Will 6: The Will to Cause
Embodying High Ideals

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General Information on the Will to Cause
Contacting the Will to Cause
Ideas for working with the Will to Cause

The Will to Cause
The Will to Cause is a powerful quality of Divine Will that you can draw into your life to clear and purify your emotions, to reject lesser desires that keep you from being on an upward spiral. It assists you in having endurance and fearlessness, the power to detach, and the ability to transcend your personality so that your Divine Self can unfold.

This quality of Divine Will shifts the cause of manifestation, actions, thoughts, and creative urges from personality desires to the ideals of your soul and spirit. Your ideals, and thus your actions, thoughts, and creative endeavors become reflections of the great light of your true Self. Then, all that you do brings you freedom, joy, and fulfillment rather than suffering or pain.

Greatly Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth with this Will
The 6th Ray Lord is also called the Ray Lord of Idealism and Devotion. You can work with the Will to Cause to deepen your devotion to living by spiritual principles and thus experience more peace and harmony in your life. The Will to Cause helps you to turn upward toward the light with a more one-pointed focus on your spiritual unfoldment, greatly accelerating your spiritual growth. You can call upon this Will to sense your soul's goals for your life, and to know what to create that reflects your soul's vision and the Divine blueprint of your life.

Increase Spiritual Qualities to Uplift You and Release Pain and Suffering
Linking with the Will to Cause can assist you in strengthening qualities such as one-pointedness, receptivity to spiritual guidance, optimism, hope, enthusiasm, and self-esteem. Other spiritual qualities that this Will can bring are purity, perfection, serenity, detachment, spiritual presence, devotion, peace, and humility. It brings the energy that assists you in realizing greater love, compassion, intuition, tolerance, and reverence. It brings the power to inspire and to transcend all that stands in the way of your realization of your true Self. As you experience more of these qualities, you will find your life richer in every way.

This quality of Divine Will assists you in releasing the fogs and mists of attachments, desires, anger, fear, anxiety, and other emotions that veil the light of your true Self. Doubt, ambiguity, and confusion are eliminated. You can dissolve the "should"s" and "have to's" that come from old, outdated beliefs and ideals.

Calling upon and linking with this quality of Divine Will enhances self-confidence, clarity, and vision. You can move out of stuck places more easily, discover your deepest soul urges, your dreams and higher purpose, and have the inspiration and energy to create them. You experience a more harmonious, peaceful life. Your future visions, ideas, and thoughts uplift you and reveal the truth. You begin to know that you are beautiful and perfect just as you are, and that there are no mistakes, just learning and growth.

Desire Spiritual Goals and Qualities over Material Ones
As your consciousness expands with the Will to Cause, you realize that there is more to life than fulfilling material desires. As you evolve under this Will, your desires are no longer directed toward fulfilling material goals, but instead into desiring spiritual goals and qualities.

Even though at first it may seem as if focusing on spiritual values and the spiritual world should come after you are successful and prosperous in the material world, it is through developing spiritual values and focusing on living a soul life that draws all good things to you. With a spiritual focus, money, prosperity, property, and other riches of the material world appear in your life; however, you are no longer attached to having them, and you will not be bound or trapped by them. It is the freedom from attachment to having them that allows material riches to bring you joy and be a source of light and good for you and for the world.

With increasing awareness and expanded inner vision, you will view all material success, goods, and abundance as part of the infinite abundance of the universe, always available, easily manifested and effortlessly released, and as a tool to assist you in your spiritual growth and in your ability to serve humanity through your work in the world.

Enjoy the Rewards of Spiritual Growth
Under the impulse of the Will to Cause, you begin to seek the rewards of spiritual growth and spiritual experiences, because you know how much value they bring into your life. You seek and receive expansions of your consciousness, new perspectives and insights, vision of the unseen worlds, contact with the beings of light and Enlightened Ones, the ability to lift others, to transmit light and energy, and to make a difference in the world. You realize how wonderful it is to experience love, joy, flow, and harmony as you attune yourself upward to your soul and spirit and to the higher forces of the universe.

As you become oriented toward the light of your innermost Self, toward the light of higher consciousness, your sense of purpose and ability to add light to the world increases. You realize that you no longer have to work hard to transform your emotions, to reach upward, or to draw to you the resources you need. You learn how to do all these things by the radiation of your spiritual light and love. Things come to you when you need them; the perfect people appear in your life. You realize that all outer events are based on inner causes, and you expand your consciousness so you can work in the world of cause to create outer results.

The Highest Light Controls
The words of power for this quality of Divine Will are, "The highest light controls." Say this and know that there is a highest light and attune yourself to it. Eventually the highest light guiding you will become your soul, with its love, oneness, purpose, flow, harmony, and beauty. As you evolve, the highest light guiding you will be spirit, the Presence, God/Goddess/All-That-Is.

As you ask to come under the direction of the highest light, you are surrendering personality control to a higher part of yourself. You are asking your soul and spirit to go out ahead of you and clear the path, to show you the way, and to bring all the opportunities to you that you need to grow and evolve. You accept and know that all is well, the universe is working for and with you, and that you are beautiful and perfect just as you are. You come to know that there is no separation between you, your soul, and spirit. You know that you are your soul, you are spirit itself.

You are the Seeker and the Sought
As you progress, eventually you stop seeking, desiring, or aspiring to anything. You are the seeker and the sought. You become aware that you are everything. Because you know that you are your soul, you no longer desire to become it. You know yourself as an individual, yet you are aware of your oneness with God/Goddess/All-That-Is. Your spiritual journey reaches a new stage of awareness. Desire, even for spiritual growth, ceases altogether. You know that there is nothing to desire, because you yourself are All-That-Is and part of the infinite flow of the consciousness and love of the universe.
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Contacting the Will to Cause
You are ready to connect with the Great One who is transmitting the Will to Cause, and use this wonderful energy to better express the energy of your soul and spirit in every area of your life. Deepen your devotion to living your spiritual principles and to expressing higher values

  1. Start by relaxing your body and calming your emotions. Let go of any thoughts about what you need to do today. This is time for you. Affirm that your spiritual growth is important and a priority in your life. It is the greatest gift you give to others as well.
  2. Prepare to receive the Will to Cause by asking: "Am I ready to open to this magnificent quality of Divine Will that will assist me in transforming my emotions, desires, and personality ideals into the love, goals, and ideals of my soul? Am I ready to strengthen the qualities of my consciousness by becoming more receptive to spiritual guidance, more optimistic, enthusiastic, self-confident, one-pointed, devoted, loyal, and fearless? Am I ready for a new level of purity, serenity, detachment, spiritual presence, devotion, peace, and humility? Am I ready to realize greater love, compassion, intuition, tolerance, and reverence?
  3. When you feel ready, call upon and blend with your soul. Feel its loving presence. Ask your soul, as you blend with it, to revitalize and rejuvenate you at every level, for it has the power to do this. Dedicate your personality to your soul, and feel your soul accepting this dedication. Affirm that you are ready to expand your vision and become more aware of your soul's aspirations and goals.
  4. Using your imagination, sense the souls of others who are connecting with the Great Ones transmitting Divine Will. If you would like, join with the group call to the Great One who transmits the Will to Cause.
  5. The Great Life who embodies the Will to Cause always responds to your call, and does so now. Imagine that you are standing in a beautiful, luminous light. Sense this Great Life and the pure, beautiful light of love, grace, and beauty it transmits. This light has the power to lift you to new spiritual heights, out of the density of earth and material concerns into God's light.
  6. There is amazing power in this light that can free you from stuck emotions and desires for things that are of a lesser nature. Be open and receptive, allowing this beautiful light to surround you with love. As you relax and merge completely with this radiant light, let it lift you out of material concerns and up into a higher world of light, beauty, peace, and joy.
  7. Receive light from the Will to Cause into your heart center located in your aura in an area around your heart. Imagine your heart center is becoming like a sun of light, increasingly beautiful and radiant with light. It is as if your inner most being, the light within you, is ignited in some new way. You are becoming more aware of this highest light within you that is you, the true, Divine, authentic Self. Each time you call upon this quality of Will, imagine that your inner light is becoming more visible, brilliant, and is becoming more radiatory.
  8. This is the quality of Divine Will that lifts solar plexus energy up to your heart center to transform personality desires into those of your your soul and spirit. Imagine that your heart center becomes so magnetic that it is drawing energy from your solar plexus center up to your heart center, transforming your desires and emotions into a higher vibration.
  9. As you receive this energy from the Will to Cause, it stimulates your urge to turn upward to your soul, to spirit, to Divine Will, and to the Enlightened Ones. It creates an alignment with the Divine plan of your life. It attunes you to your own divinity, to the highest and best within you. It opens your awareness of light and focuses this awareness on increasingly higher sources of light.
  10. Every time you call upon the Will to Cause, think this thought, "The highest light controls." (If you would like to substitute another word for "controls," such as "guides," feel free to do so. However, you may want to first reflect on what the word "controls" means in its higher sense and what words might be substituted that clarify this inner meaning.) Feel this highest light guiding and directing your life, knowing that this highest light is YOU, and that the highest, wisest, and most loving part of you is directing your life.


You have begun your journey of transforming with the Will to Cause. Become more familiar with this wonderful energy. Call upon the Will to Cause as often as you can remember to do so, including times when you feel you are being too affected by the outer world, are feeling emotions you want to change, or want to find a higher way to view any situation you are in. Become familiar with the beautiful light of the Will to Cause that can help you better connect with your soul and spirit and to know your Divinity. Play with standing in its light and drawing it into your heart center. Notice what changes as it assists you in lifting your thoughts and feelings to a higher octave.

Observe as you play with this energy, and note what shifts in your life, in your thoughts, emotions, or perceptions of yourself and your life. Be inventive and creative and use this in a number of situations, to learn more about how this works.

Ideas for Working with the Will to Cause
Let the Will to Cause peel away the layers of energy that cover your inner light, so you can sense your soul's light, the light of spirit, and know yourself to be this highest light. Call upon it often, and let its radiance shine through your heart center and through your entire being. Become this great light within you, knowing this radiant inner light as who you are, your true authentic Self.

When you want to know what to create that reflects your soul's goals for your life, call upon this Will. Allow your soul's dreams, creative abilities, aspirations, and goals to become visible to you. Open to what your soul wants to give you - far more than anything your personality can even imagine from its more limited perspective.  Be open to the new, fresh ideas that will then come into your mind, calling upon the Will to Cause to bring you the courage, persistence, one-pointedness, and fearlessness to manifest these ideas.

Deepen your commitment to let go of creating goals that come from personality motivations, such as the desire to be loved, popular, famous, or other personality goals. These will never bring you joy, for they are transitory and will not fulfill you for long.

Be willing to let go at an even deeper level of what you have thought you needed in your life including past paths, desires, and directions that no longer support you or seem appealing. As you call upon this Will, follow your heart and go where there is energy and flow for you. Do what you feel called to do with your life, even if it seems impossible or impractical, even if other people think you shouldn't do it. Whatever your heart is leading you to is the next step on your higher path.
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Change a Situation With the Will to Cause
If you are in a situation you want to change, affirm to yourself that "the highest light controls" as you call the Will to Cause into your heart center. Allow for guidance and energy to come to you from the highest light within, the light of your soul, spirit, and God-consciousness. This quality of Will increases your ability to hear the still, quiet voice of your intuition by releasing those emotions such as fear that make it hard to hear.

Release the Causes of Suffering
If you are suffering, call upon the Will to Cause. Ask to see what ideals you have been serving that are coming from your personality in the area where there is struggle or suffering.  Ask, "Is there anything I am striving for or have created in this area that is not bringing me true joy?" Examine if you are following a personality goal, desire, or ideal rather than a soul desire or ideal in this area of your life.  You can know you are following spiritual ideals by the results - if things become worse, if there is increased tension, or if the people you are trying to help get worse or reject your help - this may be a sign that you are following a personality desire.  If the outcome brings more harmony, clarity, peace, joy and so on, then you are following your higher ideals with your actions, words, and thoughts.

Take time to examine the underlying ideal you are serving in any area of your life that is not working as well as you would like. An example of personality ideals that will not bring you true joy would be striving to live and act out some image you have of a spiritual person, (being good all the time, and criticizing yourself when you are not perfect) spiritual ambition, (pushing yourself to grow to the point where you are exhausted, growing faster than is comfortable for you) or things such as trying to make everyone happy, to be a perfect person, to always be strong, to be in control, or to gain popularity or fame.  Actions that are motivated by fear, guilt, obligation, or the desire to avoid pain will also lead to suffering, for these are personality motivations and not your soul's aspirations or ideals. 

Connect with the Will to Cause and ask that these personality desires transform into the ideals of your soul. It may be that you need to let others have their lessons and not try to save them.  You may need to set boundaries and learn to say "no."  You may need to release the need to create abundance to feel good about yourself, or to prove your worth to someone.  What you create when you act from these ideals will not bring you the joy, love, and peace that you seek.  When your creative endeavors are motivated by spiritual ideals as following your joy, coming from your heart, serving others, adding light, and following your soul's ideals, what you create will always lift you and others higher. 

Release Thoughts, Emotions, and Old Patterns That Do Not Serve You
Working with this quality of Will can bring up emotions. As your personality ideals are replaced with your soul's ideals, what you are attached to may come up for you to look at and release. You may be challenged to let go of old patterns, thoughts, and feelings that do not serve you.  Sometimes there can be a feeling of loss even when the beliefs and ideals that are leaving caused you pain.  This is the quality of Will that will assist you in becoming more detached and in letting go of those things that cause you pain, such as situations, people, thoughts, and emotions.

Call upon this Will to assist you in lifting the fogs and mists of your emotions of anxiety, doubt, guilt, pain, fear, anger, self-pity, and so on. Ask for this Will to assist you to recognize any false loyalties, inappropriate desires, or other glamours and illusions that are causing you pain. The Will to Cause is very powerful in transforming your emotional body into a higher vibration.

Connect With the Will to Cause to Enhance Spiritual Qualities
Connecting with this Will deepens spiritual qualities such as receptivity to spiritual guidance, optimism, enthusiasm, self-confidence, one-pointed focus, devotion, loyalty, purity, serenity, harmony, peace, spiritual presence, humility, detachment, courage and fearlessness, Link with this Will to realize greater love, compassion, intuition, tolerance, and reverence. As you increase your experience of these spiritual qualities you greatly accelerate your evolution and can experience greater peace, harmony, and well-being in every area of your life.

Draw in This Will to Love Yourself and to Expand Your Views
Watch any tendency to excess, overdoing, or too much emotions.  Observe if you are being a martyr, putting yourself down, or being too narrowly focused or rigid on issues.  This is the Will of the dreamer and visionary - both those who live in a world of dreams, and those who can manifest their dreams.  Notice if you need to become more practical with your dreams, or if you need to dream more! Call upon this quality of Will to love yourself more, to expand your views, and to stop trying to save everyone at the expense of your own well-being.

Become More One-Pointed and Devoted to Your Spiritual Unfoldment
One of the qualities of this Will includes devotion.  It is important to be devoted to the right people, ideals, and things.  Misplaced devotion - such as devotion to making money, to certain people, or to ideals that no longer serve you can be replaced with devotion to those ideals of your soul–loving, serving, radiating light, joy, peace, and so on that serve to lift you and others higher.  Observe what you are devoted to, and ask yourself if these things are leading to more light in your life. Call upon the Will to Cause to assist you in becoming devoted to the realization of Self and to unfolding your highest potential in this lifetime.  

Devotion leads to self-sacrifice; it is important to examine what ideals you are sacrificing yourself to.  For instance, doing things out of a sense of guilt, duty, obligation, and so on is based on a personality concept of sacrifice. Your soul does not want you to suffer!  It doesn't ask for you to give up your aliveness for anyone or anything.  Use this Will to strengthen your ability to become devoted and loyal to your soul and its goals, to do what is good for you, and to follow your heart. 

Let the Best Within You Shine Forth
Enjoy this Will!  Let all the finest and best that is within you shine forth as you play with this Will.  Let your ideals of love, forgiveness, compassion, (for self and others) and other higher motivations become the theme of your life.  You are truly a noble being - let your nobility shine without any expectation of results, and without needing any recognition or reward for offering your highest and best.  Make a commitment to express the highest and best within you no matter what happens.  Find the strength that you offer each other as you join together as a group to rise to a new level of conscious loving, living, and being.
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