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Choosing What is Next For You | Living with Joy, Personal Power, Spiritual Growth
Learning to Manifest and Creating Abundance | Opening to Channel | Becoming Your Soul
Awakening Your Light Body | Millennium Courses | Spiritual Vision
Transforming with Divine Will | Connecting with Your Divine Self
Transcending Your Ego | Becoming Your Divine Self
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Unfolding Divine Consciousness

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Sanaya: From the beginning, Orin’s teachings have been offering a path of Self-Realization for all who are ready.  Every book, audio program, and seminar has been provided by Orin to assist you in realizing that you are an infinite, eternal Self, and to bring this realization into your daily life for real and practical results.

As you look at the chart above and read the information below, realize that it is important to both reach higher states of consciousness, and to also bring the higher light you contact back down into your daily life; into your mind, emotions, and body, relationships, activities, and all that you do.  This chart is to assist you in understanding more of the path that Orin is offering for your spiritual growth and in having the most fulfilling life possible. 

Orin teaches that you can grow through joy rather than struggle, that abundance is possible for everyone, and that the most important step you can take on your path is to connect with your Source, with soul, spirit, and Divine Self.  Orin realizes that growth is like a spiral, where you will visit some issues again and again, albeit at a higher and more subtle level each time. Spiritual growth is like a dance of being and becoming.  What is higher self, soul, and divine Self - are they different?

Greetings from Orin!
All the courses I offer are to assist you in realizing your true, innermost Self as who you are so you can live the most fulfilling life possible. In various courses you will link with your higher self, soul, Divine Self, Divine Will, Star Energy, and your guides and inner teachers to awaken spiritually, and to create the most fulfilling life possible.

Choosing What is Next for You
I have presented this information to show you the path of Self-Realization that I am offering. As you read, observe what you are drawn to study and experience.  Although some of the journey titles in my courses may seem similar, there is no duplication; each meditation offers a unique experience and teaching.

The path to Self-Realization is not linear.  It is not a progression of steps that if followed in a particular order can take you to enlightenment.  You may progress through many levels of awareness simultaneously and/or sequentially.  You may revisit from a higher level issues you worked on earlier.  You may be guided for instance, to work on your emotions or subpersonalities as a way to embody your Divine Self. You may find yourself drawn to awaken your light body or to go to more advanced levels of light body work. You may be guided to strengthen your soul connection, open your intuition, develop spiritual vision, clear the past, learn to channel, attract a soul mate, develop more awareness of subtle energies, expand your ability to love yourself and others, align with Divine Will, or take courses that link you with your Divine Self as your next step. 

You may reach transcendent, awakening experiences as your next step, or you may work with various aspects of your life, ego, purpose, abundance, manifesting abilities and so on. Reaching transcendent, awakened states is just part of the realization of the Self; embodying this consciousness in your daily life can be a lifetime of study, intention, commitment, and continued opening. 

Every one of my audio courses and books assists you in both connecting with the Divine within you, as well as assists you in transforming your daily life in various ways, guided by your true, innermost Self. The goal is always to assist you in identifying with the greater part of yourself, your higher self, soul, and Divine Self, for it is your innermost Self that creates all transformation and draws to you the perfect circumstances, relationships, and situations for you to expand and grow.

Remember that you cannot make a mistake in the choices of teachings, practices, or directions that you take on your path of Self-Realization. Simply open to and follow your heart's desires. Your true Self is always guiding you to the next course, seminar, book, or practice that is your next step.

Earth Life Series: Living with Joy, Personal Power, and Spiritual Growth
The path I am offering starts with an integrated personality, which I call your "higher self." This is a personality-self, the "you" that can express the qualities of your soul and Divine Self in your daily life. No matter where you are on your path of spiritual growth, your personality must be brought along so it can support all the light you are bringing in. Working at this level can be important when you first start your spiritual path, after you are awakened to transform those parts of your personality that need to be brought along, and at any time in between to solidify and strengthen your spiritual progress.

I offer many subpersonality journeys to assist you in working with aspects of your personality, to integrate them so that you are able to clear blockages, stop resisting your growth, and move out of stuck places. I have also created a number of journeys to assist you in creating your ideal body, a body that can hold the light of your soul and spirit, of your Divine Self. 

My Earth Life Series books and audio journeys, starting with Living With Joy, aid you in integrating your personality and becoming your higher self through opening your heart and learning to love and honor yourself.  You create an emotional body that can reflect the joy, freedom, and love of your true, innermost Self. You learn how to have more inner peace, freedom, clarity, balance, self-respect, self-esteem, and self-love; to open to receive; to listen to the wisdom of your heart; to transform your subpersonalities; to change negatives into positives; to refine your ego; and to start recognizing and living your higher purpose.
Read excerpts from Living with Joy.

Through the Personal Power Through Awareness book and associated audio journeys you can increase your awareness of subtle energies and learn how to work with them to understand, focus upon, and transform the energy around you. Since the transformation of all energy starts with a greater awareness of who you are, you will explore bringing unconsciousness into consciousness, evolving your inner images, finding your deepest truth, learning unconditional love, opening your intuition, understanding telepathy, bringing in higher guidance, evolving your mind and inner dialog, and expanding your wisdom, and opening to the guidance available in the higher realms.
Read excerpts from Personal Power Through Awareness.

In my Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self book and related audio courses you reach upward to create with light, connect with the Universal Mind and Higher Will, and learn how to become more aware of the inner planes and see the bigger picture of your life and of the universe. You experience opening your heart, allowing your higher good, accelerating your growth, choosing probable futures, living in the void, and expanding and contracting time. You prepare your personality to become a light for others by lifting the veils of illusion, experiencing non-attachment, becoming transparent, learning right use of Will, and being your higher self.
Read excerpts from Spiritual Growth.  You may also enjoy my Transforming Your Personality audio course to feel more balanced and clear blockages that may appear on any path of spiritual growth.

Learning to Manifest and Creating Abundance
All of my manifesting courses work together to develop a manifesting consciousness, allowing you to understand how manifesting works and to become a master of manifesting. Explore the wide range of manifesting courses and online articles available, including an article on Developing a Manifesting Consciousness.

DaBen and I wrote the Creating Money Attracting Abundance book and related guided journeys to assist you in understanding the principles of manifesting and money flow, and how to change thoughts of lack and limitation and open to the infinite abundance of the universe. This work was designed to aid you in finding your life's work and higher path, and how to magnetize objects and things you want. (To draw people into your life, you will want to use the process in the Soul Love book.) Read excerpts from Creating Money.

In my Creating Money audio journeys you reprogram your subconscious to have more abundance. Believing in the abundance of the universe is important to manifesting your soul's path, as contact with your soul and Divine Self will expand you in every way possible and open you to a world of abundance. The Advanced Manifesting and Magnetizing works with your higher self to learn how to work with energy to draw something important into your life.

I have also provided a number of journeys to assist you in finding your higher purpose, and creating your work in the world that reflects your soul's light. 

In my course on Divine Manifesting you will open to your Divine Self, and learn how to manifest at this level. You will learn how to express Its joy, love, harmony, wisdom, clarity, and power in your daily life, in all that you do, think, and feel. You will learn how to manifest a life, activities, and forms that reflect the unlimited love, creativity, freedom, and wholeness of your Divine Self. You can break through all limiting factors and become a master of manifesting.

Opening to Channel
DaBen and I created the Opening to Channel book and courses to link you with guides and inner teachers who can offer you direction and assistance throughout every stage of your spiritual path. I also offer many journeys to assist you in developing your psychic abilities including staying in your center, opening your chakras, telepathy, and more.  Explore a wide range of channeling products and online articles.  Read excerpts from Opening to Channel.

Becoming Your Soul, Soul Love
As your personality becomes integrated, as you become your higher self, you begin to have soul consciousness. More information can be found when you visit:
What is your Soul and an exercise to Blend with your Soul.

I created the Soul Love book, as well as many audio courses and seminars, to assist you in opening to the world of your soul, transforming your daily life with your soul's love and wisdom. As you awaken your heart center, you can know the immense love of your soul and Divine Self. With soul contact, an enormous world opens for you to explore–the world of souls, of the guides and inner teachers, the Angelic and Devic kingdoms, the forces and energies coming from the stars, Spiritual Sun, and many other Beings and realms. Read excerpts from the Soul Love book.

Awakening Your Light Body
DaBen created the Awakening Your Light Body Course and graduate light body courses and I provided many accompanying journeys to support you in awakening your light body. The light body is a vehicle that gives you the consciousness and awareness you need to experience the higher worlds of your soul and Divine Self. DaBen with his light body journeys opens the way for you to experience the consciousness of Oneness, pure awareness, and knowingness. The light body path, followed through all the levels of DaBen's teaching, is a course that offers many direct experiences of enlightened states that you can not only experience when listening to DaBen's journeys, but recreate on your own. The light body course works well with any of my courses and while there are similar themes and states of consciousness, the approach and doorway into them is different, offering you more ways to expand your consciousness.

Each expansion of consciousness results in the ability to view your earth life in new ways, with greater awareness. This allows you to make many positive changes in your life to bring it into alignment with the higher states of consciousness you are reaching. The light body path, followed through all the levels of DaBen's teaching, is a course that offers many direct experiences of enlightened states that you can both experience when listening to the journeys, and recreate on your own.

Millennium Audio Courses, Working with Extra-Planetary and Star Energy
I created the Millennium Journeys to assist you in exploring the universe your soul's light illuminates, to awaken your chakras, to see as your soul, to work with star energy, and much more. These journeys will assist you in tapping into the higher forces of the universe so you can experience the illumination of your soul and the illumination that contact with spirit, your Divine Self brings. In the first two volumes you will work with your soul, learn more about its purpose, and start opening up to the energies of spirit, of your Divine Self. In the third volume, you expand beyond your soul in to the light of spirit. These courses are for you who are ready for the transformation of consciousness that is possible as you link with planetary and extra-planetary star energies.
In my Building a Radiant Aura course, you learn how to work with the Devas and the Angel of the Devas to build the light and energy into your aura that will assist you in sustaining the light and energy of your Divine Self and spirit.
Read Sanaya's story of the Millennium albums, and star energy that is used in them.

Spiritual Vision Courses and Star Energy
Vision: Seeing and Sensing Subtle Energies is a course that will assist you in opening your third eye, to gain more soul vision, to see in the soul's realm and have clear vision untouched by any emotions and thoughts that might block your clear seeing. You will awaken spiritual vision to see and experience more of the realm of your Divine Self, work with star energy for abundance, clear vision, and spiritual expansion.
Vision: Creating Your Highest Future is a course that will assist you in looking into the future with your expanded vision, choosing your highest path, and in further awakening your third eye and spiritual vision.
Read about Star Energies

Transforming with Divine Will and the Divine Will Study Group
When you are ready, contacting Divine Will is an important step to take. The Divine Will courses assist you in gaining the understanding, wisdom, and consciousness to take a major step on your path of living and manifesting as your soul and Divine Self. 

As you link with Divine Will, you can align with the divine plan and purpose of your life.  You can transform your being at every level without needing to use your personal will, effort, or struggle.

Linking with Divine Will gives you a solid foundation and prepares your personality for the transformation that lies ahead of becoming your Divine Self as you open to the divine perfection of your life. As you gain the qualities Divine Will offers of love, inspiration, harmony, power, will, wisdom, illumination, clarity, and vision you have already begun to let go of identifying with your thoughts, emotions, and desires and begin to transcend your ego.

I have taught Divine Will for over 15 years, as I feel it provides a transformative and important step to prepare you to know and live as your Divine Self.  My first course in Divine Will, Transforming with Divine Will, teaches you how to manifest goals in alignment with Divine Will.  I recommend starting with this course.  I have also taught a seminar on each of the qualities of Divine Will and these are available as digitally remastered, high quality audio for you to deepen your study of Divine Will.
Visit the following link to answer What is Divine Will?
Because I feel the study of Divine Will is so important, I have created much information available online about each quality of Divine Will you can use to link with Divine Will and start transforming your life and consciousness right now.  Join the Divine Will Study Group, and follow this link to read about the various qualities of Divine Will.

Connecting with Your Divine Self
In my Intuition: Connecting with Your Divine Self course you will work with a quality of Divine Will and with many high beings to open all channels of communication to your Divine Self. With this connection you can hear and follow Its guidance which offers you love, joy, peace, harmony, and beneficial circumstances. In my Illumination: Awakening Your Higher Mind you will link with Divine Will for illumined thoughts and to free yourself from illusions and beliefs that keep you from knowing this Self as who you are. In my Inspiration: Being Your Authentic Self course you will connect with a quality of Divine Will that strengthens your ability to contact the Divine Self and to embody Its higher consciousness in your daily life, gaining more freedom, vision, one-pointed focus, updating the roles you play, and receiving seeds of inspiration to increase your ability to sustain the awareness of your true, Divine Self more and more often.  My Manifesting as Your Divine Self teaches you how to work with the seven qualities of Divine Will to be your Divine Self, and to manifest from this level. 

Read more about What is the Divine Self, and use the information and exercise in this article to start right now to contact your Divine Self.


The major audio course series I am offering called Orin's Path of Self-Realization is at the highest Divine Self level of the overall offerings on this path. The series includes the Transcending Your Ego courses, and the Becoming Your Divine Self courses. Although all of my courses offer a path of Self-Realization, these courses are part of my most advanced work, offering you who are ready an accelerated course in higher consciousness that assists you in becoming an awakened, realized Self.

Orin's Path of Self-Realization Series: Transcending Your Ego
In this series of six courses (each with 12 Orin meditations) you will learn how to move into awakened states beyond the ego as you contact your Divine Self and open to Its inner illumination. In these illumined states, you will be able to view the ego and know the nature of its energy, so that you can transcend it. In these six courses, you will move beyond the ego through: Birthing a New You, Transforming Your Emotions, Evolving Your Desire Body, Illuminating Your Mind, Deepening Your Divine Self Connection, and then Transcending the Ego


Orin's Path of Self-Realization Series: Becoming Your Divine Self and Unfolding Divine Consciousness
In this series of three courses you will explore your Divine Self connection as a doorway into higher awareness. You will continue the expansions of consciousness offered in Orin's Transcending Your Ego courses to explore more about who you are beyond the ego, beyond your body, emotions, and mind.

Orin's journeys in all three of these courses assist you in opening to your Divine Self so you can better know your true identity as a Divine being. When you know who you are–a powerful, wise, and infinite being–you have more confidence, clarity, and vision. You experience more inner peace, harmony, and inspiration. Anxiety, doubts, and worry disappear. You love and honor yourself. You make yourself rather than other people the authority of what is right for you. You are not driven by externals; instead you follow your inner guidance. You are not needy or dependent. You know your Divine Self is always bringing you whatever you need.

Courses include:  Knowing Your True Identity Awakening Spiritual Power; and Clearing Energy with Your Divine Self.

Orin's course Asking and Receiving from Your Divine Self begins his Unfolding Divine Consciousness series.


Interdimensional Traveling with Your Jeweled Vehicle
In this five-part course series of interdimensional traveling journeys by Orin, you will be offered an expanded view and greater experience of the larger Universe you live in. You will acquire the skills you need to be present in other realities and dimensions, meet many evolved beings, build your traveling vehicle that Orin calls your Jeweled Vehicle, and use the energy you discover to improve your earth life as well.
Courses must be taken in sequence as you are building your Jeweled Vehicle in each course that allows you to experience the energies being presented.
Developing Dimensional Awareness: Connecting with Higher Realms and Beings
Lighting Up Your Jeweled Vehicle: Exploring the Realms of Infinite Possibilities and Alternate Universes
Wearing Your Cloak of Tetrahedrons: Visiting Realms that Enhance Source Consciousness
Exploring the Interdimensional Network of Light: With Your Ring of Light Vision
Visiting Cities of Light: Receiving Tetrahedrons with Special Powers

Excerpt from Orin's course Introduction and Welcome
Greetings from Orin. I and the many beings of light who will join you throughout this course series welcome you! You have been drawn to this course in higher consciousness because you are ready and you have built a foundation to experience these spaces through all the meditation and spiritual work you have done. You may have explored many higher realities already or have wanted to do so. You do enjoy new, expansive inner experiences and are looking forward to experiencing higher realms beyond the three dimensional reality you live in.

You may have already connected with guides, inner teachers, angels, and other beings of light through your inner work. You are aware that you are a multi-dimensional being and are ready to explore more of who you are, to have a larger picture of your life and the consciousness that you are.

This first course in the series explores the realms and worlds that help you to build your Jeweled Vehicle, and to create a very stable place from which to start your journeys. With each succeeding course in this series you will be opening to the consciousness and working with your Jeweled Vehicle to visit many new realms, and to open the way for your next level of explorations as you continue with this series.
Enjoy all the wonderful adventures that lie ahead!