you better understand the problem, and how can you go about getting more information?

If another person, a business, or some outside entity is involved, can you put yourself in the other person's shoes to better imagine why they are acting the way they are or what they want from you and why? Can you switch your perspective, and see the situation from the other person's perspective? Seeing the situation from other perspectives gives you many more ways to deal with it and to find winning solutions. Even if you still feel you are right and the other person is wrong, looking at things from the perspective of the other person helps to better understand the problem and ascertain what actions to take to get the results you seek.

If this situation is something you are beating yourself up for, deriding yourself, or feeling bad about, stop! Bring in the Will to Act and let it shine upon your clear mind that can show you a higher, better, more positive truth about yourself. Negative and judgmental thoughts about yourself do not represent truth, but are a distortion of the truth. The truth is that you are a wonderful person, doing the best you know how in every situation.

If a current situation is bringing up thoughts that cycle around and around, or triggering feelings of self-pity, being a victim of others, or helplessness, stop! Link your 3 minds, connect with the Will to Act, and tell yourself the truth. You are not a victim, and there is no situation that is hopeless. You have all the power you need as you work with Divine Will to transform your life and live your Divine blueprint. Examine your current situation with a clear, unbiased mind, analyze your options, and believe in yourself and your power to create a wonderful life. You cannot change other people, but you can elevate and improve yourself and your thoughts, and thus change your experience of any issue.

To view any situation accurately, you may need to release the past that clouds your ability to think clearly about a current situation. Use any strong emotion as an indication that there is something unresolved from the past that this situation is providing you an opportunity to learn from and complete. Your soul is your inner teacher that brings you situations over and over, clothed in new forms, and often with different people, until you have learned all the lessons this particular type of situation has for you. For instance, you may attract partners or friends who do not value or honor you. As you grow spiritually, you realize that these people are mirroring how you are not respecting and honoring yourself. You no longer blame them, but turn inward and work on yourself. As you start affirming your self-worth, loving and nurturing yourself, you attract people into your life who also value and respect you. Your soul always brings you challenges to make you stronger and that allow you to realize more of your inner beauty and spiritual power.

Strong emotions often indicate that a part of you, a subpersonality, is not reacting to the current situation, but to something that happened in the past. The current situation may only be reminding this subpersonality of some unresolved situation from the past. You might call upon and work with the part of you, the subpersonality that is involved, to heal and evolve this self. Once you take the past out of the situation, you can view challenges with new, fresh eyes.

While it can be helpful to review what worked for you in the past, it is best not to remember why any similar situations turned out badly. Thoughts of when you have felt helpless, been unable to change things, and felt the universe wasn't working for you make it difficult to find winning solutions. Instead, link with the Will to Act, affirm that the "3 minds unite," and affirm that you are releasing all past negative beliefs and thoughts that might cloud your vision of the truth of this situation. Then, look at this situation as if you have no preconceived negative thoughts about the outcome. Imagine that whatever happens is being guided by your soul, and only the highest and best will come about, no matter how that appears or what form the solution takes.

If this is a really emotional problem or situation and you are still having trouble thinking about it clearly and unemotionally, imagine that you only have only a short time to live. Would you still worry about this situation, or would you simply let it go and focus on the things that have more meaning to you and your soul?

When you link the 3 minds, you can transcend time and space, and view situations from a future perspective. Picture that it is one month, one year, or five years from today. What importance might this situation have in your life from this future perspective? Are you still concerned about this problem in the future? From a future perspective, can you understand more about the situation?

Imagine that you are your future enlightened self looking at this situation, fully conscious, loving, aware, forgiving, and able to put things in their proper perspective. Receive advice from your enlightened self, imagining that it is sending you energy, information, or guidance so that you can find your highest path with this situation.

Continue to draw light into your mind from the Will to Act as you examine this situation. Ask yourself how much you are being influenced by other people's opinions, thoughts, and ideas about what you should do or how you should think about this situation. What is your truth about the situation? What steps would you take if you were not trying to please anyone, or trying to do what they want you to do, or think is right? What do you think is right action, including no action at all? Are you being influenced by society, by your parent's thinking, by your family, friends, or others? Are you trying to conform to what is acceptable and expected of you? Are you acting in a certain way so others will love and accept you?

It is important to view situations apart from mass consciousness and be open to looking at them through your own eyes, aware of your own truth. Make yourself, your intuition, and your clear mind the authority of what actions and thoughts are right for you. You may want to take into account what others are saying, however if they are guiding you in a direction that is different from your truth, or to think in ways or take actions that are not as high as you envision, stop seeking their advice. Listen to yourself. Your connection to your soul and to the higher forces in the Universe will bring you the answers you seek.

The Will to Act illuminates your mind so that you can bring in knowledge, and see clearly what to do. Knowledge is light! Imagine your mind is being flooded with light as you link with the Will to Act, so that you can think clearly and find solutions to whatever area you need clarity and direction in. The thoughts and the resulting actions that come to you to take will be those that will liberate your spirit and bring you a sense of aliveness. These will be the actions that will assist you in acting in ways that are in alignment with the Divine plan of your life, even if you do not know what that is. Knowing the Divine plan of your life is something that you cannot know in its specific details and in its future form, for the Divine plan unfolds step-by-step as you follow your awakened heart and your illumined mind.

As you work with the Will to Act, you may notice that you become more intolerant of confusion, doubt, uncertainty, and unclear thinking. Your desire to find resolution, to move out of upset spaces, and to view things calmly will grow stronger. Use the light of the Will to Act to see new ways to move forward, to dispel uncertainty, doubt, lack of a clear direction, or an inability to know what actions to take. Take time to rationally look at all situations and to let thoughts come to you about how you can act and what you can do to gain clarity, certainty, and clear direction.

Work with the Will to Act whenever you feel stuck, trapped, or tied to the past. Focus on this quality of Will so you can view with new, clear thoughts those areas of your life where you want to free yourself from old patterns and forms that no longer serve you. Link all 3 minds to form clear thoughts about this area, to analyze why you feel stuck, to let new thoughts and insights come to you about the nature of the problem, and to know what actions to take.

You have used your mind, linked with the Will to Act, to view a situation clearly and calmly. Now use your creative imagination to picture something wonderful happening, a new solution appearing that is better than anything you have yet seen or imagined. You do not need to know what that might be; however as you expect the best to happen it will, for your thoughts create your reality.

Action Affirmations: I think clearly about every situation in my life. I know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

What situation did you work with?  What new thoughts do you have about it?

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Practice 4
Creating and Sustaining a Liberating Thought

You have begun to observe and note more about your thoughts and the quality of thoughts that pass through your mind. You may want to develop another aspect of your mind that is required if you want your mind to be a clear channel of higher mind energy, the ability to create and sustain liberating thoughts, ones that lead to your liberation from the world of form and from all limiting forces and energies. These are your soul's thoughts and those that come from the Universal Mind, reflected in the nature and quality of your intellectual, rational thoughts. What would your life be like if all your thoughts brought you joy, showed you the truth of any situation, were positive and loving, and you could sustain these types of thoughts no matter what your emotional state or the energy you were around?

For this practice, you will create a liberating thought or mental image to sustain and focus on for a period of time. Start by blending with your soul, feeling its beautiful light all around you. Call upon the Will to Act, and ask for the "3 minds" to unite. Let yourself grow quiet, and ask for a powerful thought to come into your mind, one that will free or release you in some way. You may also want to call upon the Will to Harmonize, asking for help to bring through an intuitive idea that you can then put into a clear thought. The response of these Wills is immediate, however it may be some time before you recognize the thoughts that come as a result of your request. Or, you may receive these new thoughts immediately. Pay attention to your thoughts, for once you have requested this, a new thought, one of beauty and power, will drop into your mind. Your first challenge is to recognize and nurture this new thought or thoughts.

How might you recognize this powerful thought, sent to you from your soul and containing the substance of higher mind ideas? This thought may trigger a special feeling, even a physical sensation as you say it to yourself and ponder on it. It may be a new way of thinking or looking at something. This illumined thought may be so clear, obvious, and well-stated that you feel a shift to a higher level simply by thinking it. It may be about something in the physical world, or it may be a spiritual thought. It may be a complete set of instructions, images, or other types of communication that form a thought. The thought may be a quality for you to focus on, something specific, or a message from your soul.

Take time to call new, powerful, life-changing thoughts into your life. Work with the Will to Act and link the 3 minds. You can receive clear ideas and thoughts about anything you approach in this way. Give yourself time to receive this new thought, to recognize it and to form clear words around it. You are bringing through an idea from the plane of intuition, and beginning the process of clothing this greater idea into a powerful thought that will create a shift in your life. You may receive a number of thoughts; that is fine. Write them down and ponder on them. You may find that existing thoughts come to mind with a sense that you should pay more attention to them. Do not worry if you cannot yet find the exact words to express these thoughts, let them germinate and grow within you until they emerge with a greater sense of clarity and energy.

Link with the Will to Act, your soul, and unite the 3 minds to get a clear statement of this thought. Play with putting words to any new thoughts that feel right to you, words that contain strength, clarity, and that accurately describe the thought. You may feel the "rightness" of these words because something within you feels clearer, or there is an inner shift as you work with these thoughts. Word these new thoughts as clearly and succinctly as you can. Continue to ponder and reflect upon any new thoughts, and let them gain additional strength and power as you coalesce the mental matter of your thoughts around them.

When you are ready, choose one thought to further energize, a thought that lifts you to a higher level, brings you closer to your soul, touches your heart, and that feels like something important to hold frequently in your mind and energize with your thoughts. The wording does not have to be perfect; you may find new and even better ways to express this thought as you work with it.

With this thought in mind, stated clearly and accurately, you can practice bringing it into your reality by sustaining your focus on it. You may want to write it down and post it in several places as a reminder. Practice focusing on this thought as often as you can remember to do so. Observe when your mind is wondering or focused on lower, less happy thoughts, and then replace those thoughts with your new thought. You are creating a new "groove" in your mind so that you "default" to this thought rather than others that are less important or enriching.

For instance, the new thought you have created may be something such as, "I am sustained in God-Consciousness," "I am God manifesting as a personality," "I am fully present in every moment," "I am connected to the infinite abundance of the universe," or, "I am an infinite being of beauty, love and light." Say your statement to yourself several times. Infuse it with the light of the Will to Act. Become this thought. Let it grow in beauty and strength. Every time you think it you are energizing this thought so that it can become your reality, for energy follows thought.

Practice energizing this thought for the next several days or even longer if it is a life-changing thought. Each time you think this thought; new aspects of it may unfold. It is a "seed" thought that will become magnetic to other thoughts of this nature. Out of this thought, new thoughts of a higher nature will emerge about other topics. Bit by bit, thought by thought, you are upgrading your mind and the substance of the thoughts you hold and energize. You are building a magnetic center for higher thoughts to come to you, thoughts that light the way for you out of darkness into light.

Note how often you can remember this thought. Acknowledge every time you think about it, knowing that you are shifting to a higher reality. Practice sustaining this thought as often as you can. What is important is not the length of time you think it, but how often you return to it and the amount of attention and awareness you put on this thought as you think it. Practice for a few times daily, and more often if you can. Write down this thought and put it somewhere you will see it often. Do not make yourself wrong if you forget to focus on this thought! Laugh and use your sense of humor to love and appreciate yourself for who you are and how hard you are trying to lift yourself higher. Let there be a sense of discovery and play in working with your thoughts, for the ability to observe yourself with love, a smile in your heart, and no judgment will make the work of transforming your mind easier and more long lasting.

Action Affirmation: I think higher thoughts all the time. I can easily focus on and sustain whatever thoughts I choose. I create powerful, light-filled thoughts that uplift me.
Note the thought(s) you are practicing with, the one(s) you want to sustain:


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