Introduction to Divine Will
Sanaya's Story

Orin introduces me to Divine Will
I work with a spiritual teacher called Orin. Orin is a being of light who communicates with me through a process I call "telepathic reception." He transmits ideas that I receive mentally when I call upon him and am in an open, receptive state. Many of you may have experienced those moments when ideas seem to "drop into your mind." That is how it feels to channel Orin; I receive a stream of ideas from Orin that convey his teachings and thoughts.

To receive Orin's messages, I get into a relaxed, focused state of alert listening. I call upon Orin and mentally communicate that I am asking for his guidance and wisdom. Orin usually responds to my call almost immediately after I get calm and focused. I can feel Orin's presence as his energy blends with mine--my posture shifts, I am filled with joy, and my breathing becomes freer and deeper. When Orin is present there is a sense of serenity, clarity, and wisdom, as well as an expansive love that fills my heart. It is clear that Orin embodies love and that he has deep love for humanity.

Orin is always there when I call upon him, for he says in his realm there is no time as we know it. Thus it is easy for him to be available when I am open and receptive and call upon him. There are times when my energy is too scattered, or the energies in the "psychic atmosphere" of humanity are such that Orin cannot communicate clearly, then he tells me to call upon him again at another time.

Orin never tries to control me or tell me what to do; he offers suggestions and lets it be my choice if I want to follow his advice or not. Orin always tells me to follow my own wisdom and to listen to the authority of my soul above all else. He tells everyone who comes to him to accept only the advice that rings true to them, and to let go of anything that does not. I have repeatedly found that following Orin's advice expands me, opens me to my soul, and brings me joy.

I experience Orin as a very wise, loving being. His purpose is to assist people in taking the next steps on their path of spiritual growth. Orin is always positive and encouraging. He encourages us to grow through joy rather than through struggle, to know that the universe is friendly and always working for us, (even if we can't always see how that is true,) and to know that abundance is our natural state. We all deserve to live an abundant, joyful life!

Orin wants to start teaching Divine Will

One day, when I was connecting with Orin, he told me that he wanted me to start learning about and aligning with Divine Will as a way to bring the Divine plan and blueprint into every area of my life. My fears immediately came up; I imagined that I would need to become more disciplined, be firm with others and myself, and use my willpower to make changes.

I worried that if I aligned my life with Divine Will I would have to give up the things I loved and start "toeing the line", doing everything that I knew was good for me that I had been resisting. I have never been able to force myself into doing things for long, and have usually rebelled against authority and control.

I also wondered if I would lose my individuality and feel swallowed up by some enormous power that would then dictate and control my life. With these pictures in my mind, it is no wonder that I hesitated to work with Orin in learning about Divine Will.

Not to be deterred by my fears, Orin continued to talk about Divine Will whenever I contacted him. He let me know, very reassuringly, that aligning with Divine Will was not about controlling, disciplining, forcing, or pushing myself toward a goal. In fact, it wasn't about developing my personal will at all! Instead, Orin said that Divine Will was a spiritual force of great power that I could call upon to transform my life in positive and wonderful ways, to bring into manifestation the Divine blueprint in every area of my life.

Orin says people are working too hard to achieve their goals

Orin said I was working too hard to achieve my goals. Instead of using my personal will to force things to happen, I could instead tap into this inexhaustible source of energy. He said by aligning with Divine Will I could expand my consciousness, awaken my vision, connect with the Field of all potential for unlimited ideas, grow spiritually, and create an even better life than I could imagine from my personality's limited perspective.

I became intrigued with what Orin was showing me. Working with Divine Will seemed to be a powerful way to grow spiritually and to bring areas of my life into greater balance and harmony. All I had to do, according to Orin, was to have the intention to link with Divine Will, call this energy to me, and open to receive it into my life.

As people worked with Divine Will their lives began to change

Orin told me there were 7 qualities of Divine Will, each of which could be understood and called upon for different purposes. Orin gave me information about each Will quality and how to draw these qualities into my life.
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As I worked with Divine Will, my inner life began to change. I sensed my consciousness expanding. I was more creative, had new insights, a deeper sense of purpose, and a greater awareness of the next steps I needed to take in many areas of my life. I felt more in touch with my soul and Higher Self, not just in meditation, but also in spontaneous moments throughout the day.

Many things changed in my outer life to reflect the change in my consciousness. I thought I knew which areas of my life needed improvement, but I did not know exactly what needed to be changed. Once I started calling Divine Will into my life and transmitting it to those areas, things improved in ways I could not have foreseen. The results were even better than I had imagined they could be. People, ideas, and opportunities seemed to come my way just as I needed them, and sometimes even before I knew I needed them.

Not everything was wonderful and perfect. My personality did not always appreciate the divine perfection when something left my life that I had thought was essential for my well-being. The universe offered me many opportunities to look at my attachments, to surrender, and to open to new choices and possibilities.

I discovered it helped to embrace each new event with an attitude of, "this is a gift, this is an opportunity, and this is Divine Will giving me the chance to make this area of my life even better." I could not hang on to the old when it no longer fulfilled my purpose, for it left my life even when I tried to hold on. I discovered that after I took action and new circumstances emerged, things were so much better in that area of my life I was grateful for the changes, and wished I had made them sooner. The new circumstances always brought me more freedom and a better, more joyful life.

As I continued calling Divine Will into my life, I observed that whenever I was struggling, resisting, or running into a lot of obstacles, I was not aligned with Divine Will. I discovered that I needed to change my beliefs in "no pain, no gain," or "if it does not take work to create it, it probably is not worthwhile." I had to change my thinking and believe that things could get done with greater ease, in the flow, and with joy.

Orin started teaching people how to contact and use these energies of Divine Will at seminars we taught to bring about more perfect, divine patterns into every area of their lives. Orin said that by joining together as a group we were making it easier for each one of us to feel and know the power of Divine Will. People loved working with the Divine Will energies, and experienced many wonderful changes in their awareness and lives. Some started their own classes teaching Divine Will to others.

Orin made a set of audio journeys called Transforming with Divine Will.  He suggested that I form a Divine Will study group, where everyone joined in meditation on the inner planes. Each week people linked with each other, and called in a quality of Divine Will.

The study of Divine Will continues, and thousands of people have now joined together as souls to call Divine Will into their lives and to open to having the Divine plan unfold in their lives.  The purpose of this study group is to support all of you who have already started on this path, and those of you who are starting now to transform your lives by calling upon Divine Will.

As you listen to Orin's Divine Will journeys, work with the Divine Will online information, or study Divine Will with a teacher, be aware that you are joining on the inner plane with the souls of thousands of others who are also bringing Divine Will into their lives.

Together we are pioneers, exploring what is possible as we draw this magnificent force of Divine Will into our lives. As we draw it to ourselves, we become transmitters of Divine Will, assisting all of humanity and all life in taking the next evolutionary steps. As we allow the Divine blueprint of our lives to unfold, meet and work with our Divine Self, and as we align with the Divine plan of the Universe, we can and will make a difference in the future of the world! ~Sanaya
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