Receiving Divine Will: Light Play

Orin's Divine Will Course Information and Overview
Work with Divine Will for your spiritual growth and personal transformation
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  1. Imagine yourself growing calm and serene. Let go of your thoughts of the day and go within.
  2. Imagine or sense your soul all around you as a radiant angel, or as a sphere of radiant light. Draw your awareness into your soul, focusing your consciousness there.
  3. There are 7 qualities of Divine Will being transmitted to humanity, coming from the Great Ones.
  4. Ask to receive the first quality of Divine Will, the quality that initiates an expansion of consciousness. Then imagine a beam of this light coming into the top of your head from the Great One who transmits this energy of the Will to Initiate. A new consciousness is being born within you.
  5. Ask to receive the second quality of Divine Will, the Will to Unify. This allows you to bridge duality and to expand your capacity to love with wisdom. Receive this quality from the Great One who is transmitting it into your heart center.
  6. Receive a transmission of Divine Will from the Great One who transmits the Will to Evolve both the forms in your life and your consciousness. Let your personality will align with your soul's will, with Divine Will.

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