Will 4: The Will to Harmonize
Deepening Intuition

Practice 1 Honoring Your Intuition
Practice 2 Using the Searchlight of Intuition
Practice 3 Making Good Decisions
Practice 4 Releasing Obstacles to Following Your Intuition

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Practice 1 Honoring Your Intuition
What is intuition and how does it operate? Intuition is the ability to know without words, to sense the truth without explanations. Your intuition is not bound by time and space; it receives information from your soul and from the Universal Mind. It synthesizes this information for you, presenting it to you in a flash of knowingness.

Intuition operates in the present moment, coming spontaneously through your thoughts and feelings, showing you the highest and best way to go to unfold the Divine blueprint of your life. It is through listening to and using your intuition that you can know how to harmonize with the greater whole of life, release conflict, and experience the peace and love of your soul. Your intuition points you in the direction of expressing and living your deepest truth.

Intuition bypasses the logical mind with its belief systems, illusions, separative, self-centered thoughts, and limited understanding. Intuition will often show you directions to go that do not seem logical, yet they will work if you trust them and act upon them. Your intuition enables you to take correct action, for you are in touch with the Divine plan of your life, free from distortions, coming directly from the Universal Mind. Buddha taught that intuition, not reason, is the source of ultimate truth and reason. When the conscious mind is quiet, the intuitive mind can be heard.

Intuition can assist you in recognizing patterns in your life, giving you insights into your behavior so you can move out of old, stuck patterns. There may be a moment when something falls into place, and you can put past events into a new perspective. Because intuition enhances your ability to understand deeper truths, it can expand your psychological understanding of yourself and others. Think of a time when you had an "ah ha" moment and discovered something about a behavioral pattern that helped you change your life and find a new way to feel and act.

Intuitive perception is a non-dual way of looking at the universe. What does this mean? One of the primary dualities is object/subject, the sense that you are separate and different from what you are observing. With intuition, you transcend this dual awareness. You can become one with what you are observing, so there is no subject/object. Becoming a part of something rather than feeling separate from it can bring you profound insights into the nature of anything you view in this way.

You can recognize an intuitive insight because it produces greater understanding and thus opens the way for conflict to be resolved into harmony. You may have experienced a difficult situation with someone, filled with disharmony or conflict. Then, seemingly out of nowhere you discovered a new way of looking at the situation that brought you greater understanding. You might have seen the situation from the other person's viewpoint, or thought of a solution that is a win/win for both of you. Intuition talks through your heart and shows you how to resolve conflict. Intuition brings love and understanding. Think of a time when you had a breakthrough in your understanding of someone or a situation, or a change of heart where you felt more loving and released resentment and anger.

You may find you intuitively know how to assist people or know how to empower them. You may intuitively understand what someone is going through without needing to be told. Intuition allows you to know your oneness with others, to have an open heart, and to empathize with them. Remember a time when you intuitively knew how to assist someone, felt empathy for his or her situation, and were able to create a shift in his or her life.

Intuition can come in the form of precognition, a sense or awareness of something that may happen in the future. As you blend with your soul and as you expand your consciousness to include awareness of the unseen worlds, you are connecting with a world beyond time and space. With this connection, you will be able to receive guidance that will lead you to being at the right place at the right time, and avoid those situations that are not for your highest good. Recall a time when you were guided by your intuition to be somewhere, or not do something, and it turned out well. There are many ways your intuition speaks to you. Some of you receive guidance through your dreams; you wake up with answers to your problems and a clearer sense of what to do in some area of your life. Can you remember a time when you were guided by a dream?

Your intuition can show you what to do through physical sensations. You may have experienced an uncomfortable sensation in your stomach or tightness in your body when you thought of doing something, showing you not to take some action you were contemplating. Or perhaps you experienced constant pain, such as headaches and backaches that were trying to speak to you and tell you to change something important about your life. Do you listen to your body when it is speaking to you? Can you bring to mind a time when you did listen to your body and remove yourself from a situation, or take certain actions because of its signals to you?

Sometimes intuition speaks to you through your emotions. You may have a sense of joy and play, and a strong desire to do something, even if it seems indulgent. For instance, you may feel drawn to go to a party or seminar, even though you have many other things to do. When you go, you meet a new friend, or discover a new opportunity that is just right for you, that you would not have known about if you had not gone. Recall a time when you took a chance and did something for the sheer joy and play of it, and it turned out to be a wonderful decision.

Sometimes intuition talks to you through a sense of warning or danger, or a feeling not to do something that has no logical explanation. You may find out later, (or you may never know) why you were getting an inner message not to follow some course of action. Have you avoided something because of an inner feeling not to do it?

Your intuition does not figure things out. Instead, it synthesizes ideas in a flash. It connects you with the world of ideas and brings you answers and insights. Information you seek may drop into your mind when you are least expecting it, whole and complete and ready to put into action. Of course, great ideas are often preceded by intellectual exploration, but the answers that come can bring breakthrough ideas that have always been a part of the Universal Mind, but unknown and undiscovered as yet by yourself or by humanity.

Intuition goes beyond that which is known into the unknown. It may come to you as sudden awareness or illumination that throws light upon a problem and shows you a new way that you, your company, or a group could go. Intuition shows you to the best way to go. It guides you to finding the shortest path to your goal. Remember a time when you were working on something and an answer came to you unbidden containing a new, fresh, creative idea about whatever you were working on? Think of a time when a new idea came to you that felt inspired and showed you a new direction to go.

Intuition can speak to you through pictures. For instance, you may think about going to the store, and a picture of a "Closed" sign may come to your mind. If you ignore this inner picture and go anyway, because you can think of no reason why this store would be closed in the middle of a weekday, you may find that it is closed for some reason you could not have anticipated. As a way to enhance your ability to receive intuitive guidance through mental pictures, practice this. Before you go somewhere or call someone, take time to get quiet, and let a picture come into your mind of whether or not the person is home, or if the store is open, or if the store will have the items you want.

There is spiritual intuition, in which you can know intuitively your oneness with the whole of life. You can receive spiritual revelations about the nature of the universe, the Enlightened Ones and guides, and about the higher realms. All spiritual information is available to you through the use of your spiritual intuition. You have already been developing this type of intuition as you have evoked Divine Will and brought this energy into your life.

How do you develop your intuition? First of all, you need to pay attention to it. Everyone is intuitive; the difference is that some people listen to and act upon their intuition, and others discount it. It is important to acknowledge all the intuitive experiences you have had so you can strengthen your sense of yourself as an intuitive person. This is why you were asked to recall your intuitive experiences as you read. You may talk about and validate your intellectual experiences, however most people do not talk about, acknowledge, or validate their intuitive perceptions. You can develop your intuition by starting to pay attention to it, noting what form it comes in, and heeding it when it comes.

You can also receive intuitive guidance and solutions by meditating on an issue, then asking your subconscious, intuitive mind, and God/Goddess/All-That-Is to assist you in solving a problem. You cannot force an answer nor can you control the timing or form it will come in. However, you are setting the stage for answers to flow back into your mind, since you have asked for them and are focusing on getting them.

Intuition comes from within. To know and follow your intuition requires becoming aware of your thoughts and the flow of your consciousness. Through your soul connection and work with Divine Will, your inner world is becoming more real. You may even be aware of Divine Will energies, your soul, and the beings of light while you are walking, talking, driving, and doing all the things you normally do. This inner awareness strengthens your ability to hear and recognize your intuitive guidance.

The more you listen to your inner guidance, honor it and seek it out, the stronger your intuitive guidance will become, until you feel divinely guided all of the time. With increasing trust in your intuition, you stop struggling, and instead join the flow where things happen more easily. You experience synchronicity, with what you need coming to you just as you need it and sometimes even before you are aware that you need it.

Intuition that you want to follow always has a "right" feeling to it. There will be something to the insight or perception that has a ring of truth. There may be a sense of tranquility, deep knowing, a loving, compassionate feeling, inner confidence, or greater clarity. This feeling sense may be based not on facts or reason; however in some way it will "feel" right. You may go back and forth about doing something you intuitively feel guided to do, until you can create a logical reason to do it, but the reason will follow the intuition rather than be the cause of it.

You have already been developing your intuition through evoking Divine Will. You drew in the Divine blueprint of your life with the Will to Initiate, awakening new awareness. Intuition is the method by which you are guided to follow and create the Divine blueprint of your life from moment to moment.

Another step in developing your intuition is to build a bridge to your soul and awaken your third eye, which you did with the Will to Unify. You looked out at your life through the eyes of your soul. You expanded your awareness to recognize that you are part of a larger whole. Intuition is understanding and love at the highest levels; it is also called Divine Understanding. Intuition involves identification with the whole of life and leads you to actions that bring about the greatest good for all concerned.

You have begun building a bridge between your soul and your mind with the Will to Evolve as you connected with the Universal Mind, awakening your throat center and Alta Major center, creating a link between your soul's mind and your intellectual mind. Intuition comes from the ability to become one with the Universal Mind, and bring its wisdom and knowledge into your brain and intellect.

As you evoked the Will to Harmonize you have been opening your intuition by playing in the plane of intuition. You are harmonizing with all life, with the Divine blueprint of your life, and with the Great Lives of the higher realms. Intuition connects you with the formless worlds, and shows you how to bring the beauty of the higher worlds into your daily life and into all your relationships.

You can develop your intuition by linking with the Will to Harmonize and your soul to turn your third eye into a searchlight that can light up any area, bringing you insights and a deeper understanding of whatever you focus on. Call for energy from the Will to Harmonize, and receive a beam of light from it into your heart center. Let this energy flow from your heart center up to the top of your head, and then down into your third eye, and back to your heart center. This makes a triangle of light, from your heart center to your crown or head center, to your third eye, and back down to your heart center. Let the beautiful light of the Will to Harmonize circulate throughout these three centers, deepening your intuition and expanding your ability to see through the eyes of your soul.

With energy circulating between your heart center, head center, and third eye, picture a beam of light coming out from your third eye like a beacon of light shining out in the darkness. It is becoming like a searchlight, lighting up whatever you focus on with the light of intuition. This light shows you your soul's will and purpose and the Divine blueprint of your life in any area you focus on.Once you practice this and have a good felt-sense of this process, you can learn to set up this searchlight of intuition wherever you are.

As you develop your intuition, intuitive insights at first may come and go. As you continue to meditate, reach upward, build a bridge to your soul and to the Great Ones, you will find the light of intuition shining out with increasing frequency. Gradually the light of intuition will radiate in a continuous stream until you are symbolically "walking" in the light all the time, fully conscious and aware of all the energies about you.

Action Affirmation: I am intuitive. I acknowledge my intuitive perceptions. I am aware at all times of my intuition in all of the ways it speaks to me. My intuitive abilities are increasing to the maximum.
As a way to further acknowledge your intuitive abilities, answer some of the questions asked about your intuitive experiences in writing:

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Practice 2 Using the Searchlight of Intuition
Now that you have learned how to set up the searchlight of intuition, you can learn how to use it to strengthen your intuitive abilities. You can focus this searchlight on any area and it will light up that area, bringing you solutions and answers that will come through your intuition. There are many ways you can use this searchlight of intuition to enhance your life and unfold the Divine blueprint of your life. What follows are suggestions of ways to use the searchlight of intuition as you focus it on various areas.

To set up the searchlight of intuition once again, call upon the Will to Harmonize, letting a shaft of its soft, loving light come into your heart center. Raise this energy from your heart center up to your crown center, then down to your third eye and back to your heart center, forming a triangle of light. Picture light radiating outward through your third eye like a beacon. This searchlight allows you to pierce the veils of illusion, know the real from the unreal, look out into the higher worlds, sense future events, acquire direct knowledge of whatever you focus on, assist you in understanding and knowing your oneness with others, and guide you to unfold the Divine blueprint of your life.

Once you can sense, picture, or imagine this searchlight, next sense that you are your soul, looking out through your third eye as you practiced with the Will to Unify. Imagine that the searchlight of intuition is beaming out from your third eye to whatever area you and your soul focus on. With this set up, you can take the steps to awaken your natural knowingness in many areas of your life.

Once you know how it feels to set up and use this searchlight, you can use it simply by thinking of it. You can picture a bright light shining out from your third eye, radiant with your soul's light and the Will to Harmonize. You can set up your third eye and ability to look out with using the energy of the Will to Harmonize, however this Will energy can greatly enhance and strengthen your ability to receive intuitive insights.

Spiritual Intuition: Spiritual intuition is the ability to acquire direct experience and knowledge of the higher realms, including the Great Ones who transmit Divine Will. You can focus your searchlight of intuition upon your soul, angels, Masters, guides, Enlightened Ones, and God/Goddess/All-That-Is to sense them more deeply. As you turn the searchlight of your intuition upward into the higher realms you can discover the nature of reality, the universal laws, more about energy and light, the plane of intuition, the Universal Mind, the Divine blueprint of your life, and the Divine Plan of humanity.

You do not need either prior knowledge or to use your intellect to discover more about the higher realms. However, intuition can bring you the most information after you have first explored an area with your intellect and have the vocabulary and concepts through which your intuition can speak to you.

If you would like to develop your spiritual intuition and receive more insights about the nature of reality or acquire spiritual knowledge, think of the area you want to know more about. Take time to ponder on all you already know about this area. Perhaps you want to understand more about how to create abundance, how to become magnetic to a group, or to experience God-consciousness. Perhaps you want to know more about your soul, your spirit, or the Divine blueprint of your life. Turn your searchlight onto this area, looking out at this area as your soul, looking through your third eye. See a beacon of light coming out of your third eye, focusing on the area you want to know more about.

After you have done this, you can receive intuitive guidance in many ways. You cannot force intuitive insights, or make them come on a timetable. Information may drop into your mind when you least expect it. You may suddenly have a new understanding of something, or be guided to read a book or hear someone talking that brings you the answers you seek. You may receive a revelation that shows you something about the universe and yourself you were never before aware of.

Intuition to see the underlying cause behind outer events: Turn your searchlight of intuition onto any area you are interested in knowing the underlying cause that is creating the outer condition. You can view personal situations as well as world circumstances and events. Ask to see the inner cause that has led to the outer circumstance. For instance, you might discover that the underlying causes of many world events are feelings of separatism, anger, or hatred. With this insight, you can work on these energies, first by eliminating them from your own life, if you are looking at a world event. You can contribute to the positive energy available that will eventually help transform and heal the underlying cause.

When you view your own life with the searchlight of intuition, you may discover that the underlying cause of a situation is some negative belief or mis perception you have about the nature of reality. Insights may come to you at various times as a sequence of unfolding insights about yourself and your beliefs, or you may have a wonderful "ah ha" moment where something becomes clear and obvious, and that leads to uncovering whatever within you is causing the outer events.

Intuition to dispel illusions and negative beliefs: You may focus the searchlight of intuition on an area of your life that is not working, such as on a relationship, job, circumstance, or any outer event. Ask to see your beliefs about this area, or any illusions and mis perceptions you are holding that can be released that will result in transforming this area. These insights may drop unexpectedly into your mind, giving you a deeper understanding or a clear recognition about the nature of your beliefs or the thoughts you have that are causing unpleasant or undesirable situations.

Intuition for transcending the pairs of opposites: You have learned how to balance the pairs of opposites, so that you are no longer swinging wildly between them. With intuition, you can find a way to transcend the pairs of opposites altogether, finding a new way of looking at things that no longer involves either side. Your mind shows you the two sides and can assist you in bringing balance to them; your intuition shows you another way of looking at things that takes you out of the polarity altogether. Intuition shows you how to transcend the pairs of opposites and find a new way of being. It lifts you above the push/pull, the wanting/not-wanting, and all polarities to a new way of feeling and thinking.

Take a pair of opposites you have discovered, such as rich/poor, diet/binging, or wanting/not-wanting something, and focus your searchlight on this pair of opposites. Ask for intuitive insights about a higher way to view this area. For instance, you may discover that to transcend the polarity of rich/poor, you first stop swinging back and forth between feeling rich and poor. You stop focusing all of your energy and time on how to get money, or on the lack of money and your anxiety and worry about it. You give thanks for what you have, and find peace with the level of abundance you have achieved.

You can next turn the searchlight of intuition onto this area, asking to transcend the rich/poor polarity altogether. As you do, you may find your intuition leading you to focus on finding and manifesting your higher path and life's work. With this new focus, you stop putting everything into the framework of having/not having money and abundance. Instead you begin to focus on questions such as, "What is my true work, and what steps am I taking toward manifesting my higher path?" As you continue to unfold your higher path and bring it into form, one of the by-products becomes an increasing level of prosperity. By your focus on finding and getting out your life's work rather than on, "How do I get more money?" you attract more abundance because you are doing what you love, you are on your path, and living in harmony with Divine Will. You have stopped focusing on the rich/poor polarity and have transcended this duality. You are living and being in a new way, one that focuses on manifesting your higher purpose. This always brings more abundance than when you are caught in the polarity.

For another example, you may be caught in a cycle of dieting and losing weight, then bingeing and gaining weight. As you turn the searchlight of intuition onto this area and give up the battle, you may find that you start focusing on having a healthy, fit body rather than on losing weight. You decide to give up the battle and stop being at war with yourself. With this new focus that transcends the pairs of opposites of diet/binge, your weight normalizes and you feel great. You not only have balanced the pairs of opposites, you have transcended them. 

Intuition for understanding and loving others: Intuition assists you to empathize with others, to better know their heart and their underlying goodness and divinity. You can turn the searchlight of intuition onto any relationship problem or issue, and ask to expand your wisdom and compassion, so you can better understand the other person. Put an image of this person in front of your third eye and shine the searchlight of intuition upon him or her. Become your soul looking out through your third eye at this person.

Sense the soul of the other person and his or her inner beauty and light. If there is an issue between you, shine this light on the issue. Ask for more intuitive insights about this situation. Ask to see the underlying cause for any problems, to recognize any beliefs you have that may be creating it, and any pairs of opposites you are dealing with. Imagine being filled with compassion, love, harmony, and understanding. Afterward, be open to receiving insights about the nature of the situation. If there is any conflict, reaffirm that you are choosing harmony.

You can focus the searchlight of intuition on this relationship to expand your ability to know and create the higher purpose of your relationship. You can ask to have an intuitive awareness of the other person's Divine blueprint and higher path, so you can support them in creating these.

Intuition for new creative solutions: If you are feeling stuck or blocked in some area of your life, you can direct the searchlight of intuition onto this area to gain insights into new possibilities, creative solutions, and ways to proceed that you may not be aware of. Your intuition brings insights that will help you move beyond stuck places, discover the underlying cause of blockages, and assist you in identifying alternatives you may have overlooked.

You can come up with original, fresh, inventive, creative solutions to any problem. Your intuition perceives what is hidden and unknown to you. Your intuition connects you with the vast wisdom, knowledge, and ideas of the Universal Mind. You do not need to figure out how or what to do. Instead you can direct the searchlight of your intuition onto any situation, and let your intuition bring you answers and solutions. You will receive whatever guidance and information is appropriate and helpful. A course of action will be revealed. If you have not yet found a way through, surrender your need to see and control everything with your intellect, and turn this problem over to your intuition, to your soul, and to God/Goddess/All-That-Is.

Intuition for getting breakthrough ideas and knowledge: One use of the intuition is to bring through new knowledge in any field you are working in. This is a wonderful way to use your intuition. It is called mental intuition, using your intuition to bring through mental concepts. Mental intuition is very useful if you are teaching, writing, or seeking information on a topic where you want to bring through new ideas, or find ways to understand difficult or obtuse information. Mental intuition is a way of connecting the Universal Mind with your intellectual mind, bringing them together for insights and breakthrough ideas. Some people use their intuition for inventions, for science, math, or medical breakthroughs.

To develop your mental intuition, first focus on a question, an area of inquiry, or something you specifically want to better understand or receive insights about. Imagine turning the searchlight of your intuition on this question, sending a beam of light to it. You might see your question as if it is written on a blackboard. Your intuition will bring you answers, perhaps through your dreams, imagination, or at a time when you are least expecting it.

Breakthrough insights may first come as pictures and images that you do not understand, just as a dream often conveys information to you in the form of pictures and metaphors. Keep pondering on these pictures and images, until you perceive what they mean. At first there may be no proof of your insights, so do not discard them as fantasy or imagination. Pay attention to the information that comes to you. Remember, great scientific breakthroughs often came from insights that at first were untested and unverified until later.

Your intuition can bring illumination and greater clarity about any area you focus on. The challenge is to not distort the information with your rational mind, but to let the knowledge continue to unfold. Sometimes the answer may be so simple, and come so easily, it may be hard to believe you have the answer you need. Turning to your intellect for information can be slow, hard work, and bring you information that is colored by belief systems, illusions, and misperceptions about the nature of the problem. Learn to use your intuition as the amazing gift it is, bringing you knowledge from the Universal Mind of anything you seek.

Action Affirmation: I turn the searchlight of intuition onto all areas of my life, and transform my life as I do.
Observations: Note which areas you turned the searchlight of intuition on. Review this list in a week or a month, to note any new insights in this area.

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Practice 3 Making Good Decisions
The Will to Harmonize assists you in developing the ability to recognize the many choices that are inherent in every situation. Because its nature is to assist you in harmonizing with and knowing your oneness with all life, it can lead to viewing every situation from so many angles that you can have a hard time deciding what to do. You may be going back and forth, favoring first one path or decision then another, able to see the benefits and drawbacks in every choice. It is important to learn how to handle the ability to see many perspectives at once and to make decisions when there are a number of good choices.

As you evolve, it is usually not a question of choosing between a bad choice and a good choice. You may find that your choices become much more subtle, and you are faced with choosing between good, better, and best.

If you feel unable to make a decision about something because there are so many good choices, or because you cannot tell what is the "right" choice, or if you do not like any of the options available, you can use your intuition to reveal your highest path. You can use your intuitive abilities to discover new solutions so you can move out of stuck places. Your intuition can indicate if it would be better to pause, and take no action. It shows you when to move forward and when to wait.

To receive intuitive guidance, it can be of great value to start by having concrete information about a topic. For instance, if you want to quit your job and follow your inner guidance to start a new business, you will first want to learn more about the new business. You will want to explore financial and inventory requirements and your cash flow needs. You may want to research the industry you are going into, and learn about all the normal steps that are involved in starting a new business. As you gather information and create a financial plan, you may find yourself receiving intuitive guidance and creative ideas that guide you every step of the way. As you gain concrete knowledge of the new business and focus on your new direction, you can experience many productive, intuitive insights that will help you make good decisions when you are confronted with all the choices involved.

If you are not sure of what to do, do not take action just because you feel guilty, pressured, impatient for resolution, or tired of not knowing what to do. Being impatient can lead to making impulsive decisions that later need to be undone. If no clear choice has appeared, you may need more time to think and dream about something. You may need to wait for the highest path emerge and become clearer. Things need to unfold in their own timing. Tell yourself that you are following your intuition that is guiding you to wait. You may need more knowledge and input, the timing may be wrong, or the form you think you want to create may not be the best to express the essence of what you want.

Waiting for clear guidance can be a great challenge. When your intuition is telling you not to do something, or when no clear direction has emerged, do not try to force action. At this point, energy does not want to move in any direction; there is no opportunity in moving forward on any front.

If you do feel impelled to take action without clear guidance to do so, you will always grow and learn from doing so. However, the most efficient way is to wait until you have a sense of what to do, and not take action until the way is clear.

Knowing that you have not made a good decision and changing course is as important as making the right decision. Since it takes more energy and time to get out of a path that is not what you wanted, it is usually better to wait, spend time thinking and pondering, and letting circumstances unfold until you feel ready to make a decision and take action. Not being able to make up your mind can be a sign that you do not yet have the right solution.

Think of something you want to make a decision about. Call upon energy from the Will to Harmonize, letting it come into your heart center and flow up to your head center, then out to your third eye. Imagine your third eye becoming like a searchlight. Turn this searchlight upon the Divine blueprint of your life as it exists in the higher realms, the patterns and energy of your Divine blueprint that you explored earlier. Ask that this blueprint manifest in the area you are focusing on. Then picture the decision you are faced with, and beam light upon this area. This light can become a searchlight that shines out on the area in question, opening your ability to receive intuitive insights about it.

Ask for guidance about this situation. Turn the problem over to your soul and to God/Goddess/All-That-Is, asking for the highest and best solution to appear. Then, pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and even physical sensations. Go toward and take action on whatever calls out to your heart. There is always some action you can take to bring you closer to making a decision if you cannot yet see the highest way to go. That action may be to continue to focus upward and call upon Divine Will. Action may involve simply learning more about the situation, researching it, or acquiring knowledge.

If you do not yet know what decision to make and are still going back and forth, continue to turn the light of intuition on the problem. What opposing forces are involved? What conflicting desires are at work? Are you trying to please someone else, worried about how they might feel, or are you focusing on yourself and what is best for you and your life? Are you attached to a particular outcome, or are you willing to affirm that the highest and best will come to you, even better than you may be picturing and desiring? Call upon your soul to energize your highest path, and to take energy out of any path that is not for your highest and best good.

Try on some of the decisions you need to make, pretending that you have already decided upon a path. Note any feelings in your body as you think of choosing this route. Observe your feelings. Do you feel joyful and excited at making this choice, or does it feel as if you have to make it because you have no alternative? Ask your heart how it feels about this choice. Do you feel drawn to doing it and happy about a choice, or do you feel a sense of relief but not joy? Your body and feelings can tell you much about the direction to go. If you are looking for new choices, pay attention to any new ideas you get about this area that may offer you alternatives that are better than the ones that were apparent.

Stop going back and forth in your mind, for your mind is not the arena that will show you the best way to go. Your answers will come when you get above the mind into the intuition, which sees past, present, and future, knows your soul's will and purpose and your Divine blueprint, and can synthesize all possibilities in a flash and show you the best way to go.

Answers will come. Eventually you will know what to do and your choices will be clear. In the meantime, do not tell yourself that you are unable to make decisions, or that you are indecisive. Tell yourself that you make wise decisions, that you take your time to make them, and that you do not take action until the right action has appeared to take.

Action Affirmations: I make wise decisions. I know when to act and I know when to wait.
What decision are you faced with making right now that you directed the searchlight of your intuition to? Record it and be alert to new insights about this area.

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Practice 4 Releasing Obstacles to Following Your Intuition
Now that you have asked for intuitive insights and guidance, it is important to pay attention and note intuitive guidance when it comes. You strengthen your intuition by listening to it and acting upon it. Most of you have been trained to trust your intellect more than your intuition. When you get an intuitive sense to do something, you may not pay attention if your mind cannot see a reason why. Usually there is no concrete way to prove that following your intuition will work out. Doing so requires trust in yourself and the willingness to take a chance. It is important not to disregard or discount your intuitive insights.

There are many thoughts that pass through your mind. Start paying attention to these streams of thought and observe any new thoughts or insights. In the beginning, insights may come and go, existing for a moment then disappearing. If you note them when they come, even if your intuitive insights are partial or incomplete, they will become more recognizable and come to you more frequently.

There are two ways to use your imagination. One is to use it to make things up, to picture and visualize things, such as the searchlight of your intuition. In this case, you are the one who is controlling the experience. The other is to use your imagination to "watch" or "sense" what is happening as you observe inner events. In the second case, you are not making things up, but watching them happen on the screen of your inner mind. You are not directing or controlling these inner experiences. Intuition is like the second case; it comes into your mind and imagination unbidden. You are not trying to create the insight, nor are you thinking it through. Intuitive thoughts seem as if they come from nowhere and are dropped into your mind. Intuitive insights can appear in your mind as pictures, thoughts, words, and images.

Receiving intuitive insights involves opening up to whatever you are getting, letting it come into your mind, and not trying to shape or control the flow of pictures or information. Intuitive insights may not come in a sequential, linear way. They may come in fragments that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, each one giving you parts of a bigger whole. Sometimes an idea comes to you whole and complete, and at other times the communication is fragmented and partial.

An important aspect of developing your intuition is to release obstacles the veil or cover your awareness of it. What are some of the things that block you from following your intuition? Your logical mind can be one of the greatest blocks, for it usually wants concrete reasons and proof that things will work out before taking action. Taking action on a hunch or moving forward with a vague feeling or a sense of rightness can feel like jumping off a cliff to your logical mind. Yet, when your intuition speaks to you, it is often through a feeling-sense, a picture or image, or even a dream.

Most of the time your intuition is operating in the present moment, showing you the next steps but not the complete picture. Intuitive guidance is often about the immediate future, conveying information or a feeling-sense of what to do in the present. It takes courage to move forward without knowing exactly where you are going. It helps to remember the times when you have followed a vague hunch and things turned out well. The qualities of trust and surrender are very important. You will only gain trust in your intuition by listening to it, taking action based on it, and learning as you go. If things do not turn out well or as you expected, it is important to go back and review your original impulse and ask yourself some important questions.

One thing to review, if the results of following your intuition are different than you wanted, did you desire and want a specific outcome? Whatever you are attached to will pull you to one side of the opposing forces. Whatever you resist you draw to you, for it is also a form of attachment to "not-having." When you are attached to having things turn out a certain way you block your intuition. Often what you consider intuitive guidance, in the case of a strong desire for a specific result, can instead be wishful thinking or worry that something will happen you do not want to experience.

How do you know if what you are receiving is your intuition, or simply a strong desire to do something? You will need to release any attachment you have to a specific outcome to trust in the validity of your intuitive insights. Believe that the universe will bring you the highest and best results. With detachment, you can pay attention and act upon insights, because you are more open to them. If you want specific results, you will only look for and follow hunches that you think will lead you to the specific results you seek. You may completely ignore inner guidance that seems to lead you in other directions, censoring or invalidating anything except the inner messages you want to hear. Strong desire for a particular outcome will always be a louder voice than the voice of your intuition.

If you are trying to intuitively determine if something will or will not happen, it is important to be detached. You need to trust that the highest and best will come about. The more you want something to happen, the less you are able to know if what you are intuiting is your fear or desire. Both interfere with receiving intuitive insights, as do any strong emotions.

Other people can make it challenging to trust your intuition over their opinions and advice. They may want you to back up your intuition with logical explanations as to why you are doing something, or why they should follow along. Intuitive guidance does not usually come with logical explanations. You may find yourself making up reasons to convince someone. Your made-up reasons may or may not be convincing, and they may or may not be the real reason for your intuitive sense to do something. When challenged as to why you or someone else should trust your intuitive guidance, learn to say something such as, "Because it feels like the right thing to do." You do not owe people explanations!

You may have been taught that other people know more than you do about the right things to do. To follow your intuition, you may need to stop making other people the authority of what is right for you. Letting others make decisions about what is good for you, even when their decisions go against your inner guidance, is a way of turning over your power to them. It is often easier to let others try and fail, and to blame them, rather than putting yourself on the line, taking a risk and acting on your intuition.

It is important to stop trying to please people by acting the way they want you to when doing something goes against your sense of what is right to do. Trying to live up to other people's expectations, or being afraid of letting them down may stop you from acting on your feelings. It doesn't matter if following your intuition brings about the best possible outcome. What is important is that you need to learn from your successes and your mistakes to trust in yourself and be the captain of your own life. It is by listening to and acting upon your intuition that you learn and grow and develop a stronger trust in your inner self and guidance.

Your memories can also work against trusting in and following your intuition. For instance, if you remember when you followed your guidance and things did not work out, it may stop you from following current guidance you are receiving. It is important to listen to and accept your intuitive knowingness and learn not to discount, ignore, or disregard it.

Most cultures do not readily accept a feeling or hunch as a valid reason for taking action, however this is changing. Most people are taught to suppress their feelings and impulses. They are taught not to take a risk until they have thought out all possible outcomes and consequences. People are taught to follow certain rules of behavior and to do what is expected.

To develop your intuition to the fullest, you will need to be comfortable in going against the grain and being unconventional. People who are able to most use their intuition and base their lives upon it are self-confident and enjoy taking risks. They are willing to risk being wrong, and are able to accept that others don't always believe in or agree with them. They are able to take criticism and are not put off course by other people's judgments. They are independent, able to be spontaneous, and comfortable with themselves. They do not seek the approval of others or their social group, and are willing to be different.

To become an intuitive person it is important to think of yourself as an intuitive person. Most people are in touch with their rational, intellectual mind, however they do not readily picture themselves as intuitive. Do you find it difficult to say, "I am an intuitive person. I trust and follow my intuition?" Or, is it easier to say, "I am a rational person, I trust and follow my rational mind?" It is important that you value both; your intuition that is guiding you to unfold the Divine blueprint of your life, and is focused on the formless worlds, as well as your mind that accurately interprets your intuition and carries out its guidance in the world of form.

If you have trouble trusting or valuing your intuitive perceptions, work with any subpersonalities that feel this way. Perhaps they want to protect you, or keep you from doing things that are too risky. It is important to identify these voices of disbelief as subpersonalities and work with them. Once they are working with you, you will be much more able to hear and follow your intuition without fear and resistance.

When you follow your intuitive feelings things usually work out well, although not always in the way you expect them to. Your inner guidance is always showing you your path, leading you to aliveness and growth. Although things may not turn out as expected, for people always want things to turn out perfectly and easily, your intuition leads you to learning what you need to learn, even if this is sometimes the opposite of what you expected.

When you detach from results, take a leap of faith, and follow your intuition, you can feel divinely guided from moment to moment. You are in the flow of life, accepting what comes, learning, growing, and embracing your aliveness. You are in the right place at right time, doing the right thing. Synchronistic events become common. You have a sense of your soul and Divine Will at work in your life.

For this practice, identify a few important reasons you have not followed your intuition in the past. Turn these into affirmations. For instance, if you have not followed your intuition because you trusted someone else's opinion more than your own, turn this into an affirmation such as, "I now trust my intuition over the opinions of others." Or, if you have not followed your intuition because you cannot seem to find any logical reason for taking some indicated action, you might affirm, "I now act upon my intuitive guidance, I trust it to guide me to the right actions and to my highest future."

Action Affirmation: I now release all blockages to my intuition, past, present, and future. I hear my intuition and I follow it. I trust my intuitive perceptions over other people's opinions.
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