Receiving Seeds of Inspiration

Throughout Orin's Inspiration: Being Your Authentic Self (DW916) course, you will receive seeds of inspiration from the Divine Self. These are kernels of living energy that unfold the divine plan of your life. They contain within them all the inspiration, energy, motivation, supply, vision, enthusiasm, courage, confidence, circumstances, insights, guidance, and light needed to unfold perfectly. These seeds bring you the ability to manifest the divine perfection, purpose, and plan of whatever you create.

Ask For The Seed of Divinity
Receiving seeds of inspiration can make your spiritual path easier, assisting you in experiencing more commitment, steadfastness, determination, and dedication to the realization of the Divine Self as who you are, thus accelerating your evolution.

The most important seed to ask for and unfold is the seed of Divinity within you that reveals your authentic, Divine Self. As the seed of divinity unfolds, struggle, suffering, battles, resistance, obstacles, and limitations begin to fall away. You realize the true nature of your being–the love, wisdom, power, beauty, and perfection that is who you are.

Take a moment to ask the Divine Self to unfold the seed of divinity within you. Imagine the living seed of Divinity unfolding in your heart center. This is very real; with this request some new aspect of spiritual consciousness will awaken within you.

Receive Seeds of Inspiration to Open Up New Possibilities
All you need to do to receive seeds of inspiration is to ask for them. It need only take a moment and a receptive attitude. If you want to receive a seed of inspiration, get quiet and open to your Divine Self. Let come to mind an area of your life to ask for and receive a seed of inspiration. Then, ask the Divine Self to send you a seed of inspiration for this area. Open to receive this seed. You may have a sense of it or not. You do not need to feel it for the seed to unfold in your life and bring you inspiration.

Ask for Seeds of Inspiration for Everything You Can Think Of
There is nothing that is too big or too small to receive a seed of inspiration for. You can ask for seeds of inspiration for everything you can think of, such as one for your spiritual growth; for any quality such as hope, understanding, love, and harmony; for a project; relationship; circumstance; or something you want to manifest–the list is unlimited.

These seeds may bring you new ideas in the moment, or at another time. You may find things working better, some new connection or opportunity coming your way, or discover that you have more enthusiasm and motivation to do something, or a clearer picture of what to do. A stuck place may open up, or a problem may disappear.

Receive a Seed of Inspiration to Reveal New Potential for Your Life
If you are adventuresome, ask for a seed of inspiration that will open a door for you that you have never opened before, that will reveal potential for your life that you are not yet aware of.
Seeds of inspiration may open up over many months or their gifts may come to you in a moment of divine inspiration. Whatever inspiration comes will be in harmony with your life and being.

As these seeds open up they contain all that is needed to unfold perfectly. They bring courage and strength to follow new directions and to let go of old paths that no longer serve you. They offer the spiritual vision and insights that you need to hear and follow the guidance the Divine Self is sending you.

Change Your Life Now with a Seed of Inspiration
When you receive seeds of inspiration, your life can change dramatically as you embrace the new potential they bring. As this happens, even more seeds of inspiration will come to you before you even ask for them. This becomes a way of living an inspired life, and brings you a greater ability to live as your true, authentic Self. Begin now, and ask for a seed of inspiration.

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