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Sanaya and Duane, Orin and DaBen
Read about Orin and Sanaya
Read about DaBen and Duane
Receive Extra Energy from Orin and DaBen.
Orin's Path of Self-Realization

About Affirmations
The Power of Affirmations
Visit Orin and DaBen's Affirmation Room for a daily affirmation

Awakening Your Light Body
Why Awaken Your Light Body?
What is the Light Body?  
How Duane Discovered the Light Body     
Quiz: Are You Ready to Awaken Your Light Body?  

Graduate Awakening Your Light Body Articles
Riding the Upward Spiral

Links to all channeling courses and articles
Story of Teaching Channeling by Sanaya and Duane
What is Channeling?
What is Conscious Channeling? 
What to Use Your Channeling for 
How to tell if you are ready 
You May Be More Ready Than You Think
Recognizing High-Level Guide 
Recognizing Entities Who Are Less Evolved

Receiving Answers to Your Questions
Receiving Guidance from the Higher Realms

Clearing Blockages
Clearing Blockages with Your Divine Self
Clearing Blockages with the Sacred Transmuting Flame
Clearing Energy to Release Obstacles and Reveal Divine Perfection
Experiencing a New Chapter in Your Life, includes exercise
Clearing Energy to Release Obstacles

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Creating Money and Abundance
Links to all Manifesting and Abundance Resources, Articles and Audio Courses
Read Excerpts from Creating Money
Opening to Receive
Increasing Abundance: The Miracle of Giving
Creating Money Flow
Qualities That Attract Money and qualities that repel money.
Changing Beliefs of Scarcity into Abundance
Exercise:  Creating Abundance: Changing a Belief
Exercise:  Creating Abundance: Affirmations
Developing a Manifesting Consciousness
Tips for Effective Manifesting
Affirmations for Creating Abundance

Divine Manifesting
Orin: The Power of Manifesting with Divine Will
Article: Divine Manifesting, What is It?
Exercise: Divine Manifesting with the 7 Divine Wills
Exercise: Manifesting a goal with the Seven Qualities of Divine Will

Divine Self
Contacting Your Divine Self, What is the Divine Self?
Why Contact Your Divine Self?

Divine Will
Sanaya story of Divine Will, including who is Orin?
Orin Welcome and Introduction to Divine Will
The Seven (7) Qualities of Divine Will
Are You Ready to Call Upon Divine Will?
Contacting the Sacred Transmuting Violet Flame

Join the free Divine Will Study Group
1st Will:  Will to Initiate
2nd Will:  Will to Unify
3rd Will:  Will to Evolve
4th Will: Will to Harmonize
5th Will: Will to Act
6th Will: Will to Cause
7th Will:  Will to Express
Exercise: Linking with Divine Will
Exercise: Receiving Divine Will
Exercise: Transmitting Divine Will
DaBen: What is Spiritual Will?

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Living with Joy
Grow with joy rather than struggle
Light Play:  Knowing Joy: Recognizing the Good in Every Situation
Light Play:  Creating Joy: Focusing on the Positive.
Short Meditation by Orin on Joy in Orin's meditation room.
Book Excerpt, Living with Joy

Personal Power Through Awareness
Personal Power Through Awareness
Receiving Guidance from the Higher Realms

Information on Intuition
Exercise: Strengthening Your Intuition

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Orin's Path of Self-Realization
Contacting Your Divine Self
Being True to Yourself
Four Alignments, Soul, Divine Self, Divine Will, and to Star Energies
Being True to Yourself Written Exercise

Soul, Divine Self
What is the Higher Self, Soul, and Divine Self?
Blending with Your Soul
Receive Soul Guidance/Working with Energies Present
Exercise:  Asking for Soul Impressions
Exercise:  Recognizing Soul Impressions
Exercise:  Receiving Soul Impressions Throughout the Day

Soul Love/ Relationships
Book Excerpt, Soul Love
Soul Linking article and exercise

What is a Soul Mate?
Radiate Soul Love
Article and Meditation to Awaken Your Heart Center
Exercise:  Changing a Situation with Soul Love
Exercise:  Radiating Soul Love to a Person

Spiritual Growth
Read Excerpts from the book Spiritual Growth

Star, Solar Energies
Connecting with Star Energies
Sanaya's Story of Working with Star Energies
Orin's Millennium Journeys and Star Energies
Light Play Exercise: Aligning with Star Energies
General Information about Sirius, Pleiades, Big Dipper, Pole Star, Spiritual Sun, and Solar Light
Work with Solar Light to Become a More Perfect Light
Energies of Each Season and Solar Light.
Exercise:  Bringing Solar Light into Your Chakras
Exercise:  Changing Your Relationships with Solar Light
Exercise:  Changing a Situation with Solar Light
Meditation to work with Solar Light
Exercise:  Finding and Knowing Light
Exercise:  Becoming Light; Radiating Light

Thaddeus Music
Thaddeus Music Information
Sanaya's Story of Thaddeus' music

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Worldwide Meditations

Orin and DaBen's Special Worldwide Meditation for These Changing Times
How to Call Upon the Great Ones
April Festival of Love
May Festival of Wesak
Wesak Meditation
June Festival of Goodwill
Visions to Hold for Humanity

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