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People experience amazing changes in their lives as they studied Divine Will. Read people's comments about what they experienced.

You are invited to transform your life with Divine Will
Join Orin, Sanaya, and all who are studying the 7 qualities of Divine Will to transform their lives. You can listen to any of the Divine Will courses you have. Go here for information about all of Orin's Divine Will courses, including how the various Divine Will courses work together.

Your participation is important!
If you participate in the Divine Will study group, Orin asks that you assist him and the beings of light in anchoring the seven qualities of Divine Will into the earth plane by drawing them in and using them in your life. It is through your calling upon Divine Will and using it in your life that the channel can be opened for others to align their lives with Divine Will. As you link with Divine Will, you become a transmitter of it to all life. You open an energetic doorway to Divine Will for all those who are in resonance with you and who would benefit from taking this step.

Orin is watching over everyone in this group on the inner planes, as well as all of the guides who are involved in bringing Divine Will to humanity. (They are watching you as energy and light, they are not observing your personality life or your daily thoughts.) Orin says to imagine that we as a group are collectively moving into the center where the Will of divine Presence, Spirit, the One Life, can be experienced and known. From that center of Divine Will we stand firmly in the light of divine Will, our consciousness turned upward. We then also focus our consciousness outward into the world, to transmit and radiate Divine Will to all life.

Orin's Divine Will Study Schedule for Transforming Your Life with Divine Will (MM050)
Feel free to join us at any time. If you are new to the Divine Will Study Group, start with the preparatory information available in the Study Group Preparatory page, then join in whatever quality is being studied as per the schedule below.

Along with other energies, Orin will be holding and transmitting various Divine Will energies each month.  Additionally, you can call upon these qualities of Divine Will at any time as you are working with the course.  You can study at any pace, and start at any time.  This schedule is for Orin's Transforming Your Life with Divine Will audio course. Visit the links next to the dates below for more information about each quality of Divine Will that can be used in addition to the meditations, or without the audio journeys if you do not yet own the course.

January After reading the Preparatory information page, start by listening to Program 1 and 2 from Orin' Transforming Your Life with Divine Will course.
February Listen to The Will to Initiate
March Listen to The Will to Unify
April Listen to The Will to Evolve
May Listen to The Will to Harmonize
June Listen to The Will to Act
July Listen to The Will to Cause
August Listen to The Will to Express
September Listen to Manifesting with Divine Will
October Listen to Creating Ideal Relationships
November Listen to Transmitting Divine Will
December Continue with Transmitting Divine Will
December 31 Join us in a World Peace Meditation (Free Orin journeys are available for you to listen to, and more.)

Study Schedule for Living a Soul Life with Divine Will (MM060)
This is the study schedule for Orin's Part 2: Living a Soul Life.  Visit this link to read more information that summarizes the journeys, that can assist you in creating a soul life with Divine Will.

January Listen to Becoming Your Soul
February Listen to Awakening Divine Love
March Listen to Strengthening Self-Love
April Listen to Transforming Your Emotions
May Listen to Illuminating Your Mind
June Listen to Knowing Your Life Purpose
July Listen to Increasing Abundance
August Listen to Receiving Clear Inner Guidance
September Listen to Expanding Your Creativity
October Listen to Evolving Your Body
November Listen to Creating a Supportive Environment
December Listen to Living a Soul Life
December 31 Join us in a World Peace Meditation (Free Orin journeys are available for you to listen to, and more)

Orin's Divine Will Study GroupGeneral Study Group Information
If you participate in the Divine Will study group, Orin asks that you assist him and the beings of light in anchoring the 7 qualities of Divine Will into the earth plane by connecting with them in and using them in your life.

What if I start after group has begun?  Do I need to follow the group schedule?
If you are starting this course after the group has begun, you can study and work with the quality of Divine Will that everyone is working with.  You can be successful in connecting with these seven qualities of Divine Will at any time, and learn them in any order. You can receive the benefits of Divine Will whether or not you follow the group schedule, for we are forming a group light that goes out into time, and that is strengthened by each person who joins.

Pace of study
You may spend as long as you want working with each quality of Divine Will.  You can work with any of the areas you are drawn to, in or out of sequence.  It is our vision that this study group will help anchor the Divine Will qualities onto the earth plane.

Do I need to own Orin's Transforming Your Life with Divine Will (MM050) audio course? 
While the audio journeys are not required, you can get more out of this Divine Will study group if you listen to Orin's audio journeys from the Transforming Your Life with Divine Will (MM050) audio course. Orin's journeys, with his direct audio transmission of Divine Will energy, should assist you in deepening your experience of Divine Will. If you do not have the course journeys, you are welcome to participate in this study group by reading and following the free online information that is posted for each Will quality.

There is a manual that comes with the audio course that contains information about each quality of Divine Will to assist you. You can also play your journeys for others and have your own Divine Will classes. Read and enjoy the preparatory practices and set your goals for the course. The audio journeys and online information provide a common experience, and also give instructions for linking with Divine Will and bringing it into your life.  As you work with Divine Will you will discover for yourself more ways to draw it into your life and work with this incredible, powerful force. 

Please Note
For those of you who are eager to get Orin's Divine Will material out right now, please do not print out and distribute the Divine Will information, (except for your live classes) or make it available commercially or in a book or audio format. This is not the right time for the information on Divine Will to become more widely available! Orin says that before his books on Divine Will are released, the energy must be set up on the inner planes, with enough people holding the energy of Divine Will, so that there will be a solid foundation when many more people begin tuning in to these energies. The information will continue to be changed and refined, and new ones will be posted as all of you work together to bring Divine Will into your lives, and become transmitters of it to all life.

Until there is enough energy on the inner planes it is not possible to put the books out in a form that will most serve humanity at this time and into the future. To have the strongest impact, and reach people who can most use these energies, Orin and the guides are carefully guiding our group effort, and watching the energy set up. There is a preferred time for the books to come out, when the energy is set, when the star energies are in their right place, and when other events have happened to prepare more people for this work.

Orin says that right now he cannot tell when the energy will be ready. This depends upon the progress of the group and the depth to which Orin can go in his transmission and study. In the meantime, thank you for the wonderful work you are doing of opening a doorway for humanity to align with and live the Divine Plan of their lives and of the universe as you link with Divine Will and bring it into your lives. All information is copyrighted and you may not reproduce it without permission.

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