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Greetings from Orin
My love is with all of you.  I am sending you a great big "cosmic hug" and a thank you for all you are doing to bring Divine Will into your life and to thus make it available to humanity.  You are pioneers, exploring the energies that are now coming to earth. This is a wonderful week to focus on love and relationships, and to bring your relationships to a new level.  

As you are aware, the note of the next cycle for humanity is that of group work. The group work you are doing on the inner planes as you join together to receive Divine Will is the coming way of working together.  Group work, both on the inner and outer planes, will create wonderful, rapid, and positive changes that will open the doorway for humanity to enter into the world of souls.  (Just as the animal kingdom is entering into the kingdom of humanity).  

Group work involves being in your ideal relationship with all the souls you are working with, and with the higher beings who are always present. One of the reasons I wrote Soul Love, the book, was to prepare you to live in the oneness with the souls of others by learning how to create ideal relationships with everyone in your life.  All the lessons you are learning in your relationships about honoring yourself, honoring the souls of others, choosing love and peace, and so on, are preparing you to live in the soul realm and even higher realms.  Humanity's next evolutionary step is to evolve into their soul, to join the kingdom of souls (even with an earth body) and to live as a soul in harmony, unity, oneness, and right relationship with each other.  The Will to Unify and to Harmonize are especially important in preparing you for this step.

As you join us in the soul realms, you will find even more assistance and guidance available to you, for all of us in the higher realms work together.  You are not alone!  You are part of a large group working together.  As you evolve, you become more aware of the guidance that is being offered you from the higher realms, from your soul and from the Enlightened Ones.  This is guidance that will assist you in joining in the group energy, serving the whole, creating group goals, and living harmoniously in the oneness with others.  

No matter how high you go, there will always be Those Who Guide, and part of creating ideal relationships is to attune to these Beings Who Guide, as you have been doing.  In fact, the higher you go, the more you will be aware of and receive energy from Those Who Guide, such as these Divine Wills, the Enlightened Ones, the Solar Light, the Central Spiritual Sun, and the Angelic kingdom.  It is through this contact with higher beings that group harmony is maintained and group purpose is served.   Creating ideal relationships with these higher beings is a very important part of living as your soul.  The Will to Unify opens up your vision and ability to sense and work with these higher beings.

Part of the work of all the Enlightened Ones, including those who are transmitting Divine Will, is to guide and assist those who are not yet as evolved.  As you evolve, you will find that you begin to take on a role of guiding, healing, teaching, and assisting those who are not yet as evolved as you have become.  Part of creating ideal relationships is creating your relationship with those who are not as evolved--discovering where you can create a shift, and then doing so.  You will also be learning many lessons around not saving others, waiting to assist until you have been asked, and learning to let go of your expectations and desires for others.  You will be learning how to sense more clearly other people's souls and to assist them in recognizing for themselves what their path is.
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Focus on having the wisdom to only put your energy where others will receive and benefit from it.  Transmit Divine Will to others if you feel drawn to do so, selecting from the seven Wills those you feel will be most useful.  Some of you are already feeling the call to serve others through your teaching, healing, and even through a desire to teach Divine Will to others.

As you worked with the Will to Unify, you increased your ability to sense those who are on the path, including other lightworkers.  Another area in which to create ideal relationships is with others who are on the path.  Transmit Divine Will to everyone who is open to receive it right now, and who is a lightworker as you are.  These inner linkages are setting up an energy space for the outer forms to come about that will serve Divine Will.

You will have an opportunity to transmit to the animal, plant, and mineral kingdom.  Even if it seems as if you are making this up, your connection to Divine Will is very real, and your intention to transmit to other kingdoms will make it happen.  Because you are doing this as a group, the strength and power of your transmission is greater and its effects even more far-reaching.  You are part of helping open the doorway to higher evolution for all life!

Besides sharing your experiences creating ideal relationships with the Enlightened Ones, with other lightworkers, those you are here to assist, and the other kingdoms, you may want to share your experiences in creating ideal relationships with particular people in your life.

As you transmit the seven qualities of Divine Will to everyone in your life or to someone special, note your experiences.  You might look for any new realizations or thoughts, new insights about how you can create more love, an expanded vision of your relationships and their higher purpose in your life, and ways you can release conflicts and limitations and create greater harmony between yourself and others.  You might note any insights about the past, about letting go of past habits and old ways of relating to people, and about new parts of yourself that you are expressing in your relationships.  You might note outer results in your relationships, or there may be no noticeable changes.   

Pay attention to any insights you might have about releasing or transforming your personality desires and expectations for this relationship so you can see, know, and express more of your soul's ideals in this relationship.  You might notice things you have begun to let go of such as the need to save, to be liked, and other personality things that you have used as your motivation.

Play with every interaction you have with others, noticing your expanding heart center. If someone is coming from power struggles with you, lift the energy into your heart center, connect with the Divine Will to Unify or Harmonize, and transmit it to this person. Pay attention and note if there are any changes in your interactions with this person.

At least once, transmit Divine Will to all your relationships simultaneously, not needing to know each person, but simply sending this energy out to everyone you have known in the past, know now, and will know in the future. ~Orin
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