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Join Orin, Sanaya, and all who are studying the seven qualities of Divine Will to transform their lives. This information assumes that you are working with Orin's Divine Will: Living a Soul Life audio course Program 4, Transforming Your Emotions.   See links at bottom of page for more Divine Will links and information.

You can join the Divine Will study group, and contact Divine Will with or without using Orin's audio course. However, you may get the greatest shift from using both the audio course in addition to the online written material that follows.

Greetings from Orin

In this journey you will work with the 7 qualities of Divine Will to transform your emotional body, to create flowing emotions, to love your emotions, and to evolve them. Your emotions can be calm and flowing, creating an ability to have clear thoughts, and to better reflect and sense the light of your soul in your words, actions, and thoughts.

In this journey you will draw in Divine Will and transmit it to your emotional body to purify it and to turn it into a field of love.  Start by drawing in the Will to Initiate, the Will that can bring about new awareness of your emotions and how to work with them to transform them into flowing emotions and peaceful emotions.  

Work with the Will to Initiate to purify your emotional body and to release lower energies -- such as those you have taken on from others--energies that do not fit the light that you are becoming. This fiery Will of purification can burn away lower energies until there is nothing left but light, beauty, and radiance.  You can imagine your emotional body as a field of light and energy that surrounds you.  As you work with the Will to Initiate, picture your emotional body as being purified, cleansed, and brought into greater alignment with Divine Will. Observe and write about any new feelings, experiences, or insights as you work with this and all of the following Wills to transform your emotional body.  

Connect with the Will to Unify to absorb qualities of love and unity.  As you connect with the Will to Unify, your emotional body gains clarity and beauty as it becomes radiant with love and serene inner peace.  Work with it to grow closer to your soul and to feel your soul's emotions of peace, joy, and love.  

Link with the Will to Evolve to evolve your emotional body.  This Will stimulates the use of your creative mind to evolve your emotions.  Let yourself become aware of new, creative ways to work with your emotions to evolve them into love.  Lift energies from your solar plexus center, the seat of emotions, into your heart center whenever you feel turbulence or negative emotions.  

As you draw in the Will to Harmonize notice where you can release limitations, struggle, and resistance, and then find the middle way between the highs and the lows, and the ups and the downs.  This is one of the most important qualities of Will to assist you in transforming your emotional body, to achieve balance between the dualities of feeling up and feeling down, of feeling good and feeling bad.  Work with the Will to Harmonize to stay detached, to observe your emotions, and to know that you are not your emotions.  You are the greater self, you are a soul.  

Work with the Will to Harmonize to release conflict.  Direct this Will to areas of conflict or drama to create more beauty and harmony in these areas and to feel the serenity and peace of your soul.  Use this Will whenever you want to find the peaceful middle way, to pull out of duality, and to observe and detach from your emotions so that they can begin to flow.    

As you experience the Will to Act, let it pour into your mind so that you can think clearly, stay detached, and find the highest thoughts about any situations that reflect the wisdom of your soul.  Let that brilliant light of your mind, energized with the Will to Act, dissipate negative emotions, fear-based emotions, doubts, pride, separative feelings, and feelings that make you feel bad about yourself.  Imagine that the light of your mind illumined with your soul's light is so bright that the fogs and mists of negative emotions are dissipating.  Just as the sun dissipates the fog, the light of your mind illumined by your soul and the Will to Act dissipates the fog of emotions.
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You can call upon the Will to Cause to increase your ability to desire the things your soul desires, and to release your personality desires.  Draw this Will into your Ajna center, your 6th chakra, the center of soul vision, located between your eyebrows.  

Draw in the Will to Express so that you can express loving, calm, and flowing emotions in your daily life.  This 7th quality of Will can connect you with tiny angelic beings, called devas, who can assist you in purifying and refining your emotions.  The rose colored angelic beings bring love.  Others bring in the color of green, of rejuvenation and new life.  The gold and white angels pour their light into you, healing you and lifting you higher. 

While all 7 qualities of Will can assist you to transform your emotions, the Will to Unify, Harmonize, and Cause are the most important to work with.  You now have the tools to stay calm and serene, and to not be affected by the emotions of others.  Inner peace is yours as you transform your emotional body. 

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Note:  Revised eBook is updated, however the information is essentially the same as in the printed book.
Note:  If you have purchased the revised eBook edition since June, 2011, you have the latest edition.
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