Will 5: The Will to Act
Achieving Liberation

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General Information on the Will to Act
The Will to Act, the 5th quality of Divine Will stimulates the act of creating an illumined mind with thoughts that can correctly interpret and carry out your intuitive awareness, and guide you to right action and to your liberation from the world of form. You can create the reality you want, rather than feeling at the effect of mass consciousness, inappropriate beliefs and thoughts, and illusions.

Practice the Will to Act with the following Orin Exercises
Practice 1 Creating a Beautiful Mental Aura
Practice 2 Taking Emotions out of Thoughts
Practice 3 The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth
Practice 4 Creating and Sustaining a Liberating Thought

Formulate clear thoughts filled with light
You can call upon this Will, also known as the "Door into the Mind of God" to formulate clear, concise thoughts that are filled with light, infused with intention, and that reflect divine Purpose, divine Love, and divine Ideas. These are thoughts that assist you in unfolding the Divine blueprint of your life and lead you higher on your path of evolution. Illumined thoughts act as messengers of light, bringing light to everyone, to all life, and of course to you as well.

Link your mind with your higher mind and the Universal Mind
The Great One who transmits the Will to Act facilitates the linking of the Universal Mind, your abstract mind, and your rational mind. For this reason this Great Life is also called the 3 fold thinker. With this Will, the "3 minds unite." I will refer to your abstract mind also as your "higher mind" or your "soul's mind." I will refer to your rational mind also as your mind, "the logical or concrete mind," or "intellect." I will refer to the 3 minds united as the "illumined Mind" and thoughts that come from the 3 minds united as "illumined" thoughts. When you connect your concrete mind and abstract mind together with the Universal Mind, your mind fulfills its purpose of being a channel for the pure inflow of higher mind energy, allowing your personality to become a clear channel for Divine Will.

Let your mind become a clear channel and a transmitter of the Universal Mind
As the 3 minds unite, you can think more clearly and objectively about the issues in your life. You are unaffected by the fog of desires, strong emotions, and mental illusions. An illumined Mind forms complete thoughts because it is able to tap into an idea as it exists in its completeness in the Universal Mind. As you become one with the Universal Mind with the intention to unite the 3 minds, you can experience thoughts that empower you, guide you to create the life you desire, and show you the path to your unlimited good, health, loving relationships, and prosperity.

Claim your unlimited supply of all that is good
The Universe is abundant, and there is an unlimited supply of whatever you need, just waiting for you to claim it. You do not need to struggle and effort to tap into this supply. Whatever you need is already present, complete and whole, ready for you to claim as yours. The Universal Mind knows only infinite perfection. Once you release the beliefs that are creating the appearance of lack or limitation, you will be able to manifest and experience the Truth of the infinite supply of the universe, and claim it as yours.

Learn to stand steady in the light of truth and the Real; release limiting thoughts and beliefs
The Will to Act is radiated by a great being who shines the light of illumination on the mental plane. You can "stand" in this light of truth and the Real, and release all the distortions that have held you back from realizing your full potential of unlimited good, abundance, and harmony. You can release doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty, as well as thoughts and beliefs that may be creating disease, pain, suffering, lack, limitation, or discord in any area of your life. Once these beliefs are released, they will no longer appear.

Liberate yourself from imprisoning thoughts, release pain and suffering
This is the Will that liberates you from the prison of lower thoughts, from mass consciousness, and from illusions that have kept you from fulfilling your potential or stuck in a lower vibration, bound to pain and suffering. These kinds of thoughts and beliefs are not yours; they are energy you have taken on from the mass consciousness, cultural conditioning, your family, the media, and through your contact with others. You will learn how to recognize and release inappropriate and false beliefs that are holding you back.

As you fully realize your oneness with the Universal Mind, you know that you are safe and you realize your unlimited potential for manifesting all that you deserve. You can break up denser thoughts that create a wall between yourself and the infinite good and abundance of the Universe. You can transform thoughts that limit you and keep you in a smaller world than you are capable of creating.

Experience fresh, creative, original ideas
You can become sensitive to and recognize ideas coming from the Universal Mind, accessing all things known in the Mind of the All-That-Is. You can experience original, fresh, and creative ideas that bring greater wholeness and show you your higher purpose and next steps. You can have breakthrough thoughts about any area you focus on.

Open doors to higher realities
Your mind and your understanding of its potential is one of your greatest assets, for it holds keys that can open doors to higher realities. Your mind can become a vehicle through which your soul can express its wisdom and through which you can experience new realms, new states of consciousness, and a vaster range of spiritual awareness and knowledge than ever before.

Experience infallible spiritual vision
You can use your illumined Mind to know and manifest your divine nature. With an illumined Mind you can become a conscious creator, cooperating with the plans of evolution and of God/Goddess/All-That-Is. You gain pure perception and infallible spiritual vision. Your illumined Mind trusts and acts on your intuition and inner knowingness.

Know what to manifest that is in alignment with the Divine blueprint of your life
Your illumined Mind creates complete thoughts that show you answers and solutions and reveal your path and next steps. You can know what to manifest that is in alignment with your Divine Self and the Divine blueprint of your life. Illumined thoughts are messengers of light, bringing light to all life.

Experience clear thinking, eliminate doubt and confusion
With an illumined Mind, you understand the nature of the energy you are dealing with and know what actions to take to produce the highest and best results. Illumined thoughts are fluid and flow one into another without getting entangled in emotions or going around in circles. You are able to think through issues in your life rationally and calmly, and figure out the best way to go in any circumstance that creates the highest good. Your mind is infused with higher wisdom, love, and understanding. It has the ability to analyze, investigate things scientifically, to discover true knowledge, and to see the bigger picture. Through clear thinking, doubt, ambiguity, and confusion are eliminated. The ability to think in this way brings answers and solutions, and reveals your path and next steps. Illumined thoughts allow correct action to be known and then to be taken.

Release all thoughts, and beliefs that make you feel like a victim. Know your true power to create the reality you want
As you work with the Will to Act and unite the 3 minds, you no longer feel like a victim of a world you cannot control. You do not feel attacked or threatened by others, for you recognize that the filter of "attack" or taking things personally is simply a mis perception created by your concrete mind that is not yet infused with higher mind energy. You recognize that any victim thoughts or "being attacked" thoughts are a filter you have put on your interpretation of events that does not reflect the true nature of what is really happening. You realize that no one can attack you or hurt you unless you interpret their actions in that light. You know with certainty that the universe is always working for you and with you, and that everything that happens is brought to you by your soul to become stronger and to grow spiritually.

Release Self-Imposed limitations
With an illumined Mind, you recognize that you have invented the world you experience through your interpretation of it, and that any limitations are self-imposed. With the awareness that your thoughts and beliefs are the creator of the world you see, you can free yourself from any self-imposed "prisons." You recognize that you no longer need be a victim of the world; you can now experience the world as a place where you can live in freedom. You do not feel helpless against events you cannot change such as old age; pain, loss and death, for you know that you are an eternal being and a part of God/Goddess/All-That-Is. You know that you are God within. With this identification, you realize that no one and no situation can take away from your inner light and beauty, for you, as part of God/Goddess/All-That-Is are invulnerable, untouchable, pure, and whole. It is only your mind that is not yet infused with higher mind energy that tells you differently.

The Will to Act Reveals Divine Love that heals and renews all life
This Great One who transmits the Will to Act has as its purpose the revelation of the Mind of God, and the quality of love that heals and renews all life. As you link with this Great One and connect all 3 minds you awaken your ability to see the light of God/Goddess/All-That-Is within all life and forms. With this awareness you know yourself as light, and you can recognize and identify with the light in all forms. With the ability to sense or see the light within everything in the manifested world, you become aware of an inner reality of light and subtle energy that lies behind and is the cause of all manifested forms. As you sense and connect with this inner reality, all outer disparities fall away. As you focus on the inner light within all life you can know your oneness with all beings, for you have moved beyond the duality and separateness of the outer world into the love, light, and unity of the inner world.

The Will to Act is the Revealer of Truth
As you work with the Will to Act, your mind is infused with knowledge of the higher realms, for this Great One is also known as the Revealer of Truth and the Dispenser of Knowledge. This quality of energy allows you to detach from the impact of the physical world, observing everything and everyone calmly, with love and understanding. This being is also known as the Angel of the flaming sword of truth.

You can increase your ability to work with subtle energies
As the reality of the inner world of the unseen realms of light becomes more real, your ability to work with subtle energies to create results in the physical world will increase. You recognize the inner cause behind outer events, and no longer blame yourself or others. You look within to see what you can change about your thoughts and beliefs, so you can alter the way you interpret and experience the events in your life.

Your thoughts will support your intuition
As you work with the Will to Act and unite the 3 minds, you are able to back up your intuition with your thoughts about it. Your mind no longer doubts or invalidates your intuitive awareness, but instead recognizes it and develops it further with insightful, clear thoughts. Your mind learns to trust and act on your intuition, rather than disregard or doubt it.

The stimulation of the energy coming from this Great Life has enabled humanity to develop the capacity to THINK. With the ability to think, humanity has been able to become conscious of having a soul, and this awareness is preparing humanity for their entrance into the "world of souls" that represents the next evolutionary step. Today, as regards humanity, the highest expression of the Will to Act is liberation of spirit from form-through initiation or death.
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Contacting the Will to Act
Use the process that follows to contact the Will to Act so you can take the next steps to becoming free.

  1. Relax your body, and take a few deep breaths in.
  2. Prepare to receive the Will to Act by asking: "Am I willing to live a more mental life, freed from the pull of desire and strong emotions? Am I ready to release illusions, mis perceptions, and beliefs that no longer serve me? Am I ready to use the full capacity of my mind to guide me on my path with clear thoughts that lead to my liberation?"
  3. If you feel ready, call upon and blend with your soul, feeling its loving presence.
  4. Using your imagination, sense the souls of others who are connecting with the Great Ones transmitting Divine Will. If you would like, join with the group call to the Great One who transmits the Will to Act.
  5. The Great Life who embodies the Will to Act always responds to your call, and does so now.
  6. Picture the response of this Great Life as light that is sent to your mind, expanding the capacity of your mind to link with your abstract mind and the Universal Mind.
  7. Every time you call upon it, receive the Will to Act into your mind and set your intention with these words of power, "The 3 minds unite."
  8. As you set your intention to link the 3 minds and call upon the Will to Act to assist you, you are opening a channel to your higher mind and to the Universal Mind. You are developing a finer mind that can receive information and wisdom from your soul and the universe with clarity and precision. You will be better able to think and act in ways that bring you freedom and liberate you from the world of form and matter.

You have begun your journey of transforming your mind with the Will to Act. For this week, call upon the Will to Act as often as you can remember to do so to start the process of linking the 3 minds. You might do this whenever you want clarity, to better understand a situation, to release negative thoughts or thoughts that keep running through your mind over and over, to create new, illumined thoughts, and whenever else you want to change or lift your thoughts.

Each time you link with the Will to Act, bring its light into your mind and say the words of power, "The 3 minds unite." This sets your intention for the great transformation that lies ahead as the work of fusion between the 3 minds happens.

The Will to Act Additional Information
This quality of Divine Will is called the will to ACT.  The action that is taken is to formulate clear, concise thoughts about the issues in your life so that you can see and can know with certainty what to do.  Connecting with the Will to Act can lead you out of confusion, and into the light of knowingness through your ability to investigate, think things through, figure things out, and use common sense.  It is the Will you can receive to transform feelings of doubt, confusion, and uncertainty by using your mind, connected with your higher mind, to KNOW what to do.  The ACT is the act of clear thinking.  

Your mind has tremendous potential, and it is a major part of the development of humanity right now to awaken the mind (through linking the higher and lower minds) and to use the resources of the illumined intellect. It is important to have the connection to your higher mind, so that your concrete, logical mind becomes illumined with the light of your soul's mind, and can formulate clear, precise thoughts and can objectively think things through.  The mind, linked with the higher mind, will then formulate clear thoughts that indicate the actions that need to be taken to liberate your spirit from the bonds of matter.  

This ray and its quality of Will is passing out, but is still great in its influence.  The stimulation of this ray enabled humanity to develop the capacity to THINK.  With the ability to think, humanity has been able to become conscious of having a soul, and this awareness is preparing humanity for their entrance into the "world of souls" that represents the next evolutionary step.  

An illumined mind creates complete thoughts, thoughts that show you answers and solutions, and that reveal your path and next steps.  Your mind is fluid; thoughts flow one into another without getting stuck.  Your thoughts do not get entangled in your emotions; going around in circles, but lead you into the light of clear thinking.  You have new thoughts, expanding thoughts, and thoughts that are loving and kind both toward yourself and others.  You begin to see and release beliefs about the nature of reality that have held you back, and liberate yourself through your mind from the illusions that keep you from knowing truth.  

With the Will to Evolve, the third quality of will, you are developing your ability to think abstractly, in wholes, seeing the larger picture, and relating various aspects of the whole to each other.  The Will to Act develops the concrete mind in its ability to analyze, think, explain, differentiate, and find concrete knowledge.  The ability to think in this way allows correct action to be known and then to be taken.  

Today, as regards humanity, the highest expression of the Will to Act is liberation of spirit from form–through ascension, initiation, or death. 
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Suggestions on What to Observe
This quality of Will links your higher and lower minds. You will work first with the Solar Angel of the mind to create a channel between your higher and lower minds, (as you listen to Orin's Divine Will journeys) then draw the quality of the Will to Act into your mind and thoughts.  Imagine that your logical, concrete, everyday mind and thoughts are becoming infused with clear, illumined thoughts about any area you think of.  

The goal of this is concrete knowledge, to "know" the way.  With exact knowledge, scientific and clear investigation into the nature of the problem, and through clear thinking, you can lift out of the emotional plane and eliminate doubt, ambiguity, and confusion.  This is the Will that works with your mind to assist you in thinking with clear objectivity, with detachment, and with accuracy and precision.  This is the Will that develops a mind that can find answers through investigating and researching a problem.  Use this Will to develop the powers of your intellect and mind to KNOW.  

When you want clearer thoughts, or to know what to do in some area, declare (as you imagine linking with the Will to Act)  "I WILL to know (about....)"  Imagine that you are calling this Will to you with this statement.  

Direct the Will to Act to both of your goals, and then think through your goals, analyzing where you need to be clearer, and refine your goals accordingly. 

As you work with the Will to Act, you may notice that you become more intolerant of areas of confusion, doubt, uncertainty, and places where you feel stuck.  Your desire to transform these areas may grow stronger.  This is the Will that brings clear thinking, which leads you out of the darkness of "not knowing" and into the light of knowing.  

  • Direct the Will to Act to areas of your life where you feel stuck, trapped, or tied to the past.  Focus this quality of Will onto those areas of your life where you want to liberate or free yourself from old patterns, forms that no longer serve you, and anytime you want to liberate your spirit from the bonds of the world of form.  Then, use your mind to form clear thoughts about this area, analyze why you feel stuck, and let new thoughts and insights come to you about the nature of the problem, and what actions you can take.  
  • Direct the Will to Act to areas where you feel unable to go forward because of uncertainty, doubt, lack of a clear direction, or an inability to "see" or to know what to do.  This can be as simple as an action you need to take with someone, or as challenging as knowing more about your life purpose and what your next steps are.  Take time to rationally look at the situation, and to let thoughts come to you about how you can act and what you can do to gain clarity, certainty, and clear direction. 
  • Direct this Will toward feelings of confusion or feelings that you are in the Void. Confusion is often a state in which things that you thought you knew no longer seem as certain; there is a higher truth that is emerging that you will find revealed as you continue.  

This Will illumines your mind so that you can bring in knowledge, and see clearly what to do. Knowledge is light!  Imagine your mind is being flooded with light so that you can think clearly and find solutions to whatever area you need clarity and direction in.  Note any experiences you have,  relate them to this quality of Divine Will and its possible affects upon your mind and thoughts. Record your thoughts and the resulting actions you to take. These will be the actions that will liberate your spirit and bring you a sense of aliveness.  These are actions that will assist you in acting in ways that are in alignment with the Divine Plan of your life, we will not know the plan in details nor in its future form, for it unfolds step by step as we follow our awakened hearts and our illuminated minds.
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