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Introduction to Divine Will

Welcome to the Divine Will Study Group - Preparatory Study

People experience amazing changes in their lives as they studied Divine Will. Read what others say they have gained from Studying Divine Will
Read an overview of all of Orin's Divine Will Courses including how the various Divine Will courses work together.

We invite you to transform your life with Divine Will!
Join Orin, Sanaya, and all who are studying the seven qualities of Divine Will to transform their lives. All you need to do is listen to one journey as per the schedule posted from Orin's Transforming Your Life with Divine Will (MM050), and with any journeys you are interested in from Living a Soul Life with Divine Will (MM060).

Join the Divine Will Study Group and Accelerate Your Transformation
You can join the Divine Will study group at any time, and meditate with others on the inner planes with thousands of others who are transforming their lives with Divine Will.  There are no formal classes to join.  There is much free information available on our website about each quality of Divine Will you can study.  You can contact Divine Will with or without using Orin's audio course. However, you may get the greatest shift from using both the audio course in addition to the free online information that is posted for each quality of Divine Will.

Before You Begin, Answer These Questions to Know if You are Ready
If you choose to call Divine Will into your life, to unfold the divine blueprint of your life, and to connect with your Divine Self, ask yourself if you are ready to:

  1. Own your power, love and honor yourself and your path, and be your true, authentic self
  2. Expand your vision and see the larger picture of your life
  3. Become more magnetic to your higher good and to all you need
  4. Live in a higher level of light and to see all that the light reveals
  5. Surrender your personality pictures of what you think you need, and to open to all the gifts your soul and Divine Self have for you
  6. Release struggle, limitations, obstacles, and conflicts, and to experience more peace and harmony
  7. Open to the new?  Are you willing to let go of lesser desires and attachments, and open to new patterns, relationships, situations, and circumstances that reflect the divine blueprint of your life?
  8. Do you want to expand your consciousness, have new awareness and perceptions, and step onto a higher path?

1st Month
To begin, prepare by listening to Program 1 and Program 2, Preparing for Divine Will, from Orin's course Transforming with Divine Will in addition to reading and following the information below.

And/Or Read the Following Articles
Sanaya story of Divine Will, including Who is Orin?
Orin Welcome and Introduction to Divine Will
What is Divine Will?  Important information on Divine Will and what it is.
Read what people have gained from studying Divine Will and add your comments if you have worked with Divine Will before!

2nd Month
Listen to Program 2 Contacting Divine Will, from Orin's audio course Transforming with Divine Will

And/Or Read Preparatory Information:
You are ready to begin!
Dare to Dream
Committing to Yourself and Your Life
Setting Earth Plane and Spiritual Goals for this Course

You can start at any time
You may join the study group at any time. Please go to the Divine Will Study Group Schedule to read about what quality of Divine Will is being studied right now. You can study the qualities of Divine Will in any order, and we suggest starting with the quality of Divine Will that is being focused on currently. Start by listening to the preparatory guided meditations in Orin's Transforming with Divine Will audio course, Programs 1 and 2 and read the written material below.
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You are ready to begin!
You can start by using your personal will to set your intention. As you do, you are using your personal will in the best possible manner to assist you in bringing Divine Will into your life. Setting your intention, before you do anything, is one of the best habits you can develop to get the most out of anything you do.

State to yourself something such as, "I intend to transform my life with Divine Will. I intend to use my personal will to be open and receptive to these energies, I intend to increase my inner light, know my soul, and become a light that lights the way for others. I intend to unfold and live the Divine plan and Blueprint of my life."

Write your statement of Intention somewhere, or say it aloud to yourself.

One of the important actions of Divine Will is that as you bring it into yourself, you become a transmitter of it to all life. You make the energies of Divine Will more available to humanity and to the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. You are assisting all life in taking their next evolutionary steps. The more you expand and grow, the more you have to offer others. Your work with Divine Will will be even more powerful if you also desire growth, expansion, and enlightenment for the good it will add to the world for all life, including your own.

Dare to Dream
Take a moment to review why you want to work with Divine Will. What is your deepest motivation? It is worth examining this for a few minutes, as it is remembering this motivation that will help keep you going.

You may have many reasons for wanting to transform your life with Divine Will. You may be wanting to solve an immediate problem, move out of a stuck place, let go of resistance to things that are good for you, overcome self-destructive tendencies, or for other reasons. These are fine reasons, however once these problems are solved, you will need a deeper motivation to continue. This will come from more soul-oriented goals, such as the aspiration of increased awareness of higher beings and energies, an expanded ability to love, or the unfoldment of your consciousness to the highest possible levels.

If your immediate motivation is to overcome a problem or stuck place, discover if you can expand upon that motivation, so that once this goal is met you will continue to be motivated to bring something wonderful into your life. Perhaps you want to experience more joy, abundance, and opportunities to make a difference.

If you want to stop feeling bad or hurt, perhaps you could expand your motivation into wanting to experience your soul's serenity and awareness. If you want to study Divine Will to improve a relationship, you might expand that motivation into improving your relationship with your soul and to working at a soul level with other people, and with all life.

If you want to let go of something that is not good for you, think bigger. Instead of focusing on what you don't want to have in your life, think about what you would like to have instead.

Let yourself dream and expand your thinking about how you could transform your life! What vision of yourself could you dare to imagine? What dreams lie within you that you might discover and follow? What might it be like to live with a clear mind, calm emotions, physical well-being and an open heart? How might life be if you had every material object you needed, and had so much abundance you were challenged to find enough good places to put your money and resources where they could create good for others?

What would your ideal life look like? What activities would you do? How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with?

What would it be like to change your primary focus from the material world and all the daily duties that need to be done, to a primary focus on your inner, spiritual life? Can you imagine having enough time to think quietly, to dream, to meditate, to imagine, to create, to be in nature, to get adequate sleep, be in the sun, and spend all the time alone that you desire?

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Committing to Yourself and Your Life
Are you ready to make a commitment to expanding your spiritual growth, to allowing all areas of your life to move into more beautiful patterns that are more aligned with the Divine plan of your life?

As you think of your dreams, you might say to yourself things such as, "I now commit to having a life that works for me. I now commit to my spiritual growth and to working with the spiritual forces of the Universe." Or, "I commit to my higher good, and to growing spiritually as my contribution to all life."

Making a commitment to linking with the Great Ones who are radiating Divine Will and working with these energies does not mean using your personal will to move through all obstacles or forcing yourself to do anything you do not want to do.

Making a commitment can be an inner decision to work with the energies Divine Will, or to put a certain amount of time and energy into following the suggestions and practices. It can mean deciding to call upon Divine Will frequently, before you try other things, and experimenting with how these energies work.

Committing to transforming with Divine Will can be an inner commitment to yourself, an affirmation that you value expanding your consciousness and want to unfold the Divine plan of your life.

Your soul and the Universe hear your commitments, decisions, and intentions. The guides, inner teachers, your soul, and the Universe make resources and energies of light available to you in response to your inner commitments.

Approach your work with Divine Will with a sense of play and wonderment, with curiosity and questioning, observing and noting how it works in your life. Be on a journey of adventure and discovery, and be open to the changes that the Universe brings you as you play with these powerful energies.

Commit to letting Divine Will work with you and through you to align your life with the greater, more beautiful patterns that you are capable of creating. Open up to and accept into your life a greater flow of light, abundance, love, consciousness, joy, and all that you are capable of knowing and experiencing.

Take a moment to think about, or to write out, what you at a personality level, using your personal will, want to bring to this adventure.
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